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  • BlackMail


    "Send the money or I'll post them." Was a threat Anna had to deal with 4 times until now, all because she wanted some love.But, her fate changed when a heavy weight boxer happened to walk by in a rather uncomfortable scene, apparently he has some unique abilities.She didn't know how to thank him, he didn't want anything in return. She got to know a bit more of his secrets, and is now pledged to pay him back by keeping his secret with her until death shall reach.The Blackmailer died after that night, right? No! The next day he texted, "You can't get rid of me, I'm going to make your life a living nightmare."

  • The Jock's Blackmail

    The Jock's Blackmail


    Unknown Number: Well you gotta give me something! Hell, anything! You can't just dangle this in front of me for the rest of my life! Me: I wasn't planning on it... Unknown Number: Blackmail is a crime, you know! Me: I'M NOT BLACKMAILING YOU! Unknown Number: WHERE'S YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE! YOU GET AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS AND YOU SEIZE IT!! JEEZE!! AND HERE I WAS HOPING YOU'D DO SOMETHING!! Me: want me to...blackmail you??

  • Blackmail (Carramella)

    Blackmail (Carramella)

    Saya datang membawa kisah baru, dengan seorang gadis bernama Bianca West sebagai pemeran utama. Namun dalam kisah ini sedikit berbeda dengan lain. Blackmail, sebuah kisah erotika yang dibumbui sedikit ketegangan. Yang mana awal cerita Pemeran utama ini, Bianca, dihadapkan oleh sebuah ancaman. Membuatnya ketakutan, gelisah, dihantui, juga anehnya ... bergairah. Semua dia rasakan. Akibat ancaman bernada sensual, juga pelecehan yang dilakukan oleh pengancamnya. Dengan semua itu, Bianca harus menerka siapa yang ada di balik semua ancaman itu. Juga harus berperang dengan rasa tertarik terhadap sang Pengancam, meski seharusnya tidak Bianca rasakan karena ia sudah memiliki seorang tunangan. Peringatan : Cerita ini ditunjukan untuk pembaca dewasa. Foto sampul oleh Amr Taha

  • Blackmail | JJK

    Blackmail | JJK





    Threats blown away and photos which are supporting them... Blackmailing, which has become the profession of Beren Acar and her friend Naz Işık, leads them to Han Jae In, one of the Korea's most famous actors. The partners chase after Han Jae In as a result of an offer from a mysterious person named Min. Although they assume it's done when they get enough photos for the threat, unexpectedly, blackmail ends up failing. Things get messy when Min's identity and Jae In's other face are revealed...

  • Blackmailing his runaway bride

    Blackmailing his runaway bride


    Six years after she left him waiting at the altar, Charles Anthony Oxford finally met Isabella Shade. And six years proved to be a long time as Isabella was already married and Charles who had grown from millionaire to multi billionaire, well, he was in search for a wife for certain reasons.On learning that his runaway bride’s company was in financial crisis because of her good for nothing husband’s gambling problems amongst other reasons, Charles saw an opportunity. Two, actually.Not only would he be getting a wife, he would be able to exact revenge on the woman who had left him heartbroken, in his own way.All he had to do was remind her of the terrible thing she had done, torture her a bit with a sexual toss here and there, remind her of her present status and all she needed to do was agree to his terms and become his wife…But with a woman like Isabella, it just wasn’t going to be so easy…

  • Perverted Daddy System

    Perverted Daddy System

    Realistic Fiction R18 SYSTEM HAREM


    “What the fuck? What is going on? Have I completely lost it?” As I stare panicky at the dot unable to decide what to do, the white dot disappears and a line of text appears in its place. [Installing files. 1% done…] As I watch the text in shock, the percentage gradually increases. […2%...3%...4%...] I move to the living room in a zombie-like manner, too shocked to think clearly and lie down on the couch. “Something is wrong with me; I think I finally lost my sanity…” […12%...13%...14%...] Unable to affect the situation in the least, I stare dejectedly at the percentage increase, while my mind starts exploring the possible explanations. In the end, as the percentage hits 90%, I narrow it down to three possibilities. The first possibility is that I am in fact still unconscious and this is all a product of my mind. I pinch myself and whimper at the pain, as in my nervousness I used almost all my strength. Nope, the first is out. The second possibility is that I have completely lost my mind and am suffering from delusions. Hmm, I cannot exclude this, but while possible, I don’t think that this is it. The only thing out of the ordinary is that fucking line of text. The third possibility … [Installation successful!] The text disappears and a new message appears in my eyes… The third possibility … is that I gained a system. I read the message with my mouth agape at the implications. [Welcome user, to the Perverted Daddy System!] Fuck… TAGS: Mind control, manipulation, corruption, sleep sex, rape, blackmail, oyakodon

