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  • Hello Brooklyn

    Hello Brooklyn

    This story involves a teenage girl with her twin brother and her friends by her side facing their demons together.Read this book to find out whether the girl finds her Prince charming who could see here real side, the broken one, the one which is even hidden from her own brother! Plz give this book a chance..

  • From Howrah to Brooklyn

    From Howrah to Brooklyn

    Based in the hybrid setting of India and UK, this is a friends to lovers story. Childhood besties Neil and Alia find it difficult to give in to their feelings and cross the "safe" line of friendship in the hope of something more. Will it be a smooth sail for them? Or will they come across a crossroad - choosing between love or friendship?

  • Brooklyn Athleticism International School

    Brooklyn Athleticism International School

  • Brooklyn a story of a magical girl

    Brooklyn a story of a magical girl

  • The Sleepers

    The Sleepers


    Meet James. He lives in 2276 Brooklyn, New York. He and his wife live a happy life and are quite well off. The world has been at peace for almost two centuries and society is thriving. Sadly, nothing good lasts forever. What happens when people start acting strangely? How will society respond when everything they've built since the nations founding in 1776 is in danger? Will that half of a millenia be for nothing? Join James on this wild ride as he navigates the world as the United States teeters on the edge of collapse. Only time will tell what the future holds. --------------------------- ***I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP ME MAKE A COVER FOR THE BOOK*** This is my submission for the Sci-fi Contest. If you like what you are reading, I ask that you spare me some power stones. I plan on daily uploads with an average of 1500 word chapters. Exact upload time will usually be sometime around midnight EST. Reviews and criticism are welcome. Lastly, this will NOT and will NEVER be a harem or pornographic novel. There will be components of it which are rated R but only to the extent that you'd see in a rated R movie.

  • 15 razones para enamorarse de Olivia Brooklyn

    15 razones para enamorarse de Olivia Brooklyn


    Olivia y yo somos mejores amigas desde hace tres años.Un día apareció una muy bonita rubia que se ofreció a mostrarme mi nueva escuela y desde aquel día nunca me separé de ella. Si bien nunca he sido muy sociable, Olivia hizo que fuera tan fácil que incluso aunque hubiera querido, no hubiera podido alejarme de ella, y así fue cómo nos volvimos mejores amigas e inseparables.A medida que pasábamos más y más tiempo juntas mi admiración por ella no hizo más que crecer. También mi pensamiento sobre lo atractiva que es. Su carita, sus labios rosados, sus ojos marrones que son capaces de generarte desde el más dulce y tierno pensamiento hasta el más caliente y erótico.Intenté evitarlo a toda costa. Me convencí mil veces de que todo era gracias a mi falta de amor y porque era la única persona con la cual pasaba tanto tiempo. Me convencí de que solo era admiración, pero fue demasiado tarde cuando me di cuenta de que había quedado completamente enamorada de Olivia Brooklyn, incluso sabiendo que no tengo oportunidades.Nunca me ha comentado que le gusten las chicas, y todos los chicos se quedan totalmente embobados con ella, pero ¿cómo culparlos? si me pasó lo mismo.Enamorarse siempre me ha parecido una palabra muy fuerte. ¿Qué es el amor? ¿por qué lo sentimos? ¿por qué de una persona en especial y no de alguien más? ¿qué son las cosas que realmente nos hacen enamorarnos de una persona? ¿por qué razones?Entonces me di cuenta de que para saber si estoy enamorada de verdad, tiene que haber un por qué, por qué ella, por qué así, por qué ahora.Así que decidí escribir una lista de 15 razones por las cuales enamorarse de Olivia Brooklyn, para que comprendan por qué estoy casi segura de estar enamorada hasta las entrañas.

  • jade , Josie, lucas, brook,kris, debo ,Brooklyn, sofie, hazel, Mark,

    jade , Josie, lucas, brook,kris, debo ,Brooklyn, sofie, hazel, Mark,

  • Brooklyn by Colm TóibínThe Walter Scott prize defines a historical nov

    Brooklyn by Colm TóibínThe Walter Scott prize defines a historical nov

    Hello this novel is about the Brooklyn



    Harlem Rahim. A girl from the hood. From Brownsville, Brooklyn.Born of an Israelite father and an afro american mother. Quite a juvenile delinquent and not ashamed to be.If you grew up the way I did, you'd probably be one too. Just turned eighteen years old. Poor but not stupid.I'm gonna go all the way to get out of this mess.To get 'us' outta this. Even discover a world out of the hood life.But never forget where I come from. Where I belong.

