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Monster Paradise

Monster Paradise MP

Author: Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

4.25 (2,837 ratings)

1285 Dead End 4yr

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A gigantic pitch-black bug leg stretched out of the whirlpool. The first joint that had just come in was 200 to 300 meters long.
However, the mere stretch of one bug leg joint made the intense threat that Lin Huang was feeling to peak. Even though he had no idea what kind of bug beast that was exactly, the aura alone gave him goosebumps
It only took him a second to realize that he was definitely no match for this powerhouse.
Without much hesitation, Lin Huang used all sorts of large bug beasts' bodies to cover himself. He turned around and headed straight to the city gate's direction.
The battlefield was no longer safe, he was not even sure if Tough City would be safe.
However, he had no other options.
Lin Huang's activity was rather stealthy. Given that most of them present had their attention on the Dimensional Whirlpool that appeared out of nowhere in the sky, almost nobody noticed him. 
Meanwhile, the gigantic Bug Tribe that was coming out of the Dimensional Whirlpool at the

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