  • Blackmailed


    "I just need... a little bit of fun" She pouted, licking the blood off the blade she just yanked from her therapists heart, her dark blue eyes shining with a crazed frenzy that she gained from the taste of blood. I stepped back, gulping."you're a sociopath " I hissed out, barely able to control my racing heart. she laughed, a laugh that sent chills down my spine as her blood dyed platinum blonde hair flipped over her thin shoulder. Slowly she skipped over to me, her hand poking my chest." Deep down, we all are Sociopaths, and Phsycopaths. Deep down, were all crazy" She laughs crazily, wiping blood on my lips. the rest"

  • After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World

    After My Divorce I Picked Up the Richest Boss in the World


    Jiang Zhi was a good person in her past life. She was so good that she was placed on a pedestal and married a scumbag for the sake of her family's fate. It was a painful life, but in the end, her family still felt that she did not do well enough. When given a chance to start over, Jiang Zhi expressed that she would reject emotional blackmail and choose her own fate! Hence… Father Jiang, "Your husband likes to watch beautiful women dance. Do you want to go get lessons?" Jiang Zhi smiled and nodded. The next day, she went to apply for a boxing class and beat up the scumbag at the red-light district. Stepsister, "Hey, stop working out. Only by being as weak as me can men have the desire to protect you." Jiang Zhi smiled. "I can beat ten weaklings like you with one hand." The divorce and face-slapping happened in one go. Jiang Zhi became an anomaly in the family, causing panic and eventually being expelled from the family. Everyone was waiting for her to come back crying and beg for mercy. However, surprisingly, Jiang Zhi, who had left home alone, was doing very well. She started a company, invested in it, and managed celebrities… She even picked up a handsome little celebrity to raise. The little celebrity was destitute, but he actually had the constitution of a koi fish. Ever since she picked him up, Jiang Zhi was lucky and her business went smoothly. She even had fewer enemies. But… her waist was hurting too. Seeing that it was getting better after Jiang Zhi's divorce, the wealthy ladies were extremely jealous. Later on, Jiang Zhi became the big boss of the Beijing circle. Her family kept sending her candidates and asking her to choose a marriage partner. Jiang Zhi waved his hand in frustration. "You want me to marry you? Unless you're the richest man." The next day, a photo of the mysterious richest man in the country was taken and trending. Jiang Zhi, "???" Why did this photo look more and more like the little celebrity beside her? The next second, Jiang Zhi was pinned down on the bed by the man. "I've been with you for two lifetimes. When will I be able to become a full-time employee?"

