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  • Flash Marriage: The billionare's perfect wife

    Flash Marriage: The billionare's perfect wife


    Chloe Blossom never thought that she would ever see her highschool crush Adam Ross again. One day she woke up and she was being offered the opportunity to be Mrs. Ross. She didn't hesitate to sign the marriage contract but unlike the CEO's plan, she had her own agenda behind agreeing to marry him and that is to make him fall for her.Adam Ross a rich billionare who is being pestered by his family to marry resorts to hiring an actress to avoid getting emotionally attached. He offers Chloe a marriage contract to sign before they get married.Will he be able to avoid falling for her ?

  • suami billionare

    suami billionare



    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE ACTION

  • Frozen Billionare Man

    Frozen Billionare Man

    "M-Mr. Josef ...," said Leta in surprise, she stammered when she saw a man who was known to be cold, and frozen to all women sitting across from him. The boss.Josef's sharp gaze seemed to tear Leta apart when their eyes met. Leta froze, in her seat, unable to do anything. Can not even cancel, because it is his own choice.Leta is forced to participate in a matchmaking event because her boyfriend has dumped her. Today was supposed to be Leta, and her boyfriend got married, but his girlfriend cruelly canceled the wedding ceremony unilaterally and chose to marry another woman.What caused Leta's lover to leave her, and how did Leta and Mr. Josef's relationship end?

  • The Billionare And I

    The Billionare And I

  • Only you

    Only you


    The life of a teenage boy named Brandon who is the son of a billionare and a secret popstar becomes complicated when he falls in love with a boy. The boy had been there for him when he needed someone.Watch what happens when they end up in the same boarding school. Will his love accept him or regect him.Follow the popstar in a journey to find love*MATURE CONTENT ON LATER CHAPTERS*Purely meant for LGBT fans.My other books are:1.For your love2.The devious vampire queen3.Flash marriage;the billionaire's perfect wife.Check them out and tell me what you think.



    Gara-gara kecewa akibat putus tunang , Nur Amira melarikan diri dari kampungnya telah datang ke bandar dan bertembung dengan seorang jejaka iaitu Tengku Rykarl Andrian dimana dia juga salah seorang pegusaha syarikat yang terbesar di Malaysia . Percintaan mereka mulai berputik sedikit demi sedikit sehinggalah kekasih Rykarl iaitu Nur Melisa Natasha pulang dari New York . Adakah mereka tetap akan bersama ??

  • The Billionare Son Revenge

    The Billionare Son Revenge

    Magical Realism ROMANCE ACTION

    Luke has returned to his home town after making a fortune abroad and creating a business empire. He is now set to get the love of his life who he couldn't before and in the process take revenge on the people who disgraced him before.

  • my fate with the billionare

    my fate with the billionare

    Romance ROMANCE

    "you aren't going anywhere" he shouted"you have no right to keep me with you, lets part our way""damn, how many time I have to tell, you are my wife, MINE," he yelled making her steps weak in a moment she was being dragged.



    Uang dan kekuasaan adalah senjata utama yang ia miliki. Sex dan kekerasan adalah bagian dari hidupnya. Mempermainkan perempuan adalah keahliannya. Angkuh dan licik adalah triknya. Kehidupan yang terlihat sempurna ternyata adalah kehidupan kelam bagi seorang Max Wingston Grace laki-laki dingin, kejam dan tidak berperasaan. Apapun yang dia lakukan demi menghancur seseorang yang berusaha menghalangi jalannya. Hatinya yang telah mengakibatkan luka membuat Max membinasakan siapapun yang berurusan dengannya. Hingga pertemuannya dengan seorang wanita bernama Tiffany Heatner yang telah mengingatkannya akan masalalu yang begitu menyakitkan. Penghianatan dan dendam adalah hal utama yang benar-benar menghancurkannya.Dan kehadiran Tiffany membuatnya ingin mengulanh kembali masa pahit itu dengan cara yang berbeda.

  • The Hidden Billionare Assasin

    The Hidden Billionare Assasin


    Being China's most powerful and experienced assasin and hacker, An Yue completes her missions known as Miss A.In the black market, no one knows her real identity and the only people who have seen her, die.On the other side, she owns one of China's biggest and most succesfull company and is well known. She is extremely beautiful but refuses to get close to anyone, especially men. At a party, An Yuan unknowingly attracts the attention of Bai Liuxian but soon leaves before he can approach her.He is china's most handsome and richest man. Owner of the biggest company in China.After that, he wants to find out more about her and contacts someone.-------I have a new costumer whom I haven't seen.Bai Liuxian?He wants every single bit of information on someone.She got a request on the black market to investigate someone but that someone is her, An Yue.Why would he ask me to investigate myself? Does he hold a grudge against me? He doesn't know I'm Miss A, what should I do?



