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Silent Crown

Silent Crown SC

Author: Feng Yue

4.23 (260 ratings)

257 The Strange Parliament 5yr

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_StudioEditor: Nyoi_Bo_Studio

"Why did you come to the Royal Musician Division?" Ye Qingxuan regretted it as soon as he asked because the guy’s face was filled with confusion. The shock of "What, this is the Royal Musician Division!" was written all over. He did not know anything! Then what use did he have?
Furrowing his brows, Ye Qingxuan was about to speak, but the broken alarm by his foot suddenly trembled with a strange sound. It traveled far instantly, causing his expression to darken.
"N-not me!" Herbert yelped when he saw Ye Qingxuan’s face change. "I didn’t do it! It’s someone else’s alarm! Someone else!"
The cane on his throat pressed down, almost suffocating him. The hoarse voice said, "You have five seconds to explain."
"This alarm connects to another touch-activated trap. I don’t understand either." Tongue-tied, Herbert screamed but his eyes suddenly brightened. "I know, there must—must be other people who followed us in!"
"No sh*t, I did!" Ye Qingxuan furrowed his brows. But when he heard the fain

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