Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Seeking the Flying Sword Path SFSP

Author: I Eat Tomatoes

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Translator: CKtalonEditor: CKtalon

"Xiaoxiao." A trembling, hoarse voice came out of Qin Yun as he looked at his wife. He had been waiting for this day for nineteen years.
Yi Xiao looked at him in a daze, afraid that he was just a hallucination born from her despair. She muttered, "Brother Yun, is that really you?"
Qin Yun's eyes were filled with tears as he nodded immediately. Simultaneously, he walked over.

In another spot of the Grotto-heaven, someone reacted to Qin Yun entering the Six World Isolation Skyarray using the Major Void Transference Dao talisman that Puqu Dragonlord had given him.
There was a long series of buildings where many Boor Ancestral Sect disciples cultivated.
After all, the Grotto-heaven had existed for a very, very long time.
"Oh?" The mysterious fiendcelestial, Huangchong, resided in one of the buildings. He instantly sensed Qin Yun's entry into the Six World Isolation Skyarray.
"What happened? How has an outsider entered the Six World Isolation Skyarray?"
Huangchong had yellow fur

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