Tales of Herding Gods

Tales of Herding Gods ToHG

Author: Zhai Zhu

4.6 (463 ratings)

505 Weak Old Thieves, Unable to Withstand a Single Blow 1 week ago

Translator: NinetalesEditor: Ninetales

Qin Mu's face blackened. Only after a moment did he remember that he had no face to turn black.
Heavenly Devil Cult's tradition seemed a little different from what he had imagined. Not only was there no three knives and six holes punishment for assassinating a cult master, it was actually a kind of traditional 'virtue'. The cult masters treated assassinating the cult master to take their position as an honor!
"I never assassinated anyone. I was chosen by Heavenly Saint Patriarch who promoted me to the cult master," Qin Mu said while holding back his temper.
"Master! Master!" Cult Master Yu Lian waved to a young girl. "Little Cult Master is here, and he's a freak! He actually didn't assassinate the previous cult master and just stepped up to the position of the cult master!"
The young girl walked out of her palace and headed over to their side. She then said in astonishment, "There actually was such an incident? You didn't seduce your master, spoil their Dao heart, or make them lose

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