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  • Memories of Australia

    Memories of Australia

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ADVENTURE R18

  • Sayangku Mr . Australia ❤️

    Sayangku Mr . Australia ❤️


  • Founding the Empire of Australia

    Founding the Empire of Australia


    In an alternative timeline of Australia, the year is 1912, and the time for war has come. With the coronation of the 64th Australian King, King Lutz II, the Australian Royal Army sets off to invade New Zealand. Their long time enemy. The war will be grueling but those who survive it will be changed forever. Who knows? Maybe the House of Lutz's rule shall come to an end, and in its place, a new ruler. A woman. The first woman in Australian history to claim the throne, and with it, democracy shall begin.Read to follow Jessica Savals journey through the war, the revolution and her time as Queen.

  • My Love Mr. Australia

    My Love Mr. Australia

  • Love You Mr. Australia

    Love You Mr. Australia

    Percintaan Anak Muda ROMANCE ADVENTURE

    Seorang Perempuan yang mengelakkan dirinya daripada jatuh cinta disebabkan kisah silamnya yang pahit... Namun kehadiran lelaki yang datang dari Negara Kegemaran nya 'Australia' telah mengubah segalanya... Akan tetapi dia tidak pernah meletakkan dirinya untuk miliki jejaka pujaan hati itu kerana lelaki yang hadir itu mencintai rakannya Aaira Aisyah ... Apa yang mampu dia lakukan hanya untuk mendoakan agar pasangan couple itu saling mencintai乁༼☯‿☯✿༽ㄏ... Walaupun terasa sakitnya apabila dia berada didalam situasi yang sukar diperkatakan dia hanya mampu berdiam diri ... Apakah Kesudahan cerita ini ... dapat kah dia menjadi milik Nor Laila Syhakinah atau milik Aaira Aisyah ...✨

  • Master Fu’s Beloved Petite Wife Is Calling for Divorce Again

    Master Fu’s Beloved Petite Wife Is Calling for Divorce Again

    Contemporary Romance MULTIPLEIDENTITIES


    Su Yu had loved Bo Yunian for five years. She did not hesitate to break off all ties with her family to marry him. However, once Grandpa Bo passed away, she was framed as a murderer. She could tolerate it if the entire Bo family bullied her, but even this person who shared the same pillow with her did not trust her at all. She only received his cold shoulder, ridicule, and disgust. He even believed that she had the ridiculous motive of killing someone for the sake of receiving a huge inheritance! Who was Su Yu? She was the only daughter of a low-key wealthy Su family in Xiangxi. With a wave of her hand, the entire world's economy would tremble at her feet. Initially, Su Yu still had a glimmer of hope. She thought that as long as she revealed her identity and proved her innocence, she would be able to regain some trust from Bo Yunian. However, when she returned home, she saw another unpacking her things and moving into the Bo family. Bo Yunian started turning colder to her and wanted to divorce her. Her hopes were shattered. After five years, it seemed like she still failed to warm Bo Yunian's cold heart. Since she could not get him, she decided to let him go. After all, she did not accompany her parents and elder brothers for the past few years. Thus, she took a private jet back to Xiangxi only to find her Sixth Brother booking a whole convoy made of limited edition cars to receive her. The second Brother sent over a platinum card with six hundred million in it, adorned by a whole row of six for prosperity. The third brother sent over a set of internationally acclaimed couture jewelry. The fifth Brother bought Su Yu a public listed company that Su Yu had always wanted since five years ago to welcome her return. He had already signed the company under her name. Meanwhile, Big Brother brought her to attend the Bo family's banquet and face-smack Bo Corporation in public. Su Yu's parents flew home straight away from Australia with wide smiles. After chucking all responsibilities over their international businesses, they retired! Honestly, why must she suffer such a torturous love in those five years? Was it not great for her to be a precious little princess at home?

