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  • Legacy of Camelot

    Legacy of Camelot


    The land of Camelot is far from our reality. There are many similarities; However, magic and legends have altered the development of this civilization. Be wary as two worlds collide once more. "I am Priscilla Pendragon and these are the records of how I protected my kingdom—and world— against ‘invaders’."

  • The Adventures of Camelot

    The Adventures of Camelot


    This story is about Camelot and Jacob. Jacob is the son of Archangel Gabriel, and he becomes the squire of Madoc Pendragon.

  • Adventure in Camelot

    Adventure in Camelot


    Young Ian awakens in an unfamiliar area surrounded by seven men in robes. “Who are they” he whispers to himself as two men walk in a knight and a man seemingly a noble. How will the story unfold?

  • the lovers of camelot

    the lovers of camelot

  • Camelot and the Round Table

    Camelot and the Round Table


    Maddie just wants to live a normal life. She just wants to get through the year with no incidents. But boarding school can be a bit much. Just as she’s trying to settle in, the mean girl decides she’s the new target. Who comes to the rescue? The popular guy as cliche as it sounds. There is so much more going on. The reason the popular guys are always around is they think she’s someone important. Maddie doesn’t want to be weird. She wants to live a normal life. But we rarely get what we want.

  • Camelot Arthur vs Merlin

    Camelot Arthur vs Merlin


    A kid Named Merlin somehow finds his way into the clutches of the evil witch morgana

  • fate blacksmith in camelot

    fate blacksmith in camelot

  • Merlin's Apprentice

    Merlin's Apprentice

    Sam Gordon is followed by someone dressed like a wizard. He figures the guy to be another San Francisco lunatic until the man meets Sam at his favorite café carrying on about time continuum portals. Assured of the man's insanity, Sam escapes out the back door, which drops him into a strange place. In a land of green grass and no automobiles, Sam cannot find the door back to the café. He questions his sanity and sets out to find someone who can give him directions. When he is attacked by a swordsman on horseback, a beautiful young woman named Margot, intervenes. She speaks an archaic dialect of Anglo-Saxon — a language Sam didn't know until that moment. Sam travels with them to Camelot and finds himself in King Arthur's court. Working as a blacksmith and studying the druidic arts under Merlin's tutelage, Sam learns he must complete an unknown task before a portal can open to his own place and time. Merlin's Apprentice is created by B. K. Kerley, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • He founded the kingdom of camelot in naruto

    He founded the kingdom of camelot in naruto

  • The Battle of Knights and Wizards of The Kingdom of Camelot

    The Battle of Knights and Wizards of The Kingdom of Camelot


    The Kingdom of Camelot hates Wizards because of a misunderstanding and as a result the kingdom hated Wizards...But then one day the king's daughter fell in love with a handsome wizard....What will the king do if he discovered that his heir and a wizard fell in love? Will there be a war? Can the two lovers be with each other and find a way to stop the hatred and war? Will the the kingdom and the wizards will be at peace at last?

  • Un Verdadero Rey para Camelot (Meliodas x Elizabeth)

    Un Verdadero Rey para Camelot (Meliodas x Elizabeth)

    Fantasía oriental ACTION ADVENTURE R18 COMEDY

    Arthur ya no puede continuar con el labor que le encomendó Merlin. Por lo que súplica a Meliodas tomar su lugar como monarca, mientras él goza unas "ligeras vacaciones".Y claro está que el capitán necesita a su Reina.Contenido +18

  • My Evolution Orb System

    My Evolution Orb System


    UPDATE: TITLE CHANGE EFFECTIVE 5/14/22 UPDATED COVER ART WILL BE COMING SOON. I HAVE HAD IDEAS TO CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE STORY FOR AWHILE AND THE NEW TITLE FITS WITHIN THAT CHANGE. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.Monsters exist. Since the beginning of the NEW ERA almost five centuries ago, monsters have plagued this world. They materialize inside of portals called dungeons. In the heart of what used to be North America is now the capitol of the western world, New Camelot. Every child born into this world goes to the prestigious Hero Hunter HIgh. Before enrollment however, each new student is required to touch the Ability Orb that will unlock the latent ability hidden within everyone. From fire manipulation to shape shifting, no two abilities are the same or as powerful as another. Abilities are ranked from H being weakest to SSS being strongest. My name is Jake and I want to become a hunter who can defeat monsters and provide for my family…but how can I do so with an H rank ability…Mist?Cover Credit: Camika Deters

  • King Arthur

    King Arthur

    Britain is vulnerable. After the Romans left, Saxons have raided and pillaged most of the eastern side of Britain. After living under Roman rule, the Saxons seem like complete Barbarians to the people of Britain. One of few forces left fighting for civility are the Knights of Camelot. But with the King, Uther Pendragon reaching old age and many forces within Camelot vying for power, Camelot hardly seems prepared to deal with the oncoming threat of Barbarians.

