Seeking the Flying Sword Path

Seeking the Flying Sword Path SFSP

Author: I Eat Tomatoes

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508 Losing Decorum 4 months ago

Translator: CKtalonEditor: CKtalon

As the jade token emitted a white radiance, the ancient mutated beast phantom looked down at Qin Yun. It said, "Receive my treasure and subsequently, my karma."
With that said, the phantom plunged back into the jade token, dissipating the blinding white light.
Qin Yun held the jade token in hand and felt information come surging into his mind.
"So that's how it is." Qin Yun was enlightened.
In fact, when the phantom first appeared, Qin Yun had guessed what the jade token was. After all, he had read through numerous books from Jade Void Palace's Myriad Dharma Repository. He learned many secrets and knew the story behind the jade token.
"Lightning Beast Manor, White Jade Token?" Yang Song's aura was weakened and he could not help but shake his head when he witnessed it. "This luck of his is really… enviable!"
"The White Jade Token left behind by that Chaos Lightning Beast?" Kuishi could not help but turn green with envy when she saw the scene play out before her eyes. "Although we

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