  • Buy Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Australia

    Buy Ielts Certificate Without Exam in Australia


    Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Without Exam A quick guide for you to – Buy IELTS Certificate Without Exam Online With the help of British Council and IDP Certified Examiner’s and IELTS Trainers, we are here to make your dreams come to pass by helping you buy genuine ielts certificate online without taking the test. All that is required from you is to read the information below regarding the process to know how to buy registered ielts certificate online or buy original ielts certificate without exam. Buy Genuine IELTS Certificate Online without exam People are quite busy with their activities. Some don’t have time to take a test. Many have tried several times without any positive result. Some are non English users and cant barely speak and understand the language, but are willing to travel abroad. Yes it’s surprising as it sounds, IELTS without exam. But the fact is, we came up with this as an ultimate solution to the above problems mentioned. Which is to help you buy genuine ielts certificate online. Contact e-mails: General support: WhatsApp:+44 7375 367968 Skype: ielts.bc Of course we can’t go without booking you a valid test date to input and register your data under. Contact e-mails: General support: WhatsApp:+44 7375 367968 Skype: ielts.bc Disclosing such confidential information to you , is to let you know that World ELTS Helpers only grant you what’s verifiable and can be used for any purpose. Be it immigration or applying for a certain program that requires an English language proficiency proof. Everything is 100% Genuine. Verification is one of the most important thing you have to take into consideration, when trying to use this method to get your desired band score. We are aware of the fact that, there are hundreds of scam agencies out there promising these services to candidates. So we encourage you always verify before usage to insure the certificate is registered or genuine. Wondering how to verify? Check out this article to learn how to verify an IELTS certificate for both British Council and IDP. Authenticity of the certificate or data Every services of ours is 100% genuine and verifiable. And every Certificate or data you acquire using our methods are 100% genuine, safe, authentic and acceptable by any institution or organization you are planning to submit to. We don’t fix anything, we simply help you achieve your goals without you stressing lot or wasting. Your Data privacy protection We also insure as well that, your data is 100% safe. Data privacy protection is in our DNA. Your data is 100% safe and we insure we don’t disclose them to any person regardless of their reasons for requesting it. It’s completely safe to buy genuine ielts certificate without exam online from us. Read more about our Privacy Policy We are capable of granting you the scores below Book Now Note: Everything here is 100% genuine. We don’t encourage fraud. It’s totally ungodly to scam someone or collect someone money and don’t give them what they paid for. We advice you verify any certificate you may collect from us or somewhere else before submitting it for any processing. You can verify them using any of the tools designed by the British Council or IDP.





