Way of the Devil

Way of the Devil WoD

Author: Get Lost

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Translator: Deep_BlueEditor: Kurisu

Prime Devil Sect, stone pillar.

On the square around the stone pillar, groups of Prime Devil Sect disciples shouted as they trained their bodies in preparation for cultivating Karmaless Skill and absorbing Devil Qi.

The stone pillar, with blood-red symbols flashing on it, stood silently in the middle of the square, just as it had for the past hundreds and thousands of years.

But no one noticed that cracks were slowly creeping up like a spiderweb from the bottommost part of the pillar which was deeply embedded under the surface of the ground, where no light could reach.

The cracks spread all the way down into that mysterious sealed stone chamber.

A giant black cauldron lay at the center of the stone chamber. Black smoke encircled it, almost covering the entire surface of the ground in the stone chamber.

The cracks began from under the cauldron and spread up to the walls on both sides, and then crept from the walls to the stone pillar. The base of the stone pillar was a

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