I’m Really a Superstar

I’m Really a Superstar IRAS

Author: Chang Yu

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On this day.
In the morning.
A lot of people were chatting online.
Some of them were university students who didn't have classes in the morning, and there was also the working class who were browsing their Weibo and chat app's Moments in their free time.
"Hey, did the sun rise from the west today?"
"What's the matter?"
"Take a look at Zhang Ye's Weibo."
"Eh, why's there no activity?"
"Why didn't that guy repost any charity news today?"
"Yeah, that bastard had been posting them for the past two or three days!"
"Hahaha, has this fellow finally returned to being his usual self?"
"Oh yeah, did our 'awaken Face-smacking Zhang' operation succeed?"
"I'm very relieved to hear that Face-smacking Zhang has recognized the reality of things!"
"This fellow has finally stopped. I'm so not used to seeing him post so often on Weibo. Everything has finally calmed down once again!"
Amid the laughing and joking, there was a flurry of flaming.
But all of a sudden, some people started exclai

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