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  • The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack

    The Chubby Rich Daughter's Counterattack



    She choked to death after drinking a mouthful of cold water. Was there anything more unlucky than this? Of course, there was! When she reopened her eyes, she found herself transmigrated into a three-hundred-pound fatty. Not only was she fat and round, but she also had a palm-sized black spot on her body. She looked down at the layers of swimming floats on her body and swore to exercise and lose weight. She had just lifted her leg when she collapsed to the ground. This time, she was prepared to go on a diet and lose weight. When she heard the earth-shattering rumbles from her stomach, she held herself back. She had not eaten for three days, but she realized that she had only lost one tael. She instantly broke down. Sensing that something was wrong, she checked and realized that she had been poisoned. As a descendant of a family that practiced traditional Chinese medicine, this was a small matter. With acupuncture techniques in her hands, why would she be afraid of a little poison? Before she could succeed in losing weight, the scumbag canceled their engagement and her stepsister came to provoke her. 'It's fine. Staying calm is more important. What? Does he dare to call me an ugly pig, a fat woman, a fatty? This is intolerable!' With her acupuncture skills, she was able to detoxify the poison and become beautiful. Using her competence, she managed to face-slap everyone and lose weight while torturing scum. After accidentally rescuing a chronically ill uncle, he turned out to be her scumbag ex-fiance's uncle. She smiled maliciously and said, "Uncle, you should give yourself to me in return for rescuing your life!" When she saw the scumbag again, she said warmly, "My good nephew, call me Auntie." Persona: Song Jiaren: Vengeful for the smallest grievance, naughty, and cheeky. Yan Cheng: Two-faced, strong, patient, and cunning.

  • Peerless Divine Doctor

    Peerless Divine Doctor

    Ye Luo was a medical expert skilled in acupuncture and lived in a mountain isolated from the rest of the world. After falling down a cliff, he acquired X-ray vision and started cultivating the Nine Yang Mysterious Technique. One day, he was instructed by his master to leave the mountain and head into the city to accept a mission and take someone's place in a marriage.

  • Level system vs Cultivation methods

    Level system vs Cultivation methods


    Experience vs Meditation.Muscles vs jade-like skin.Medical treatment vs acupuncture.Engineering vs ancient knowledge.Humans vs immortals.This is a story of Revolution.-------------------------*Originally from Scribble Hub

  • The Peerless Doctor Princess

    The Peerless Doctor Princess

    Historical Romance ROMANCE SYSTEM

    During the daytime, she is an experienced doctor with sophisticated acupuncture techniques while at night she is a magic thief who pursues for all the treasures around the world. Accidentally, she traversed to ancient dynasty as an imperial concubine who committed suicide and was given to the Prince Regent by the emperor.

  • Sun Tsuki and the Inner Spirit

    Sun Tsuki and the Inner Spirit

    There was a planet called Hanabira. There, people fought using Relics. Relics were the representation of the owner's spirit in physical form. Sun Tsuki's relic was a dull grey, lifeless, and plain staff about as thick as a stick. He named the weapon Ruyi. Let's see Sun rise as the god of the staff, fists and... acupuncture?

  • Overcoming Destiny

    Overcoming Destiny

    living in a city B in a world where money and cultivation rules the world and technology follows closelyhe wakes up every morning smoke a blunt or two sometimes four no plans to make anything of his life so why can he be stoned all day making his research on acupuncture and the human body,his parents still fund his account every week with enough to eat and drink until destiny pushes him to the right path.

  • I, a Hundred Billion Boss, Signed in the City for Eight Years!

    I, a Hundred Billion Boss, Signed in the City for Eight Years!

    Ye Xuan crossed into a newly born baby, and when he was being held by his nine sisters, he immediately turned on the [God-level sign-in system][Hugged by the elder sister who is the vice president of the financial group, sign in and get RMB100000000][Hugged by the second sister who is a rejuvenating sacred hand, sign in to gain god-level acupuncture skills][Hugged by the third sister of the master of Chinese martial arts, sign in to gain a comprehensive physical strengthening][Hugged by the fourth sister of the top female anchor of China, sign in and get a handsome face. ]…….Sign in every day!Ye Xuan signed in for eight years in the city!On Ye Xuan’s eighth birthday, Jinling’s richest man led senior officials and dignitaries to visit.“Congratulations to Mr. Ye happy birthday!”A group of sisters looked at the dignitaries in front of them, “Who are you looking for?”“Ahem, they are here to find me.”Eight-year-old Ye Xuan jumped off the chair and slowly said…