  • High School Again: The President's Secret Lady Boss

    High School Again: The President's Secret Lady Boss



    “With every hour, day, and month I wait, I love you more.” Here is where the boss submits and the lady dominates.---"A CEO hitting on a high school girl? Oh, how scandalous, Sir~”She is a sly teenager who likes to tease adults, use blackmail and ruin dates. But beneath that playful facade, she was once a naive heiress who was abused, mocked and neglected. Forced in a loveless marriage, she became even more miserable. For all her life, she tried to be perfect to gain acceptance, but in the end, nobody truly cared for her. Now that she went back in time after dying in the hands of her family, she decided to claim what was rightfully hers. "Hitting on you? Excuse me, who're you again? I don't think any girl would just ruin my date for no good reason – highschooler or not. That's unless you're actually a fan," was what her flirt of a future husband once said in this second life of hers.Though a jerk, this hot stuff has his uses other than being attractive. She needed him to get back on those who wronged her no matter how indifferent he was to her before. This time around, she will take her turn to piss people off while smiling all sweetly.With that in mind, she leaned closer to him and smiled as sweetly as she just imagined, making him drop his smug smirk and raise his brows in surprise."I'm not your fan – I'm your future wife, you douchebag."---Winter used to live with her adoptive older brother until her biological uncle and adoptive sister found her. She was a long-lost heiress whose deceased parents turned out to be an affluent and wealthy couple. While people would think that she was very fortunate, all this really did to her was take her freedom away. A whole new identity had been forced on her ever since.Meek and docile yet soft-hearted and hardworking – that she became. Trapped in expectations, Winter worked herself to death in order to be deserving of her position as the successor. Pressured by her family, she had to follow everything they said. Deprived of the freedom to decide, she was forced to marry someone who was older than her by seven years – and worse, a flirt of all things. Winter worked very hard but only to lose everything after her adoptive sister took the spotlight away. Everyone claimed her to be incapable of being the next head of their family business, thus making the adopted daughter the successor instead. Her uncle only used her in the end. This was what they were aiming for all along – to manipulate her and steal her inheritances before throwing her out entirely.Never did Winter expect that the first and last person who would at least pay attention to her at her worst was her husband, Marcellus. Flirtatious and playful yet detached and secretive – that he was. Devilishly handsome, head of a business empire, known for many notable attainments, and chased by beauties – Marcellus is a man of perfection. Not once did he treat Winter like a wife, though. She was nothing to him, and so was he to her. But before she met her eventual demise, he was the only person who tried to help her. Yet it was much too late. The next time they met again would be seven years back in time – where they would be a scheming duo of a bossy high school girl and a submissive conglomerate president.---[Warning: Mature Content](Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original artist)- Follow me on Instagram (acieetin)- DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

  • Blackmailing The Billionaire

    Blackmailing The Billionaire

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE R18 REVENGE

    " You'll have to warm my bed every single night, you will always be available for me. And during this period you will not come in contact with any men- " Mr. Noah puts out his conditions, his voice emitting authority. " I'm not in a relationship with anyone so I won't be having sex with anyone except you, you can trust me on that one. " I reply quickly. " Oh no sweetheart, I'm not talking about that. You will not talk to any man or come in contact with them, as long as you are my mistress. You see I am a bit possessive of my things. " He says with an evil glint in his eyes, standing awfully close to me. " I'm not a thing but a human being. " I object. " Doesn't matter now. You're body is my property for the entire month. " He replies carelessly. " As I was saying, you'll be my mistress and work for me in this office at the same time. You'll be my personal secretary. Make coffee, fetch me lunch and so on." He states. " And one more thing waitress, I hate disobedience and disrespect. Make sure you have no trace of that when appearing in front of me or else I'll make you hate your exiatance." He threatens, who does he think of himself to be, God? I just nod to his unfair demands, this is more like slavery. But what other choice do I have? Emma is an 18 year old girl, struggling to make ends meet. She does part time jobs to take care of her little brother Tim. In dire need of money she ends up blackmailing the business tycon, Noah Enrique. The most ruthless billionaire. Noah traps Emma in his claws and offers her to become his mistress. Having no choice left, she takes the offer. But this is only the starting of her misery as Noah wants to make Emma's life hard for trying to defame him. He wants to teach Emma a lesson as to why people are scared of him in the first place. She made a mistake, and now she has to pay for it.

  • Blackmailed into Love

    Blackmailed into Love

  • Blackmails and Adventures

    Blackmails and Adventures


    James is an orphan who gets bullied every day, he hates his life until one day truck-kun decided to come to pay a visit and give him a second chance.In this life where there isn't any early prejudice against me, I'm gonna make tons of friends and have lots of fun.Oh, and for those who get in the way of my fun? I don't need to be super strong to beat them, while I can do that, it's much more fun to do what my parents did to get me so hated in my past life, good all fashioned blackmail!the pen is mightier than the sword after all.

  • He's A Blackmailer

    He's A Blackmailer


    She is a bully. He is a bully.She is a gangster. He is gangster.She is an Attention Seeker. He is an Attention Seeker.She is the Heiress. He is the Heir.She is hurt. He is a player.She is a user. He is a Blackmailer.They don't remember the past but their fated love are on the way.She had an amnesia. He was fed with white lies.She must ignore him!Don't get played by a player. Ugh! He's A Blackmailer!Are you interested with their story?Written by: PNK_13Wattpad username: PrinsesaNgKalokohanRevision in progress!

