Monster Paradise

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Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Lin Huang released his Life Power to double his acceleration, the light white glow he emitted made him look like a meteor in the night sky. It would not be visible if he were flying during the day. However, he looked like he had a white tail behind him as he flew at night. What he was doing which seemed like he was showing off, making many iron to gold-level hunters on the ground envious.
"Wow, I'm so envious of that Transcendent-level who can fly!" A young man in his 20's in the team made of gold-level hunters looked enviously at Lin Huang who soon disappeared in the night sky.
"What is there to be envious about? With your talents, you'll reach Transcendent-level, the latest by next year!" A middle-aged man riding on a monster's back comforted him.
"We're old now, so we don't expect to break through anymore, but you guys are so young. Your future is endless."
"Uncle Li, what level do you think the person who flew across was? He's so fast!" The young man smiled at the middle-aged man's compliment and asked the leader who was well-experienced.
"Looking at his flying speed, perhaps he's at least an immortal-level," the middle-aged man sighed as he looked at the direction wher

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