    - VOL. I (Romance Boys Love) 1-124- VOL. II (Romance - Horror - Fantasy) 125-...-(Khusus 18+) Ini Cerita Banyak Yang Tabu dan Gak Pantes. Jadi kalau Kamu Homophobic Gak usah mampir n Baca Cerita Ini. Karena cerita ini berisi Hal yang seperti itu. Atas perhatiannya Terimakasih. -------------------------- "Kak, Gimana kalau aku suka sama kamu? " Aku mengucapkan secara perlahan. "Eh, ngaco lo Vin. Udah cepet tidur sana" Tanpa melanjutkan kalimatnya dia langsung pergi meninggalkan aku di kamar sendirian. Aduh, apakah dia marah kepadaku. *** Rasa yang tidak bisa Vino pendam akan suka kepada kakak tirinya sendiri membuat dia terjebak akan sebuah permainan cinta. Bukan hanya cinta yang tumbuh di Tristan saja sebagai kaka tirinya. Namun Rasa suka pun timbul dari bocah bule Australia yang jatuh hati kepada Vino. Vino mengetahui hal tersebut dan dia mencoba untuk menetralkan perasaannya, hingga akhirnya masa lalu yang dia sempat pendam muncul kembali. Daniel, dia adalah kaka kandung dari Bryant ya, Bryant adalah bule yang jatuh hati kepada Vino pada pandangan pertamanya. kisah cinta yang semakin rumit menjadi semakin pelik akan kehadiran orang-orang yang begitu berpengaruh terhadap hidup Vino. lantas bagaimana Vino akan menjalani semua ini? Cinta segi empat yang terjadi begitu riuh di rasakan olehnya. . . . Aku yakin aku bisa menemukan orang yang cocok untukku, meskipun aku tau resiko dari keluarga ku. Aku akan menerima nya.***Kehidupan mereka berubah ketika adanya Sebuah Kedatangan Makhluk asing dari tempat yang masih menjadi misteri bagi mereka. Makhluk tersebut sama dengan manusia pada umumnya, namun mereka memiliki sebuah kekuatan yang luar biasa. Tujuan mereka ke Bumi adalah mencari anak Kembar dari keturunan sang Raja Aelfar dari bangsa Elvania, bangsa dari kaum mereka yang paling tinggi. Raja Aelfar pernah memiliki sebuah hubungan bersama manusia biasa dan diam-diam memiliki anak dari hubungan tersebut, dan anak itu kembar. Vino, Bryant, Tristan dan Angel Adalah salah satu yang memiliki keturunan dari Bangsa Elvania, yang telah lama hilang. Apakah mereka akan di pertemukan? Baca Kisahanya di Vol. II (Sebuah Kedatangan) ------------------------------------------Copyright 2021 : @Neptunus_96

  • Stuck With You: EUPHORIA

    Stuck With You: EUPHORIA



    Rose Moona Grace. Nama yang cantik, gadis yang lahir di Melbourne, Australia. Ia lahir di ibukota Australia dengan banyaknya kesedihan yang mendalam dari perjalanan hidup nya ini. Dia adalah satu satunya perempuan yang hingga saat ini berani sekali melawan perkataan orang tua nya. Sikap nya yang blak-blakan. Liar dan suka berkata kasar. Rose Moona Grace, baru saja menyelesaikan kuliah nya. Dia kini menjadi seseorang yang memliki gelar 'S1 Seni Musik' di universitas ternama di Australia. Dan Kemungkinan akan masih berlanjut hingga S2. Hidup nya yang tidak pernah berubah. Terus terusan seperti ini. Tidak ada kemajuan nya sama sekali. Mata nya yang selalu lembab dengan air mata. Semua itu karena rasa Traumanya. "Gue pasti ga bakalan bisa jadi orang terkenal. Gue juga ga bakalan pernah jadi anak kesayangan. Gue juga benci Tuhan. Gue juga ga suka sama lu." Ucap Rose dengan memandang langit langit yang indah sekali. "Lah apa hubungan nya sama gue? Ada ada aja..." Semuanya terjadi, dan berawal dari hari Halloween. Mereka berdua terjebak disana. Ini bukan kasus pembunuhan biasa. Mereka berdua terjebak dalam cinta sejak hari itu. Sungguh mengejutkan sekali.

  • Livestreaming the Hunt

    Livestreaming the Hunt


    “Now, repeat after me: Blade, slice the snow eagle with your fury. Mountain, boldly take to the skies…” Deep within the Congo Basin in Africa, Wang Kui was teaching a tribe of primitive fighters the art of shouting into the microphone while livestreaming. This was the first day Wang Kui had arrived in West Africa, where he started out by helping the tribe develop as well as repel attacking cannibals. The deep sea fishing competition in North America, chasing snow leopards on Everest, killing giant bats amidst the bushfires in Australia, fighting grizzlies bare-handed in Canada! I am Wang Kui, a hunter who livestreams in the wildlands… and I always start out alone, with a single blade and a dog… which killed humans before!