  • The Dreams Of A Lost Soul

    The Dreams Of A Lost Soul



    Follow my adventures through the land of dreams to navigate untouched worlds and uncover dream law. We'll meet people we've never seen before. We'll see strange worlds too. We might even find the meaning of dream life. The possibilities of dreams are endless so I want to dream everything if I can. I want to see dangerous and loyal creatures, kingdoms as mighty as Camelot itself, friends I never knew I'd met before... before I started dreaming! Also this is a new novel so give me tons of feedback to work with for your benefit. Consider showing me some early support to write this too!If you like short stories then these are going to be a little like that but with a main goal in mind alongside having the same protagonist visiting every world. After all, they are MY dreams! To those who care about knowing whether these are real dreams or not, they are based off of my dreams but sometimes I will describe things in greater detail or use artistic license to write a better story. They come from a physical dream journal I write in as soon as I wake up so I can remember details later. This also means less has to be made up or improved on. The darkness is an actual thing I fight in my dreams too.

  • Magus of Infinite Mana

    Magus of Infinite Mana

    An explosion was released as an large door spanding about 8 meters in height and 4 meters in width was destroyed to ash, The Heroes of Camelot has destroyed the doors of the evil Demon King’s castle and has walked in it’s grounds.But what they have found is the Demon King's corpse and their mission to save Camelot has already been done long ago but who? Who has killed the demon king?That was the running question for Our MC's dreams lately but these dreams had a deeper meaning to everything and what he thought was normal and real was flipped upside down as he realize that the real world had secrets that you will only see myths and legends a fantasy.Join Arai Eizan to his journey of being known as The Magus with infinite mana {Synopsis might be a bit bad but that's the best I can do}{Art isn't mine}

  • Emperor Gerald The Dragon lord

    Emperor Gerald The Dragon lord


    Gerald Zheng, heir to the throne of Camelot, must learn to control the Dragon spirit in order to effectively repel the enemies of Camelot.

  • No truth

    No truth


    Have you ever heard of Merlin? The great wizard? Well you shouldn't have anyways. At around this time Merlin should be getting breakfast for Arthur. I, like Merlin, have My father, Sir Merril, is a loyal night of Camelot. Killing anyone who practices sorcery is the law. My father has killed and turned in anyone caught using it. For every night he reminds me, "Sorcery is evil. If it is to reign over Camelot once more there would be doom." My father never knew of my gift, only mother. And as she promised, she took it with her to her grave never telling a soul. I have one question for you. Will you join me in this journey?

  • New World: Dawn of Hope

    New World: Dawn of Hope


    This is the story of Gawain, a knight of the round table. Their world was invaded by a corruption and in the last battle, their king, Arthur Pendragon died. Now he and the last surviving knights escape to a new world full of different races and try to prepare and build a new life there for themselves and the survivors of Camelot.——————This is just some writing for me to visualize the story, I dont know how far it is gonna go and wether i will really start to publish it. Its my first time writing and I will see how satisfied i am with the result. It will include Kingdom Building, Fantasy, a powerful MC, Romance, maybe also a Harem though the size will probably stay in bounds, just gonna go with the flow though. So no promise there. No Netorare, Rape, Gender Bender or other disgusting shit so dont worry about that. Dont know how im gonna do the power progression yet, maybe a system, maybe a game like world, maybe just a „natural“ way with increase only with artifacts and superior skills/training.

  • Enemy Territory

    Enemy Territory


    In a time of magic the destiny of a great vampire kingdom rests on the shoulders of one human. His name. Merlin. Only problem is humans are illegal in camelot. Can he keep his human status hidden or will he end up as a vampires snack?