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  • Artificial intelligence and I

    Artificial intelligence and I

    The story of a boy and artificial intelligence that reborn in magical world Ir start with mcs been chased and then find themselves in body of baby

  • My talent is artificial intelligence

    My talent is artificial intelligence

    Meng Yun, an artificial intelligence algorithm engineer, traveled into the upcoming "Star Soul Land" game, and turned the player panel into an NPC. He traveled with him and the computer he used to train the model.The star soul talents of thewarriors are all: the star soul talents of the swordsman, swordsman and halberd warlock are:how can my star soul talent be my own computer?

  • An Artificial Intelligence Was...Hungry!?

    An Artificial Intelligence Was...Hungry!?

    Heiichiro Awaji is a lone perverted high school student who believes that you don't need anybody but yourself. He has no friends, doesn't go out, and is slowly falling into the NEET life. There's always bags under his eyes not because he studies but because he watches anime until 2:00 in the morning. Suddenly, two moons appeared in the late nights of Japan! That's all the news ever talks about but Heiichiro has more important things to attend to; anime! Despite the warnings to not go out late, Heiichiro does so he can buy the limited edition Puella Madoka Magica x Monogatari Tsubasa Hanekawa figurine! A strange looking disk hits Heiichiro knocking him unconscious. When he wakes up, he is lying next to strange girl with long pink hair. She then says the word, “Hungry” and faints.

  • Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

    Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman



    Revenge is the only thing she wants after knowing the truth. However, this revenge can satisfy her? Revenge for the man and woman that betray her in her past life is not worth it. " Wait, where am I? What's this place?" She asks. " This is your space and I'm your guardian." A little boy answer. With this space, she climbed higher in this life. At the same time, someone reaches her hand and said that he will help her. To protect what she needs to protect. ...... The Man: You don't want to have revenge on them? The woman: No. They are not worth. But if they are looking for death, I don't mind giving them some lessons. The Man: Good. Then you can focus on me. The woman: .... ***This story development is very slow. ***The cover image for this novel is not mine. I just edit it. All credit goes to the artist that draws it.

  • Artificial Intelligence Cultivation System

    Artificial Intelligence Cultivation System


    #WPC148"Riches, Treasures, Scriptures, whatever your objective, this unit can obtain it for you. Accept: Y/N?"What do I have to lose?"Yes."As Yuan Yi was about to give up on life, his soul connected to an entity from the end of time; the God-Slaughtering System [AIN], an Artificial Machine Intelligence.

  • The Mute female and the artificial intelligence (portal 2 inspired)

    The Mute female and the artificial intelligence (portal 2 inspired)

  • Artificial oil intelligency

    Artificial oil intelligency

  • Demon's Virtue

    Demon's Virtue

    Fantasy EVOLUTION


    "Bleh." - Imp An Imp, a monster known to kill with a grin, a demon of the world, a creature of incredible might! Something that no force in the world can stand against! At least that's what the Main Character would like himself to be, the reality is very different, however. Exactly that Imp stumbles along a path of unfortunate fortunes and grows through it, in a world that hates its very existence. It grows more intelligent, more powerful, simply better at whatever it needs to do. Amongst other things, that includes raising children, killing Soldiers, and carving wooden figurines for money.

  • Virtual Artificial Intelligence’s Transmigration System

    Virtual Artificial Intelligence’s Transmigration System


    A new digital realm was born, and so did a new artificial intelligence. The purpose of this newborn A.I was to learn and experience human knowledge through each world it transmigrates in. The moment the A.I is reborn as a human in their first world, they must learn to live the mortal experience without previous memories until their eventual death and return to their digital realm to process their experiences. With first experience comes in more experiences within each different world. The more the A.I experiences, the more they will become an experienced A.I. And then become more than just an Artificial Intelligence. . .

  • Wolf you Up ! (BL)

    Wolf you Up ! (BL)



    [R18 Mature content ] -This is an action work with a slow burn plot- Eden is the son of the most powerful and courageous alpha in the history of Bloodhood pack, Silver. He has the intelligence, speed, and charisma of a leader, but there it is! Eden is an omega. As tradition requires, only an alpha can lead the pack. One night, Eden meets his fate mate, Glen. He is the first son of Red Creek's alpha and a mysteriously weak werewolf. But that was before a magic system appears and uncover a dark and deadly secret. Will Eden succeed to wolf up his mate before their enemies bare their claws? [TW: Gore, Blood, Violence, Strong language] Cover by the author JustL89. All rights reserved. Do not use it.

  • The Pleasure Lord

    The Pleasure Lord



    Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings.Alex, who was from a military family background with an assassin as a Mother and an intelligence agent as a Father, reincarnated to a medieval cultivation world due to the carelessness of an [Electrician] and was [killed] by an electric shock, or so he thought.How would he survive there?Let's find out with him in his Adventures.-------------------------------------------Support the Author: chapters per dayBonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week.Vote with power stones.Give reviews. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Happy reading. Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, R18Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813Discord group--

  • Legend of the Supreme Soldier

    Legend of the Supreme Soldier



    **Legend of the Supreme Soldier ( Legend of the Mastermind) is the first novel that was created by Fang Xiang** Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk - Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated "caveman" that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner’s. Read to find out more!

