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  • Romantic Bipolar

    Romantic Bipolar

  • Infinitely Bipolar

    Infinitely Bipolar

    A woman who lives on a planet called Terra was taken by a squad of special soldiers from a faraway galaxy, mistaken for the missing princess of a fallen kingdom. Together with her sister and her cousin, they must learn to adapt in the new environment they found themselves in, and how to use the abilities awakening in them in order to find a way to go back home.**********_____________***********The top five agents of the best warrior schools in Helion Prime was selected by the council and sent to the exiled planet, Terra, to find the lost princess of Elysia who holds the key to fightingng the upcoming Millennial crisis. But they found no trace of the princess. Instead, they found three women who gave off the same aura as Terra. Not knowing what kind of powerful force they are bringing back to their galaxy, they kidnapped them hoping they might be useful against the Millennial crisis they are facing. ember to revitalise the flame of Dragonspine Galaxy

  • Romantic bipolar

    Romantic bipolar

  • Bipolar Love Affair

    Bipolar Love Affair

    Everyone goes a little crazy when love is in the mix. 2 sides, 4 stories one girl.

  • The Bipolar Girl by LleeChina

    The Bipolar Girl by LleeChina

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE ACTION ADVENTURE

    OK!!! maybe I'm bipolar Storměigh Mavè Pattěn-Baćh is a beautiful African girl from Namibia, a small country with one city but friendly people ok,there she's lying yes there's friendly people but not all are friendly... Storměigh got the scholarship she dreamed of to study abroad well she's lucky enough to study in Australia, FREAKING Australia I meannnn come on. When she got the news about being accepted she was over the moon, Finally her dream came true, her dream of being far away from her family, far away from her nightmares ,far away from her past But little did she know that her past was following her ,GREAT note the sarcasm, Now she has to go back to being mean, to have that fake smile she always hated and put on a mask.... Derëk Iétś is a rich guy with famous parents, both actors and a successful company to back it up.Derëk is nothing like his arrogant, selfish parents of his,he is kind ,friendly and has a good heart, but he is missing something in his life something that will fill his void he had and still have since he was a kid.. His trip to Australia was like any other trip of his but something caught his eye, Something or should I say someone... This right here is my first work,first book,first everything so please please go easy on me, Warning so many and I mean so many sarcasm And grammars too Plus alot of curse words If you don't like that please don't read this book The Bipolar Girl is on wattpad and now on webnovel please do enjoy Llee

  • Cultivating Panda with Bipolar Disorder

    Cultivating Panda with Bipolar Disorder


    ~God gets bored and creates a panda with all the knowledge of earth~*I'm writing this for fun so 'if you like it' please don't expect a schedule for these*

  • My Bipolar Ex Boyfriend

    My Bipolar Ex Boyfriend

    Kevin seems to be Bi polar. He has trouble controlling his actions and feelings if he don't take his medicine. Even when he takes his pills he still carries certain feelings. Kevin's having trouble getting over the past which involves a cheating ex and his relationship with his Bi polar dad. He meets Miranda who thinks he is something else. Events happen where she gives him a chance. He is not all what she thought he would be.

  • My Bipolar Boyfriend

    My Bipolar Boyfriend

    Berawal dari temanku yng memperkenalkanku dengan seorang murid pindahan yang baru saja pindah ke sekolahku. Waktu berkenalan dengannya aku merasa sangat nyaman bicara dengannya. Jadi aku berusaha untuk dekat dengannya. Namun lama kelamaan sifatnya berubah drastis. Membuatku terjerat dengannya.-Keysha Ainsley-Perkenalan yang membuatku semakin nyaman dengannya. Membuatku menjadi semakin ingin memilikinya dan menjadikan dirinya seutuhnya hanya untukku selamanya. Aku akan terus menjeratmu masuk ke dalam kehidupanku sampai ajal menjemputku. -Alvin Balder Audison-

  • the dark system

    the dark system



    THIS BOOK IS ON A HIATUS until September 29th or October 30th, 2022. See you then!Sound minded Author synopsisThe book follows a man whose soul drifted from earth to another body in a different world upon his death. He becomes a Demi-god with a system. He journeys out to become stronger while helping his father (a god) take revenge on those that nearly killed him.Unhinged Author AbstractIt's about a human who becomes a Demi-god and has a system. The characters are evil, at least by humans standards, you would rarely find a goody to shoe sub-character. the major character is a bipolar sociopath and still will be anywhere he goes. He has few principles, but that depends on his mood (bipolar). This book will have a lot of action, action, and action, and killings especially assassinations. I hate the slow pace, there will be slow chapters to create the setting but I will limit them as much as possible. If this book was a drug, then I would be a drug dealer getting high off my supply. I also hate cliffhangers, sometimes there is a need for them but damn do these authors even have a heart, messing with my emotions. I will limit this too. It sounds stupid, but I created this book for myself. Sometimes it's best to put crazy on paper. There is comedy here too, not the forced kind. If I write and it shows up, it shows up. I admit I Am the type that loves a satisfying kill. I will give you a good kill once a week. So far in every chapter, someone dies. this book will go all over, Greek mythology, Chinese mythology, crazy powers and abilities, religion, gods, Demi-gods, different universes, different planes, badass weapons, and more.THE PHOTO Isn't MINE. FOUND ON PINTEREST! I WILL POST 1 CHAPTER a week! Minimum 4 chapters a month! (working 2 jobs))

