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  • Hybrid Aria

    Hybrid Aria

    When werewolf hybrid Aria escapes her abusive stepfater, the alpha of the Blackmoon Pack, she has no idea what kind of trouble she's gotten herself in to. With her little sister Lily by her side, she finds herself in the maw of an enemy's territory. An enemy that will surely bring about not only her demise, but that of the girl she's practically raised. Reid the Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack was known for being cruel and merciless and had driven Hybrid's into extinction, now Aria must find a way to keep her secret from coming to light which is easier said then done when he suddenly starts showing an interest in her. But Reid has a secret to Aria is his mate. Aria tries her best to avoid him at all cost, yet she can't help but feel drawn to him putting her life at risk. So what happens when he learns the truth and she finds out she is to be his mate, will he hand her back to her stepfather and refect her or will he fight to keep her safe from those who hunt her. A tantalizing werewolf erotica, Jessica Hall's "Hybrid Aria" is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a novel of intense romance, intriguing advanture, and feral lovemaking.

  • The Story : My Teens Advanture

    The Story : My Teens Advanture

    Romansa Anak Muda ADVENTURE COMEDY

    Kisah hidup seorang gadis bernama Rosy yang baru saja berumur 17 tahun mulai membuat halaman hidup yang baru bersama teman-temannya yang super lucu bernama Lily, Ricia, Evelyn, Ryan, dan Chandra. Mereka merupakan teman yang sangat berarti bagi Rosy karena mereka, ia dapat memiliki tekad untuk melupakan masa lalu dan mulai mengembangkan dirinya menjadi seorang yang lebih percaya diri.Sebelum Rosy meranjak umur ke 17 tahun. Rosy pernah mengalami masa yang sulit dalam lingkungan keluarga yang membuat dia kehilangan percaya diri dan mulai merasa hidup itu tiada arti baginya.Hingga suatu saat ia bertemu dengan teman-teman yang

  • The Advanture of Yuji and Aoi to the throne

    The Advanture of Yuji and Aoi to the throne


    this is an isekai story of yuji and aoi their journy toghter with their companion to finish the game

  • The Advanture in the magic world

    The Advanture in the magic world

    Selama ini dia hanya tau kalau sang ibu adalah orang yang melahirkannya, dan bahwa bumi adalah tempat kelahirannya. Sampai suatu saat, ketika semua kebenaran mulai muncul, dia dihadapkan pada pilihan. Apakah dia akan tetap tinggal di bumi, atau haruskah ia kembali ke dunianya sendiri?

  • a New day
"feel with advanture"

    a New day "feel with advanture"

  • My Life My Advanture

    My Life My Advanture

    memang setiap kehidupan tentu memiliki masalah,lalu bagaimana cara untuk menyelesaikan nya?gadis remaja ini akan menceritakan kehidupannya yang penuh dengan masalah masalah hidup

  • The advantures of Gargon

    The advantures of Gargon

  • The Advanture Of Demon Lord From Another World

    The Advanture Of Demon Lord From Another World

  • Khushi's Novel  [Khushi , crystal , Malina and Jisoo] A advanture ofus

    Khushi's Novel [Khushi , crystal , Malina and Jisoo] A advanture ofus

    Adventure of Four girls to save the workl. [Magical , comedy,adventure etc.]

  • Becoming the strongest advanturer

    Becoming the strongest advanturer


    It's a story about a young boy named Halburg who wishes to be the strongest advanturer.Being the third son of a noble family, he can't succeed his father. But, it doesn't discourage him, it on the other hand makes reaching his goal easy.With the power of a unknown unique skill[?????] he becomes strong more quickly than others.Now read the story of the boy of how he becomes the strongest and what kind enemies he encounters in order to achieve his goal

  • Advantures of the beloved Master

    Advantures of the beloved Master

  • Isekai : I Can Control Time At Will

    Isekai : I Can Control Time At Will


    How would you feel if when you woke up from your sleep you saw a sight that was foreign to you? George who was tired because he had just come home from overtime work went straight to his bed to sleep. But strange things happened when George woke up, he saw a strange sight for him the moon which was bigger than he usually saw, around him he saw a creature as big as a mountain, and suddenly the creature saw it and approached him. What did George do next? A. Surrender to be swallowed alive B. Escape from the creature Noted : 1. English is not my main language, to be honest, I'm still in the phase of learning English so I'm sorry if there are wrong words because I translate through Google Translate and the dictionary at my house 2. This is my first novel, so if you have any criticism or suggestions, please let me know so I can be better at writing novels 3. It is forbidden to read for those aged 17 years and under because there is spicy content I hope you enjoy my first novel so much and thank you for reading :) Update if I'm not busy with college, but I try to update often :) Tags : #Advanture #Timetraveler #Action #Isekai #System #Overpower #Superpower #Magic #Kingdombuilding #Handsomemalelead #Easygoinglife #Luckyprotagonist #Calmprotagonist #Beatifulheroine #First-timeintercourse #Harem #Netori #Polygamy #Threesome

  • Kakdiya Mansi Dineshbhaii

    Kakdiya Mansi Dineshbhaii

    It's true fact about one real life girl future advanture...



    This story tell about a girl who is different from other girl who life goes in between past birth life and present birth life..... Girl shows the power and strength of girl in his past life ... love and advanture wait for her....

  • Alina


    A girl which is asexual and obsessed with advantures alot .She walks away from home just to find peace.She is in love with wooden homes in hilly areas.With the passage of time she realized that she can't live alone.

  • "legend of the shadow ring king"

    "legend of the shadow ring king"


    as transfer to other world su Lin has advantage in experience gained from earth, gaming experience and his nature to live advantur full life he has many advantages in this new world.he has his Pride and shamelessness, his humility and arrogant, his cowerediness and confidante. in this su Lin show his two different side in darkness or in light.




    thread of friend and loved ones what keeps him alive the world that he lives in was curuel but one day a light of hope came to him to change his entire world as his goals change to be a burden to protect everyone he loves maybe he can have some loses in his journey but one thing always keeps him going that thing is that no matter what comes thay always be toghater and always smile each other even in the deathbed this is the world and the advanture Arito Ukon lives in

  • Return of the unknown-Identity season1

    Return of the unknown-Identity season1

    S1 follows the path of the unknown boy who had been trapped in an unknown place without knowing who exactly he is.after finally getting out he questions his identity,"who am I?"accompany this man of unknown origin in the advanture of finding his identity. what happened to hom in his last moments. And what mysteries lies ahead as he enters the world full of unexpected surprises.___________________________________________Writer: Hi, I am Fall,I am not very much skilled in writing,i am a beginner noob,also this is my first ever book i am publishing, there are many grammatical mistakes,i might make more mistakes in future but I hope that the readers will understand and support me by pointing out the mistakes, i am the type of person who tries to learn from my own mistakes. In the end I hope that this book is to your liking.Enjoy Readers ❤️

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