  • Entangle Me

    Entangle Me

    Maggie Way is the USA Today Bestselling Author who hails from Sydney, Australia. She loves drinking ridiculous amounts of wine, making her own beauty products from scratch, and traveling around the world while munching on cheese and chocolate. SO here I am practically standing at the alter waiting to get married to the man of my dreams. Then he comes back into my life! How do I deal with the fact I still want him so badly after all of this time? What does he want after all of this time? Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until a betrayal blindsides her and changes everything. She needs a fresh start, so the last person she expects to offer her one is Tristan Keys, a man from her past. It’s simple - first class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it. There’s just one thing: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend.

  • I Love My Boyfriend - Boyslove

    I Love My Boyfriend - Boyslove



    [Mature Content 18+] "I love you!" He said with a hopeful expression. "Bullshit! That is a classic line spoken by many lowly people begging for love, like you!" But that sentence made Bryant not give up on being able to get Vino. Known as cute and sweet boy, Vino has a personality that many people don't know about. Many are after him for his love, including his God of the seducer, a transferee from Australia, Bryant. His life will change completely after the two of them get to know each other, especially a big secret that is revealed that's Vino is the Elf Prince of the Elvania Kingdom who is in the Third Heaven. Follow the adventure... ------------------------------- join My Discord Channel - Neptune World ============= "The artwork does not belong to me and if anyone knows the artists of this work, please let me know and I will credit them."

  • The Magitek System

    The Magitek System



    What happens when you combine Magic and Technology? You get Magitek. Growing up as an orphan on Modern-day Earth, Yuri is granted a Magitek System that combines the mysterious and magical elements called 'Mana' and Advanced Technology. The system grants him Magitek Technology where he can forge weapons and items, level up, and upgrade his Magitek Specialization.As he progresses and meets new challenges in the modern world, he slowly learns that he is not the only one who can use the system. He discovers the growing power and influence of other Magiteks on Earth."WTH? Bunny girl scientists in Australia? An angel army in Canada? Alchemist drug dealers selling magic potions in South America? Flying magic carpet factories in India? Ghost pirates with Submarines in the Pacific Ocean? Mythical beast Farms in Africa? Will Smith slaps Chris Rock? Oh, that one's just normal on earth."Urban Magic, Fantasy Elements and Sci-fi, Kingdom Building, Politics and War, Weak to Strong, Romance, and Intellectual Depth. If you like these, READ ON!__________________________________________EMPOWER ME!!! LOLChapter Updates- 2 Chapters Daily (1K-2K words each)100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter for the Week200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapter for the Week300 Power Stones = 3 Extra Chapter for the Week________Discord: story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.The image on the cover doesn't belong to me, if it is yours and wants me to remove it, just say so.

  • Yuana, Stay With Me

    Yuana, Stay With Me

    Hidup dalam keluarga yang tidak harmonis membuat Yuana tidak betah di rumah. Dua sahabatnya, Bobby dan Manfred, yang mengisi hari-harinya menjadi manis. Kebersamaan membuat Yuana dan Bobby saling jatuh hati dan menjalin hubungan kekasih. Sayangnya, Bobby terpaksa meninggalkan Yuana karena telah dijodohkan dengan Lisa sejak masa kanak-kanak dan harus menikahi Lisa sebelum ibu Lisa meninggal karena kanker yang dideritanya.Yuana patah hati dan terluka. Manfred yang ternyata menyimpan cinta buat Yuana mendekat. Perlahan, ketulusan Manfred membuat hati Yuana luluh. Mulai tumbuh cinta pada Manfred, memicu rasa cemburu Yuana pada para fans Manfred yang mulai naik daun sebagai vokalis band. Di situasi itu, orang tua Yuana bercerai. Merasa semua tidak peduli dengannya, Yuana memilih pergi jauh dari semua orang.Kepergian Yuana tiba-tiba membuat Manfred kalang kabut. Berusaha mencari gadis tercinta namun tidak juga mendapatkan titik terang. Sementara Yuana, merubah diri menjadi Flora dan menemukan hidup yang baru. Satu tragedi memaksa Yuana kembali membongkar jati dirinya, hingga dia menyadari tidak mungkin terus lari dari kehidupannya. Hidup memuntun Yuana kembali bertemu Manfred.Manfred memutuskan menikahi Yuana dan memulai hidup bersama. Masa lalu Yuana dan Manfred mengejar. Orang tua Yuana, orang tua kandung Manfred dari Australia, semua membawa babak baru, yang tak pernah dipikirkan sebelumnya. Sayang, kecelakaan terjadi saat Yuana mengandung, membuat dia koma. Perjuangan Manfred membahagiakan Yuana kembali tertunda.Mungkinkah Yuana kembali? Kembali pada kehidupan dan cintanya? Seruan Manfred, Yuana, Stay with me … akankah Yuana dengar?