  • Life With Abusive Parents and Protective Brothers

    Life With Abusive Parents and Protective Brothers

    Hi my name is Brooklyn I’m 16 years old and this is my first story I hope you like it I based this off of my life but put it in my little sisters point of view hope you like itThis is kind of a true story And this will end up getting very interestingHi my name is Kacey Braxon I’m 11 years old and I have two over protective brothers who are actually younger than me. Tag, 10 and Jude, 9. I also have abusive parents and I get bullied.So yeah Welcome To My Life Of Hell.

  • The Wire Generation

    The Wire Generation


    This is a story about a lesbian girl named Luckynzee “Lucky” Sanchez, who had no care in life til she moved to Los Angeles, California all the way from Brooklyn, New York. Lucky as she likes to be called wants nothing more then to fit in and have a good life in LA but fitting in so bad can sometimes put you in situations you wished you never dealt with. When Lucky meets the neighborhood boys and the female neighbor Kaylah, she soon see’s she has a lot to deal with. Read along to go on a journey with Lucky as her life changes forever.

  • New Neighbor

    New Neighbor

    Tori and Autumn are best friends who share a home in San Jose. They’re looking for something more when they meet Brooklyn, A.K.A. Brook, who’s just moved into the neighborhood.<br><br>They check her out at the Independence Day picnic. Later, when thugs try to steal Tori’s car, Brook comes to the girls’ rescue. After the cops take the crooks away, Tori and Autumn invite Brook home to care for her wounds, and then invite her to dinner.<br><br>One thing leads to another, and at some point, all three women discover they all like spanking. Plied with liquid courage, Brook, Tori, and Autumn all end up together in bed. But will it end up being a one-night stand or will affections grow between the threesome?

  • sex with you

    sex with you

  • Nico di angelo (percy Jackson)

    Nico di angelo (percy Jackson)

  • Dr. Damage

    Dr. Damage


    Christian was a retired criminal from the South Brooklyn Boys. He aspired to become a Medical Doctor to help the people around him, but he had done too many dirty deeds for the criminal organization.After being brought to a new world, there should be new opportunities, right? But at what cost?

  • Quick transmigration:seduces male lead

    Quick transmigration:seduces male lead


    Mc die by getting hit by a truck.The connection with a seduction system were our mc goes to different worlds and take the ml from the fl

  • With neighbors like these, who needs enemies?

    With neighbors like these, who needs enemies?

    Tucked away in a corner of Florida, there's a tower block that among anything else, isn't that particularly attractive or well located for most people, but the oddly sized and oddly charming apartments are cheap to live in, and the tenants are as expected, a bit different from your average Florida man. Where else would there be a unified group of introverts, the laziest local Pd imaginable, a coffee shop run by a narcissistic owner, and a bunch of weirdos? Oh yeah, they're all American Chinese too, which means the arguments tend to be in mandarin as well as English.(Imagine friends, the big bang theory and Brooklyn 99 mixed together, and that's the story. The cops leave much to me desired for, the nerds don't know human emotions and the coffee is served with a fake smile.)Please support me on if you can, so I can continue writing this comedic crack

  • my hero acidemia

    my hero acidemia

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Istri tuan chu yang liar

    Istri tuan chu yang liar

    Chu Sihan, Hakim County dari Xuan Yue Country, adalah keajaiban yang sangat tampan yang telah meningkat untuk ketenaran sejak dia masih kecil. Namun, preseptor nasional bernubuat bahwa dia tidak akan hidup sampai usia tiga puluh, kecuali dia menikahi putri keluarga Lu dari Liu Yue Village.Chu Sihan menyatakan, “Saya lebih suka tetap melajang selamanya daripada menikahi seorang wanita yang belum pernah saya temui.”Kemudian-Lu Sheng, yang bertunangan saat dia mentransmigrasi, mencemooh. “Dia pasti orang tua untuk menjadi sangat ingin menikah.”Kemudian, Lord Chu mengungkapkan kebenaran. “Sheng, jika kamu tidak menikah denganku, aku lebih suka tetap melajang selamanya.”Lu Sheng, yang secara lajang bermadulan ingin mendapatkan kekayaan dan memenuhi mimpinya menjadi seorang miliarder, berkata, “Oke, maka tetap lajang selamanya, Lord Chu.”Kemudian-Seorang pria tertentu menepuknya dengan dingin, mempersempit matanya dan bertanya, “Maukah kamu menikah denganku, atau tidak? Jika Anda menikah dengan saya, seluruh rumah Chu dan saya akan menjadi milik Anda. Jika tidak … Aku akan berkeliaran di rumahmu setiap hari. ”Lu Sheng, “…”Ini adalah kisah tentang seorang yang menyendiri dan Dewa yang gelap yang cocok dengan istri yang cantik dan kuat yang berpura-pura tidak bersalah.

  • Captain Blossom

    Captain Blossom


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