A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You

A Billion Stars Can't Amount to You ABSCAY

Author: Ye Fei Ye

4.3 (608 ratings)

292 Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (2) 6 months ago

Translator: PaperplaneEditor: Caron_

Ji Yi felt a slight chill as she tore away from his embrace. She furrowed her brows and instinctively glanced up at He Jichen.
She could sense his gaze right at her and the thought of their hug just now suddenly appeared in Ji Yi's mind, causing her face to instantly turn red. In a panic, she lowered her head in confusion, avoiding his gaze.
Ji Yi's gaze fell to her own feet as He Jichen, who was standing in front of her, spoke. Rather than the sad tone of voice he used when he first hugged her, He Jichen spoke with his usual elegance: "Thank you."
Is he thanking me for the hug just now?
That hug was just too affectionate, so Ji Yi couldn't bring herself to say "It's nothing." Instead, she just gently shook her head.
She knew that the hug didn't mean anything, but it was all that was on her mind. She was afraid He Jichen could tell she was affected strongly by the hug, so after she shook her head, she stopped for a few seconds and hurriedly said goodbye. "It's late; I have to head

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