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  • The Mafia Cinderella wants the Crown

    The Mafia Cinderella wants the Crown


    [Mature content 18+]What does a second chance look like? generally involves being trapped in the body of a teenage girl after getting sent way back into a past world of ballgowns, royal balls, betrayal and never ending drama!Will our odd Cinderella, Josephine Lorenzo, survive a time unlike the one she is originally from? Josephine is able to remember her previous life as Luca Torello, an alpha mafia boss in 21st century, Italy, who died and was given a second chance in this new body. As Josephine, Luca wants to rise above all in this time period and become queen...but to achieve that, she must take the throne. And how else could a 'powerless' little girl in the 19th century do that? By marrying royalty of course!Can cold hearted Luca learn to live as steadfast Josephine?Will Josephine choose love over violence and deceit?What else is better than being royalty and having princes fighting to the death for your attention, in a love triangle?Read to find out!!!!!!!!-----------------------------------------------------------Authors note:Don't forget to leave a comment, like and give lots of gifts. We appreciate all the love and support.Instagram is:@SomethingLikeDeSun

  • Always My Everything

    Always My Everything


    A queen is willing to give up everything for her people, but what is everything? Is it balls, ballgowns, and tea parties? Is it comfort, education, and wealth? Or, is it something much more wonderful and painful to lose? Could everything include love? Anastasia must navigate life as Queen of Karthia, but that grows increasingly complicated during the spring season when Anastasia is expected to find a King. All the while, Prince Taren, who is staying in Karthia for the Spring Season, threatens war. However, the war is avoidable if Anastasia is willing to marry Prince Taren upon his coronation. Can Anastasia give up thoughts of marrying someone for love? Can she overcome the struggles of being Queen? Can she ever fall in love with Taren, and get him to feel the same way for her? At what point is everything too great a sacrifice? ---Excerpt from Prologue---- I had once been asked if I was willing to give up everything for my kingdom. I pondered on the question for several days. It seemed so odd to be asked that, but at the same time it was imperative I know the answer. Especially considering I was to be queen. Back then I had answered yes, thinking that was the correct answer. Back then, the answer seemed simple. My everything only consisted of tall gray castle walls, dull and lifeless ladies in waiting, suitors who were entirely uninteresting and my kingdom, but now my everything also consists of you. I'm not sure if I would have so readily answered yes if I knew that you would become my everything. In the end, I cannot take back what I have promised and vowed, but I must wonder, how for how long can I keep my promise, before I have to give up everything?

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