Gate of God

Gate of God GoG

Author: Xin Yi

4.2 (445 ratings)

1117 A New Journey (The End) 1 year ago

Translator: AtlasStudiosEditor: AtlasStudios

"A star?!"
Everyone froze for a moment.
There was actually a star falling from the sky rapidly. Even though it was daytime, they could still sense its dazzling radiance.
"He's back!"
"He really came back?!"
"He successfully stopped the Cosmic Disaster by himself and came back?!"
They were shocked, excited, and a little skeptical.
However, it was true that Fang Zhengzhi came back. He descended from the sky like a star and eventually landed softly in front of Chi Guyan, Yun Qingwu, and the rest.
"Are all of you waiting for me to come back before you start eating?" Fang Zhengzhi smiled brightly and dusted his clothes.
There was a moment of silence.
Then, there was a thundering cheer.
Fang Zhengzhi glanced around him while everyone was cheering, and he eventually looked towards Xuanyuan Five, who was sitting on the ground, and said condescendingly, "Eh? Who is that ugly bastard? Why haven't I seen him before?"
"Damn brat, I'm going to kill you!"

One month later.

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