Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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398 Breakthrough to the Supernatural State 2 months ago

Translator: JTJTY97Editor: JTJTY97

"Crush!" The blade was driven into Fang Zhengzhi's chest. It was a fine blade, but it was extremely sharp and clean from the washing it got from the rain.
This blade was named Spectre.
Si Ponan had no energy to raise the blade. It wasn't Si Ponan who drove the blade into Fang Zhengzhi, it was Yun Qingwu.
Blood rushed out from the wound and onto the blade. It was washed to the ground by the rain, staining the ground red.
Si Ponan was stunned and surprised to see this. He knew that Yun Qingwu would attack, but he didn't expect Yun Qingwu to be so decisive.
The reason wasn't very obvious.
As the young master of the demons, Yun Qingwu would never show a human talent mercy.
Si Ponan kept thinking about what Yun Qingwu had said, "Why did you have to stop?" He heard this clearly.
Even though he had no idea why Yun Qingwu would ask a question like that, it did not matter. Yun Qingwu had attacked.
Other than the sound of rain, the entire arena wa

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