  • Blackmailed By A Yandere To Be Her Boyfriend

    Blackmailed By A Yandere To Be Her Boyfriend


    My crazy yandere girl blackmailed me and so I became her boyfriend. Overprotective, caring, rich, loving, sweet, sexy, obsessed, and beautiful one of the most that men had ever wanted to have, Oh how wonderful that I have all of them and no it's not! This was the worst day of my life!!!

  • A girl blackmailed by lusty person

    A girl blackmailed by lusty person

  • Xavier’s girl

    Xavier’s girl



    I heard the door opening. "I'm fine Stephanie," I said thinking she was the one that followed me."It cute you think my sister cares" I hear Alan voice "What are you doing here," I asked him annoyed"Oh just doing someone a favour," he said as Xavier walked in behind him. I was alarmed as to why they were both here "what do you want" I asked both of them getting up. "You're in my room," Xavier said as he locked the door behind him. Making me more alarmed. "I'm sorry I didn't know, I can leave, " I said not wanting to anger him. I made my way to the door but Alan grabbed me "not so fast sweetheart" he said holding my arm. "Please let me go" I begged them. I didn't know what they were planning but I knew they were up to something. "Why would we do that" Xavier said walking to me and stroking my collarbone making me shiver. Vanessa morales just moved to town. Shy, smart and quiet girl planned to spend most of her high school life hidden. But some how ended up at the cheerleader tryouts and the school bad boy blackmailing her. She tired her best to stay away from him but he wasn't letting her go. She didn't know he had plans for her. He has been waiting for this days for years, waiting for her to return. Of course she didn't remember him (he never forgot her), that didn't bother him cause he knew she belonged to him. He would do anything to make her stay this time. One party and her life is ruined. Warning: This book is provocative. It will not be for everyone. If you are a reader with certain triggers or sensitivities common to the dark romance genres this book is not for you.

  • My Boss Is So Arrogant

    My Boss Is So Arrogant



    "Marry me!!" Rose stared at the person who was sitting infront of her crossing his long legs.She gripped the fabrics of her dress.Her nails were digging into her soft flesh but she was not concerned about it at all.If she was some other girl,no wonder she would be very happy and consider herself lucky but she very well knew the person infront of her was not less than a devil. "What if I don't agree?Will you kill me?" Rose said coldly staring directly at his charming grey eyes without any fear in her voice. The next moment,she discovered he was very close to her.His long slender finger started stroking her face giving her a shudder down her spine, "You will...Because you have no choice sweetheart.." He mumbled in her ears.. ****************************************** Meet Rose Wesley.... Her beautiful face,kind nature and sweet appearance will surely charm you.Recently she graduated from business school.Unfortunately on the day of her farewell party she offended an arrogant man.But when she went for an interview, she discovered that her boss was someone that she already met.Fate made her met with the man she offended before. He is Kelvin Kyle,CEO of Kyle corporation.Number one business tycoon who is considered to be the most dangerous,ruthless and powerful figure in the country.And as expected he started making things difficult for her in different aspects. Would ever be their hatred for each other converted into love or any conspiracy???? What will happen when she comes to know the true face and motive of Kelvin!!!! Things will be more complicated when an Italian Mafia boss will head over heels for her. Also a hidden enemy who will blackmail her with her buried secret that she kept hidden from the world for years.... Life is very difficult when you are unaware about your surrounding.Specially a bunch of enemies... Things are not always like that we see through our eyes.Sometimes it's very difficult to identify who is the villain and who is the hero....... Will her life change for welfare or become more difficult??? [Currently I am editing the chapters.There may be few mistakes,spelling and grammatical errors, in the book.Please ignore my mistakes until I am done and support my book :-)]

  • Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World

    Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World


    The MC was 25 years old man who is a type of otaku who can consume everything from military to magic occult. One day he got to an accident that cost him his life. It turns out, a god from other world are the perpetrator. The god told the MC that he want MC to help his world from an impending dissaster few years ahead.

  • The Day Gillin Crenzie Discovered he could Blackmail the School Bully

    The Day Gillin Crenzie Discovered he could Blackmail the School Bully