Pursuit of the Truth

Pursuit of the Truth PoT

Author: Er Gen

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Translator: MogumoguchanEditor: DarkGem, Zenobys

When the roars appeared and the pearl shone, the thirteen great sect elders around Su Ming instantly focused on the pearl.
Even Gu Tai narrowed his eyes slightly. Clearly, he had not expected that this sort of change would happen when the pearl entered Su Ming's hands. After all, he had personally acquired the pearl, and it had never showed this sort reaction before.
Su Ming's expression was calm. He did not show any happiness or anger. Once he held the pearl in his right hand, his divine sense surged inside it. He could immediately sense the soul of the illusory Harmonious Morus Alba in the universe within the pearl. He also sensed that the soul of the Harmonious Morus Alba seemed to have lost sentience. At that moment… it was only a Vessel Spirit!
But Su Ming did not care about it. What he cared about were his wills from the four Great True Worlds. The moment he sensed the soul of Harmonious Morus Alba, he felt as if he had touched his own will!
Immediately after, the four will

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