  • Bipolar Series #1: The Beastly Couple (COMPLETED IN DREAME/Tagalog)

    Bipolar Series #1: The Beastly Couple (COMPLETED IN DREAME/Tagalog)

    This is not your ordinary cliche story. Kaya bago mo sabihing cliche 'to why not try to read this? --- John Rancel Montecillo: handang magbago, ngunit hindi sinasadyang susubukin siya ng tadhana kung hanggang saan ang kaya niyang gawin para sa kanyang pamilya. Khrystal Kyenn Fuentebella-Montecillo: papatunayan niyang hindi lang siya isang babae na magiging martir sa lahat. Kung kaya niyang maging matigas na parang isang bato ay gagawin niya, mapagtakpan lang ang sakit na nararanasan niya para sa kanyang pamilya. "Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi isang biro, na kapag ayaw mo na ay basta-basta mo na lang itong maisusuka." ------Warning!----- This story is not suitable for the young and innocent one's. Don't read this if you're not capable of reading this.

  • Memoirs of a delusional bipolar borderline schizophrenic w/ psychosis

    Memoirs of a delusional bipolar borderline schizophrenic w/ psychosis

  • Chaotic (How Mandy deal with Bipolar disorder)

    Chaotic (How Mandy deal with Bipolar disorder)



    Zoe is very beautiful and hardworking, a perfect definition of of a superwoman but she's too naive when it comes to matters of the heart. Everything changed when she met Mario. A very hardworking, calm and mature minded man but possesses Zoe's pet peeve, PETTY MEN. Despite this, she finds it hard to hate Mario "the petty President"

  • Assassin's Transmigration: Second Life, Second Chance

    Assassin's Transmigration: Second Life, Second Chance

    She had been an orphaned bastard at birth, but was raised by an assassination organization. Trained and learned as a genius from childhood, she thought the organization her family and used all her abilities for it. Only to realize that it had all been for nothing, as they only feared her abilities but didn't see her dependence on them as her family. In the moments of her death, she realized how truly alone she was and only wished for a family in the next life.He had been born in the palace as a prince, with a golden spoon in his mouth. Only to be hated by his own mother and ignored by his father. Forced down a path of bitterness, he strengthened himself to not care about them and became a willful and useless prince as a façade. With a second chance given at life she fights for it with all she has but meeting that flirty, bipolar prince, she can't do anything but give him a cold face.When he meets the stone-faced her, he can't help but want to put a crack in it.Will it be a happy ending for this cold faced assassin and bipolar prince or will fate snatch away that as well.* I do not own the picture above and if there is any problem please let me know. I am also open to constructive and helpful criticism.*





