Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

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595 Slice With A Single Sword! 1 week ago

Translator: Sparrow_Editor: Sparrow_

The storm has struck, flooding the Flame Capital City with a blanket of rain and mist. Yet, no one on the streets propped up their umbrellas, all allowing the violent downpour to pelt on their heads, creating splashes and ripples.
Inside the Flame Capital City, at a hidden and virtually forgotten old constabulary gate, over ten people in black wearing hats were standing under the rain. They each carried a long sword on their backs.
The rain poured down from the skies, washing off every trace of dust from the intricately carved sword guards.
Of course, not everyone was wearing a hat. There was a lady standing in front of them who donned a gorgeous and delicate long dress. Her waterfall-like hair rested on her shoulders. The lightning streaking across the night sky illuminated the lady's snow-white skin, her otherworldly eyebrows and the cinnabar crystal in the centre of her forehead.
The relentless raindrops buffeted her, drenching her dress, but she appeared even daintier and

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