The Legend of the Dragon King

The Legend of the Dragon King LDK

Author: Tang Jia San Shao

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Translator: RuzeEditor: Ruze

"Yeah, I saw her." Tang Wulin nodded. "Xie Xie, I really have to thank you for what you did. How about we go out for a moment and you explain what happened? We're good brothers, aren't we? There shouldn't be any misunderstandings between us."

Upon hearing Tang Wulin's words, Xie Xie sighed in relief. He shot up from his bed and followed Tang Wulin outside.

Just beyond the curtain dividing the room, Xu Xiaoyan stared at the door in confusion. "What happened today? They're all acting so strange."

After closing the door behind them, Tang Wulin headed for a secluded location with Xie Xie in tow.

"Captain, it's good that we're getting this matter out in the open," Xie Xie said as they walked. "It's easy to get confused at our age, and Yue Zhengyu isn't a good guy either. If it weren't for him, would the misunderstanding between Yuanen and I have occurred? Well, don't worry! I won't tell anyone your secret. Actually, I have nothing against you for having that kind of preference,

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