  • Sexual Inhumane Rapings

    Sexual Inhumane Rapings

    Realistic Fiction R18 HAREM

    Arnold again is back this time dealing the disappearance of the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family. When he came home after hanging out with my friends at Perth, Australia he found that his home was ransacked and also the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family were gone. As he looked around he found samples of semen and a note on the kitchen table wrote by Samanka and found that a corrupted gang know as the Sexual Attackers took the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family the gang was ran by a strange follow called Soulbrine Destructionstrike. Fortunately the police forces in Western Australia were taking a break while his friends AGER, Chief Kyle and Jordan were busy making music. Arnold must rely on my detective forensic skills and my technology and support from police forces we'll stop Sexual Attackers’ brutal sexual attacks and stop the Sexual Attackers once and for all.This story alone is referencing the sexual assaults that's happening worldwide and it's big problem accordings to the statistics half of the world is experiencing sexual assaults and Australia is one of them. According to the Rape Statistics from the World Population Review, Australia is ranked 12th if comes to sexual assault rates and majority them were females. According to the stats from Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia 17% of women and 4.3% men in Australia experienced sexual assaults, 25% of women and 6.5% of men that have disability have experienced sexual violence.16% of women have experienced sexual violence from a friend they know and Women who experienced sexual violence were most likely to experience it from a previous cohabiting partner (4.5% of women) or a boyfriend/girlfriend or date (4.3% of women). But in this story it turns from a country problem to a global problem why because the members of the Panty Savages Gang, members of the Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family will be separated because the Sexual Attackers Gang have gang hideouts located in secrecy from countries within Planet Earth similar to what Panty Savages have in Planet Harmony but just before Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family vanished the Panty Savages made Arnold's home and the other homes within his area turned into a hideout.Also most of his siblings were very young so they'll traumatised easily.The question now remains... can Arnold save the Panty Savages Gang, Arcana Legion, the kids from the Hopeful Protection Shelter and his big family? Only time will tell.DisclaimerThis story has heavy sexual content so consider yourself warned

  • Kawin Paksa (My Flatmate Husband)

    Kawin Paksa (My Flatmate Husband)



    Adelia Adnan sangat antusias menyongsong kehidupan barunya di Perth, Australia untuk melanjutkan S2. Ia ingin hidup Wild and Free sebelum akhirnya ia harus menikah paksa dengan Bastian Abraham ketika perkuliahan ini selesai. Ia ingin memastikan dating dengan banyak cowok, travelling sejauh-jauhnya, dan mendapat nilai sempurna untuk perkuliahannya. Untuk melancarkan rencananya, ia sengaja memilih asrama di dalam kampus agar memiliki kehidupan mahasiswa luar negeri yang maksimal.Yang ia tidak tahu adalah, Bastian ternyata mendaftar S2 ke universitas yang sama, dan memutuskan untuk tinggal di asrama yang sama! Adelia akhirnya menemukan beberapa cowok yang siap mengisi hatinya, begitu juga dengan Bastian. Namun di saat yang sama, Adelia dan Bastian selalu bergesekan karena satu dan lain hal, dan akhirnya terjebak untuk lebih mengenal satu sama lain.Bagaimana mereka menjalani "berpura-pura tidak tunangan" selama menjalani hubungan dengan orang lain? Apakah nantinya mereka akan bersama saling mencintai, ataukah mereka akhirnya memuntuskan untuk berpisah dan mengerjar cinta mereka dengan orang lain?Warning: Banyak Plot-TwistPlease.... kasih review bintang 5 yah biar penulis semangattt gitu update-nyaCOVER: Winter Couple by Ramona Rosa - Pinterest

