Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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588 God Crasher 7 months ago

Translator: chubbybunnyboinkEditor: Insignia

Soon, three days had passed. Lin Huang panted as he looked at the gigantic monster carcass on the third underground floor. He used seven Life Wheels of Life Power to kill the immortal-level rank-4 Ghoul Spider. It had the most powerful energy that he had ever encountered since he leveled-up to holy fire-level. He put away the monster carcass into his storage as he caught his breath while Yi Zheng and the rest walked to him.
"Are you alright?" Leng Yuexin asked in concern.
"I'm alright, just that it drained my Life Power." Lin Huang smiled as he shook his head.
"You can even kill an immortal-level rank-4 monster, that's ridiculous!" Li Lang exclaimed.
"The most powerful skill that the Ghoul Spider has is that it could control monster carcasses. Since we've cleared all of them along the way, that was equivalent to clearing its back-ups. Besides, it wasn't the most powerful among the immortal-level rank-4 monsters. That's how I managed to kill it, I might not be able to do so if I enc

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