Paradise of Demonic Gods

Paradise of Demonic Gods PDG

Author: Bear Wolfdog

4.4 (225 ratings)

870 Realm Traversing Guardian King 5 days ago

Translator: YukidarumaEditor: Yukidaruma

'Fang Xingjian's strength is deep and unfathomable, and only Guardian King-level experts will be able to defeat him with divine arts. But...' The Realm Traversing Guardian King thought of the various rumors and information he had heard about Fang Xingjian, and the strange gleam in his eyes deepened.
'Regardless, we are still unable to interfere with Fang Xingjian for now. But the Heavenly Lion King's Heavenly Lion Clone...' The Realm Traversing Guardian King threw a glance at the Heavenly Lion Clone's remnant will and smiled inwardly. 'The Church has no shortage of materials. If we can get our hands on this Heavenly Lion Clone's essence and bring it back to reforge its conjured physique, we'll be able to get an additional top notch battle prowess.'
At the next moment, the Realm Traversing Guardian King smiled. The Heavenly Lion Clone before him dissipated slowly and then disappeared from his sight.
"Are you able to escape?"
Simultaneously, the Heavenly Lion King had cut out a portion of his consciousness to deal with the Realm Traversing Guardian King while the rest of him arrived several thousand kilometers away. However, in just an instant, a palm stretched out and grabbed hi

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