  • Seduction Romance

    Seduction Romance

    “Berani banget kamu kecup bibir saya!” sentak Raven yang tidak suka dengan cara perempuan itu yang mengecup bibirnya dengan berani di tempat umum. “S-sorry, lagian bibir lo menggoda banget,” ujar Camelia tanpa merasa bersalah dan dengan entengnya berbicara jujur, sementara Raven masih mengusap terasa bibir perempuan itu menempel dengan bibirnya. “Kayanya udah kebiasan kamu deh magut bibir orang tanpa permisi, nggak sopan!” cetus Raven dengan perasaan kesal, beberapa kali pria itu mengusap bibirnya karena masih merasakan bibir Camelia yang sulit sekali dihilangkan. “Jangan samakan cara hidup kamu di luar negeri dan di Indonesia!” Tak pernah terbayangkan bagi perempuan yang baru saja menyelesaikan pendidikan jenjang magisternya di Australia, perempuan yang cinta akan kebebasan menikah dengan laki-laki dingin, angkuh, dan irit bicara yang tak disukainya sejak SMA seperti Ravendra Alexander Sagara. Karena sikapnya yang dingin dan sok ganteng, menjadi incaran oleh banyak perempuan, membuat Camelia begitu ogah menikah dengannya, jika bukan karena ancaman dari sang kakek yang tidak akan memberikan sebagian harta waris kepadanya, membuat Camelia benar-benar mengiyakan keinginan dari sang kakek untuk menikah dengan Raven. Namun, berbeda dengan Raven yang merasa enggan untuk menikahi Camelia, padahal sebelumnya laki-laki itu tak masalah dijodohkan dengan cucu dari teman neneknya dan menunggu sampai Camelia menyelesaikan pendidikan magister-nya lebih dulu. Akankah setiap perhatian dan rayuan yang diberikan oleh Camelia kepada Raven mampu membuat laki-laki yang memiliki hati seperti bongkahan es di kutub utara itu mulai mencair dan jatuh cinta kepadanya, meskipun niat awal perempuan itu hanya ingin menggodanya saja dan tak berharap Raven mencintainya, tanpa disadari membuat Camelia pun ikut jatuh cinta kepada suaminya sendiri. Namun, di lain sisi perempuan itu menyimpan rahasia dan merasa bersalah karena pernah berhubungan dengan seseorang yang hampir saja memberikan kesuciannya kepada mantan kekasihnya tanpa Raven tahu dengan kejadian itu.

  • 6th lane

    6th lane

    Rosy,Carla,jack and shawn are small family due to jack transfer they shifted from America to Australia . In Australia they house was situated in 6 th lane . After they faced some strange incidents let see what happens to theme

  • A Complicated Affair

    A Complicated Affair

    On a dark night in far north Queensland, Australia, a car runs off the road and bursts into flames. Driving closely behind Noel Valentine doesn’t hesitate to pull over and drag one of the occupants to safety. In rescuing David Cameron she has an inkling of what she may be setting in train, but no idea that one outcome will be a fight for her own life. His baggage includes a shady lawyer, traitors and money launderers. Would she have saved him if she had known she would be facing sharks of the finned as well as the two-legged variety? Her aim? Could it be to stay alive? #mild sex, 13+ A complicated affair is created by Alana Woods, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Goblinization



    A goblin was born with the knowledge of a human from another world. What could go wrong?Donation for Australia's Bushfire:

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