Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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Lu Sheng shook his head slightly. At best, the present Prime Devil Sect could only be described as having the seed of growing into a middle three grades sect. More time was needed for it to incubate before it could break out of its cocoon and fly.

He turned around and headed back into his room, where he cultivated his secret arts. When it was about time, he took all the materials he had gathered and continued to his cultivation spot.

Quickly, he got into his cultivation cave and revised the Devil Body cultivation secret arts in the cave.

He sat up straight in the cave.


A ball of inky black Prime Devil Qi dispersed from his body and filled up every inch of space in the cave rapidly.

"Deep Blue," Lu Sheng called out for his Modifier. The pale-blue screen emerged instantly.

With familiarity, he clicked the Modify button as his gaze landed on the new row.

'Elemental Sea Devil Body: Level Three. Special Effect(s): Devil Aura Condensation Grade Three, Toxic F

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