  • Hidden King Of Billionare

    Hidden King Of Billionare


  • Pleasure and All

    Pleasure and All


    Liam is a young selfmade multimillionaire who doesn't want a lasting relationship with a woman. When Aria walks into his life, she changes his mindset. It is not all about the looks. Winning the heart of a Billionaire is no game. It requires a lot of hard work. To fulfill the Billionare's desires, Aria has to submit and show Liam that they can work out their relationship. Aria is falls in love with Liam but it is hard to convince him that her feelings are true. It's all for the pleasure but Aria wants more than that.

  • He's A Korean Sex God- Hide Your Wives

    He's A Korean Sex God- Hide Your Wives

    "Meet Lee Chun, the son  of a billionare, he is super handsome and oh yes! He is a sëx freak.Lee Chun's many sexual exploits with the ladies has earned him the nickname Sëx God.He is a real time player who doesn't believe in love....Meet Ji-a, a beautiful bolf orphan girl, who has no one but herself and her lovely heart.What happens when these two very different souls meet? Find out in this blockbuster novel."

  • High school as a secret billionare

    High school as a secret billionare


    When you have everything you could possibly think of Fortune, fame and everything money can buy what else could you possibly wish for. *Read at your own risk*DISCLAIMERIt entirely a work of fiction.

  • The Writer Stalker Is A Billionare!?(BL)

    The Writer Stalker Is A Billionare!?(BL)


    Nathan Castillo Ramirez is a Famous Filipino known Erotic Writer in a Famous Global Platfrom. He love Writing Erotic Stories with lessons that catch the peoples heart so much, so in just a few years writing. He's pen name 'Call Me Nape' Was have a millions followers. they love Nathan so much even they really don't know what is the look of Nathan, cause Nathan identity is not yet announced in public cause he don't want to. Tho, He's Readers Love the way he write. its feel so true and so full with Loved each chapters that every readers heart catch. and by the those hands either, Nathan hook up his own Nightmare that will last forever, Soyu Park Doguk. Half Human-Half Demon. A/N: Filipino-English

  • A baby for a Billionare Book One

    A baby for a Billionare Book One


  • My Husband Is A Billionare Murdurer

    My Husband Is A Billionare Murdurer

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    Marcus Ethan Guerro, a psychopath man. Future doctor. He spent years studying and working hard to pursue his dream. He had a great passion for MED. His goals and prioroties were already set from the start. Love is just a game for him, he never take it seriously. He loved someone once, but he believe It makes him weak when his heart broke by someone.He's the husband of studies, also the god of the gang, the Mafia boss. He never think of living a marriage life. He just want to work and have some fun. His mother can't stop him from his bad bussines. Advantage for being the favorite child.He's doing whatever he wants, because he's rich and spoild so no one can stop him from being a brat. He have alleys and minions who serve him like a king, the one who he usually order to kill for him. But when someone failed, he do it himself. He clean things on its own, using its bear hands.He's a serious abusive type of person. A mascular good looking demon. He's really good doing his own mission. He likes cleaning things and cases. An unexpected day came, when he met this girl wich made him crazier. The girl who changed his perspective in life.Marcus Ethan Guerro, A Billionare Murdurer. The man who everyone thought the best and dream husband of everyone. He will love you, he love you without boundaries, he will love you endlessly, but will you still accept his love if he kills just for you? Kills people who hurt you even though it's your fault?Never fall for a psycho...

  • Me, my billionare and our adorable sunshine

    Me, my billionare and our adorable sunshine

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    Aarohi carter ;is not only a breath-taking beauty but also kind-hearted,a hard working and talented design er .She can earn anything but not the love of their adopted parents.She is an orphan who is adopted by carter's family when she is one year old.Her adopted parents who are desperate for children gives birth to a daughter after they adopted her.From then, she tries in every possible way to gain their attention but no matter what she did ,even if she spoils her step-mother ,a gambler,with the money it will be of no use. On the contrary ,William harrison,a cold ruthless billionare who can the rule bussiness world ,a male god is a divorcee and had a 3 year old child named Emily harrison whom he dotes on.Emily grows as a autism child because of lack of the maternal love on her eventhough william dotes on her.Clarie ,emily's mother gives birth to her on the compulsion of william if not she wants to abort the child because she looses interest on relation with william. What happens when Emily who is autistic wants Aarohi as her mother and would Willam fall in love with Aarohi despite of aversion he had to women after his failured marriage life??

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