    ♡I was forced to marry a monster♡"Where will you hide, my dear little doll?"his husky voice passed a shiver in her spinewithin next minute he pulled her out from the cupboard and pinned her to bed"You cannot disobey me"he said while gripping her chin hard, tears rolled from her eyes but she nodded her head obediently"You make me sick and I will punish you"he splitted venom with pure hatred while entering into her body again and again, she screamed in excruciating pain"You're a virgin"his words shattered, tears with pain and guilt running from her eyesHe stepped back from there and mumbled "No, it's not true, it can't be true, she can't be virgin according to my research" he left the room by leaving the weak body of helpless girlAaron Castillo the last prince of Castillo and the CEO of Castillo enterprises, the rude, arrogant and a totally spoiled rich pure playboy, most handsome the modern Greek god with terrific attractive personality Abigail Wilson the youngest daughter of famous business tycoon who lives in the shadow of her elder sister Brittany Wilson, the real example of innocence and purity, she was grown with obedience and kindhearted The girl who never witnessed love and affection, the man who never cared about love and affection were tied together"Dad and Mom please don't do this to me"she requested them by falling on her knees "You're always a burden to us, atleast now be useful to our family"without any mercy they expressed their hatred Fate intertwined and in an overnight, the so called younger daughter of business tycoon became wife of royal prince and most powerful man in the country"I can't marry sister's man and I can't cheat him in place of sister"she said with innocence and guilt "someone like you can't be this innocent and pure, just do as we said or else you know the consequences"her parents threatened her and pushed her but not in front of aisle but infront of the gate to hellShe was an imposter to her sister, she was forced to get married to the man whom she never seen in place of her sister The life after the marriage became more hell to her in the hands of the cruel prince, she never know what made him to hate her, she never know why he wants to take revenge on herEvery inch of her body is his to ruin.Every bit of her soul is his to defile.In a golden cage which he built for her, he intends to break her, he loves her within a moment he torments, this is the sweet and sour love of himHis bipolarness brings both fear and love in her, her tenderness softens his heart, he is the cure to her loneliness, she is the light in his dark life, but fate brings unexpected twistsWill her innocence and pure heart win his heart which is burning with revenge? Can she teach him what is called as love? Will he ever understand her true character? Can she able to change him? Or will she run away from him"I found your biggest secret"the words which are the nightmare to her became true"You can't run away from me"the vibrations of his baritone sent shudders through her spine"I'm not anyone's property Mr. Aaron Castillo"her words made everyone stunned, the girl known for obedience talked back with courage and confidence"I'm impressed Mrs. Aaron Castillo, you're mine now and always"he gripped her waist while sealing her lips, but unexpectedly it costed a slap on his cheek but a smile formed in the corner of his lips while watching his innocent cat transformation into wild kittenNOTE : Cover credits doesn't belongs to me, credits goes to the rightful ownerWARNING : mature content, R18, consists of rape and abusive theme, read at your own risk,

  • His Little FLOWER

    His Little FLOWER

    LOVE OF MAFIA SOTTOCAPO-AMERICAN BILLIONAIRE This is My Vow, My Little FLOWER. I won't let you go even if you want to and I'm gonna ruin you so fucking hard. ROSE BROOKLYN, 21 A kind-hearted, simple girl. The last thing she wants in her life is to get A Good Job so that she could take care of her grandparents who raised her as their Daughter. But Once she Reaches Knight's Cooperation her Life takes A Different turn which she wasn't aware of in the World.FERRRAI RAFFA KNIGHT, 28A Notorious Billionaire, who is short-tempered & bipolar with an aggressive nature, no one can handle it. That's how he is depicted for the World. But He is the Boss of All Drug Lords. The UnderWorld King of the Country, THE SOTTOCAPO. His life is nothing but Bloodshed & Lust for Power. He never believed in Love until his eyes fell on His Little FLOWER.Will Rose able to handle Ferrari's Aggressive nature and Survive in his World?Will Ferrari able to protect her in his World that filled with Full of Rivals?

  • Becoming A Vampire Queen : Hafling

    Becoming A Vampire Queen : Hafling


    For over Ten thousand years it hasn't been heard, neither rumored of a woman ruling the Vampire kingdom, but without a male heir there is no other choice but to let the only child rule. No one in the Vampire Community will ever agree to this. Not to talk of the child who has been given this role. The naive, reckless, stubborn, clumsy, and Bipolar child who can't seem to take care of herself, how would she take care of a whole community!? Wanting to make her prove that she's able to defend her country, she is sent to the front line of a war between Vampires and Witches. This two have never liked each other, their war was never ending. What happens when She makes a grave mistake by saving a witch who was pregnant and wasn't meant to be in the battle grounds? What happens when the Vampire community sees her as a traitor? What happens when she's been sentenced to death by her people due to her traitorous acts?.

  • lost in the mind of two

    lost in the mind of two

    small note: this book is based on mental health in particular bipolar disorder and the struggles and complications that are face with having bipolar disorder. this is also based on my experience with dealing with bipolar in day to day life. trigger warning is advised.demi wakes up in hospital not knowing where she is or what has happened, she feels lost and disconnected from the world. she finds out she's been sectioned after her life was put at risk what will happen next? Will she get taken back home and be helped with her bipolar? find out by reading the rest of this Intriguing story as it gets built each day!

  • Schizo-entries - The Reason I Live Series

    Schizo-entries - The Reason I Live Series

    Journal entries from one who has schizoaffective disorder, paranoid schizophrenia, PTSD, and manic-depressive bipolar.

  • MERC$ - My Unique is a System

    MERC$ - My Unique is a System


    Acura is just a young bipolar kid with big dreams of becoming the best Mercenary in the Kingdom of Dolphina. Along the way he’ll have to recruit dependable allies, fight off ravenous monsters, and dangerous Dos. Avoid trouble with the Army, compete against other Merc Bands, and also find a way to solve the mystery of the Veil...nothing too hard right? The land of Whales is filled with mysteries, dark secrets, and the power of psych that allows humans to achieve supernatural feats. Follow Acura as he try to to solve the biggest mystery which is in himself.