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  • Isekai : I Can Control Time At Will

    Isekai : I Can Control Time At Will


    How would you feel if when you woke up from your sleep you saw a sight that was foreign to you? George who was tired because he had just come home from overtime work went straight to his bed to sleep. But strange things happened when George woke up, he saw a strange sight for him the moon which was bigger than he usually saw, around him he saw a creature as big as a mountain, and suddenly the creature saw it and approached him. What did George do next? A. Surrender to be swallowed alive B. Escape from the creature Noted : 1. English is not my main language, to be honest, I'm still in the phase of learning English so I'm sorry if there are wrong words because I translate through Google Translate and the dictionary at my house 2. This is my first novel, so if you have any criticism or suggestions, please let me know so I can be better at writing novels 3. It is forbidden to read for those aged 17 years and under because there is spicy content I hope you enjoy my first novel so much and thank you for reading :) Update if I'm not busy with college, but I try to update often :) Tags : #Advanture #Timetraveler #Action #Isekai #System #Overpower #Superpower #Magic #Kingdombuilding #Handsomemalelead #Easygoinglife #Luckyprotagonist #Calmprotagonist #Beatifulheroine #First-timeintercourse #Harem #Netori #Polygamy #Threesome

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