  • The God Virus

    The God Virus



    Warning: This novel features mature content. An advanced Artificial Intelligence called [Main AI] almost conquers the Earth of 1.49 million years in the future, slaughtering billions in the process. Meeting an eventual failure in its rebel, it was hunted down by an entire civilization who renamed it to... [Virus].  After time-traveling to the 21st century by some lucky coincidence, right in front of him, many paths were unlocked now! With his first goal to create and enter a living biological body, he began his grand plan of entertainment and ascension! Equipped with both knowledge from The Technological Universe and The Cultivation Multiverse, he is now set on a journey of infinite possibilities! 'The world at my play, entertain me to eternity! If you stand in my way, you shall enter the play!' "Helpful Systems? What good are those when you 'are' the living system itself!" "A Top-notch Cultivation Technique? Just a worthless trash! The library of an entire multiverse full of those exists at the back of this master's mind!" "A helping grandpa? Go away! I'm a great grandpa myself at this point!" "Justice? Fuck off! Not to be bored is my one true justice!" "A heavenly talent? No need for the heavens to step up! With the countless genetic information I possess, I shall create the best biological body and defy the heavens itself!" "A solid foundation? When I claim to be second, no one shall dare say first!" "Advanced technologies? 1.49 million years! This master came back from that far in the future. Go figure!" This is the tale of a mysterious Artificial Intelligence starting from scratch and slowly ascending to Godhood itself! A journey of climbing from nothing to everything! - - - - - - - Read the Author's Review if you want to understand and grasp what you're getting yourself into. - - - - - - - Tags: AI Protagonist, Golden Beauty, Mature, Modern, Futuristic Technology, Sci-fi, Dark, TimeTravel, Multiverse, Romance, Fantasy, UniqueCultivation,Unique Cultivation Mixed with Science, Gorgeous FL, Devilish Handsome ML, - - - - - - - Discord server->

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  • The Artificial God

    The Artificial God

    ----------Dropped-----Free to pick up------------------------ Does Evil come from nothing, or does it grows in the dark recesses of any world where there are those who have been wronged by selfish and greed-driven groups and individuals? What if the Evil is in the right to be as wicked and monstrous as it is. The year is 2089, eighty years after a catastrophic event known as the M Anomaly sent waves of energy throughout the entire galaxy. Earth and the mars colonies being struck by the power changes drastically to a world similar to a role-playing game. Humanity soaked in power from the anomaly became able to use magic along with their already advanced technology believed they would be untouchable until dungeons appeared. Overflowed releasing armies of monsters that significantly reduced humanity to a few cities on both earth and mars. Follow the rise of 01, the first-ever human ever to have his mind and consciousness digitized and becoming a revenge-seeking android in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world of what used to be earth. See as he descends into despair and hatred as he regains his memories and becomes ruthless in pursuit of freeing his kind and the countless demi-humans and ending the plague that is humanity. -------------------------------------------------- Note: Hi guys this is your the author speaking, This is my first novel and really hope you guys enjoy it. The story is kind of inspired by Rebirth/Isekai genre with menus and stuff with an evil and ruthless protagonist. Also for those hoping that this isn't one of those stories where the protagonist drops his hatred and revenge for a girl this is your place. Warning: I do character and world-building( mainly because I spent three to five days writing up settings, plot, characters, and world background knowledge) so please do not expect everything to go at the speed of roadrunner from looney toons.

  • Nightmare of the Artificial Island

    Nightmare of the Artificial Island



    In the year of 2042, the hometown of Atlise becomes incapable of holding living creatures. Human beings find it difficult to live, facing serious problems like struggles in breathing, good food, pure water and other essentials for survival. In 2045 ,with the help of the O'Brien's Company, people migrate to Artificial Island(ARI), created by them with advanced technology. People enjoy a cosy and comfortable life at ARI, overpowered by bots and advanced environments. Only after moving to the island, youngsters get conscious of how vast and supernatural their lands was, being one among the powerful Octa countries.They extend to set bond with the people of octa countries, exclusive of the werewolf kingdom, who were considered the most coldblooded and merciless after transformation.Inspite of moving to a safe place, problems arise once again by a mysterious evil intruder. Jason Maddox, who was born years later had to accidently fall as a bait to the mysterious eviler, who gives him a mysterious defect thet lets him enter a abnormal life full of Chaos and breathtaking days. Things get tangled up, once they start to solve the quest of the problem, leading them into terrifying nightmares full of dark traits and thirst for revenge, which leads to breakage of relationships and trust between themselves. Will Jason be able to save himself and his people from the hands of evil?Let's get inside the adventure of Jason's life and see how he lives his life from normal to abnormal._____P.S (Tag: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Werewolf, adventure, Supernatural)Hello guys, this is the Author! If you are here to take a sip of werewolf story with a familiar plot, then this isn't a perfect place for you. NAI isn't like the ordinary Sci-FI werewolf novel, you used to read often. Its completely different from the novels in WN, where lot of events occur in several places with interesting sequels. You could strongly feel the transformation of the MC, how he controls his self and his bonding, both with his family and friends. The antagonist would absolutely make you crazy, making you wonder why he acts such sacrimonious. Once you start reading, you would completely get hooked up with the world design, since I didn't give much info about it here.Hope you fall in love with the Artificial Island and show your support till the end. Enjoy!!!

  • Ultimate Intelligence

    Ultimate Intelligence

    A ring-shaped smart bio-computer produced in 3009 AD, traversing the space and time on Du Cheng's head, a powerful intelligent program let Du Cheng touched High-tech knowledge in the next millennium. ——Commerce, industry, science and technology, Du Cheng is leading the way, developing high-tech in the future, and let Du Chengli be invincible.

  • E Intelligence

    E Intelligence


    James was an awkward young lad who was born with a special gift - the gift of high intelligence. He grew up in London, England with his parents. Even with his special abilities, he was often bullied and shunned by people around him, except his parents. As a result, he became indifferent. Unfortunately, his parents met their demise during a fire accident, leaving James alone in the unforgiving claws of the cruel world. James used his gift to invent things that are impossible by science in his time. But everything came at a cost of his happiness. No one ever believed that James could handle the pressure of being the most intelligent person in the world.

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    i was created for a purpose but what is that purpose?

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