  • The King of Fairies is now a Demon Lord

    The King of Fairies is now a Demon Lord



    Drifting across the abyss was the soul of a celestial. Immensely loved by the universe yet bound by the chains of nihility, he was never able to leave his ruling realm due to constraints. Time passed, moments became days, days became years and years became eons. Did he even exist? He didn't know the answer to that. Suddenly a bright light apeared in the abysmal darkness, he was overjoyed thinking that he might not have been alone. To his dismay, it was not another residue soul but instead a single page with letters incomprehensible. Upon reading the page, great pain struck his astral self shattering it and merging with the page. The pain was so great that he lost consciousness. Upon waking up, he noticed he was no longer in the void. ~ In his first life he was the King of Fairies, in his second life he was a normal human in a parallel world. His arrogance and narcissism had toned down quite a bit due to becoming a powerless being. Still he didn't give up hope! He was finally able to become a world renowned pianist. And a secret doctor in the underword, using his expert acupuncture techniques. Many thought that he was a chunnibyo because of how he talked, he ignored them all. Many women threw themselves at him, but he rejected them all. Even though he had become human he refused to even look at a human girl. Ugly! That's how they looked to him. Him, who had seen world shaking beauties couldn't even bare to look at human women. Hence many people thought he was gay and sent gay people to him to curry favor with. Result? He killed the bastards! In the end, his second life was like a joke. Choking on cup noodles his life came at an abrupt end. But the end is a start of another beginning. And this beginning would be the best one ever. ... .. . One thing is certain, beauties from all the realms, be it the Celestial or the Godly! All would fall in love with him! The Almighty Stepfather! ~ This is a light read, not comedy nor too serious. ~

  • Evil love of the cruel king: Medical concubine you are so hot

    Evil love of the cruel king: Medical concubine you are so hot

    Evil love of the cruel king: Medical concubine you are so hot"Take off your clothes"."Presumptuous!" A king shouted like a devilA woman held a silver needle innocently: "Sir, if you don't take off your clothes, how can I give you an acupuncture treatment?"'Treatment?' The king had no expression on his face and looked cold and arrogant. However, his ears were very red as if they are on fire. She is a descendant of an ancient family in 21st century. She has exquisite medical skills and a godly hand. When she first arrived in a strange world, she decided to hold a big thigh and lean against a big tree to enjoy the cool and carry forward her medical skills. He is the most talented cold blooded ice king in the dynasty. He holds great power and is famous all over the world, but his legs are paralysed. He is not closed to women and regards women as plague. However, since he met the shameless women who loves to hold his thighs, he secretly rubbed her and wanted to take her this is not my own work

  • The Dragon King and his Healer

    The Dragon King and his Healer

    From a young age, Lingling was curious about everything. Her father is a famous doctor in the Hanxia county. It was more like a village. Lingling and her father went to numerous villages to help the sick. Lingling learned acupuncture and many herbal medicine from her father. Everything was going well when she was suddenly being transported to the Wulong Palace from the mountainside while picking up herbs for her father. Wulong Palace is a palace where people go in but never can get out. It is surrounded by five powerful dragon deities. Each of them have special power. Lord Weijun is the most powerful heavenly deity and he is from the clan of the Golden Dragon. He is not someone anyone can get closed to. He is known as the leader of the Wulong Palace. From his icy cold appearance, no one dares to fight or argue with him. One word and head off. But Lord Weijun was blind after a huge war with the Demon Clan of the Underworld. His health declined ever since the war was over since he suffered numerous traumas. When Lingling came, all she wanted was just to go back home but she made up her mind after learning about her past. Her reincarnation of a famous healer, Ling An. A quiet and humbled doctor whom the Golden Dragon Leader, Lord Weijun, loved. Will Lingling be able to help Lord Weijun recover from his past? Will Lord Weijun recognize Lingling as his past lover?

  • Lady Doctor: Saving the King, Peace Forever

    Lady Doctor: Saving the King, Peace Forever


    "In her previous life, Ruan Muyun was devoted to her cousin and did not hesitate to become enemies with anyone who said her cousin had nefarious plans. However, her cousin hides behind her back and kills her mother and brother with a smile. She steals her husband and ruins her father's reputation, causing him to be wronged for all eternity! She is forced to drink the poison that her cousin personally hands her and hears the truth from her cousin. She's filled with hate! Having a second chance at life, she did not expect that the expert she had given a drop of water to would give her a special ability. She receives all the world's medical and poison techniques and she's great at acupuncture and can concoct all kinds of good medicine. Those exasperating relatives? She wants them penniless! The bullies that pick a fight? She wants them to have their hearts eaten out by bugs! The vicious cousin? She wants her to be poisoned and suffer day and night, unable to live or die! She wants to return everything that her cousin had done to her! It's just that the poisoned man she saved out of goodwill while picking herbs on the mountain turns out to be the incumbent king and he wants to marry her! ""Dear, give me a daughter. My heart is yours!"" ""Sure, but what about the remuneration?"" ""You can have the entire world!"""

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