Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

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Translator: chubbybunnyboinkEditor: Insignia

The fourth level of the tower looked different from the previous levels. It looked like a bright castle with a dome on top. It did not seem like it was in a tower, but it was more like a place that had nothing to do with a tower. Lin Huang was slightly surprised by the new environment, but soon he got back into the zone.
The charcoal grey stone tablet looked exactly the same as before, but the pattern on it was now different. The maze-like golden lines were now a complicated image formed by the 36 basic rune lines. Lin Huang frowned as he had no idea how he was supposed to pass this test. The gigantic face appeared on the dome on top of him, grinning as he noticed Lin Huang's knitted brows.
After staring at the image for a while and not seeing anything happen to the stone tablet, Lin Huang then realized that the way to activate it was different from before. He placed his palm on it but nothing happened. After giving it some thought, Lin Huang inserted Life Power into the stone tablet

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