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  • The club (camren)

    The club (camren)


  • MIKA


    "Would you look at that, the DARK KNIGHT himself. Hello Sebastian, it's good to finally meet you."Whatever is written here is pure fiction and my fantasy world, this is my work and what I visualize when I am alone and happy.This story is about multi partners, many may disagree but I believe it will be a good read.***"I Mika the protector and Luna of the Moon pack, bond each member and family to me and together as one. I vow to protect every member with no prejudice, to honour and respect them. Either young or old, healthy or sick. Each member will be part of me as I will be theirs."The words were simple yet held a very powerful meaning, hence the wind was blowing wild and each member felt the difference. The power they received was alarming for others, as they were weaker and this was new to them.Camren was in shock as well, he felt himself getting stronger than he ever was."What is happening?" He found himself confused and elated. What did this entail?Some members fainted due to the intake of power and the already powerful became more powerful. Mika shared her power with them, the buzz of all the member's in confusion on the link was evident.Mika stood there on the podium giving them time to adjust to the new power, she gave them.

  • In love with a murderer (camren)

    In love with a murderer (camren)

    After the arrival of Camila, in the Los Angeles high school strange events begin to happen: some girls disappear and there is no news of them until the following week, where they are found dead and deprived of their clothes; others are raped and deprived of their eyes so that they are forced to wander in the dark for the rest of their lives and strange noises during the night. Will Camila be one of these girls or will the killer save her?

  • Forever Hers (Camren Fanfic)

    Forever Hers (Camren Fanfic)

    LGBT+ R18

    Lauren Jauregui is a hybrid. Camila Cabello is an angel. Both girls hate one another, because they had a catastrophic past, which left one girl's heart broken. When they face new enemies, will they ignore one another or, will they have to team up to defeat new evil that is lurking wherever they go?Camila leads her team of angels, and Lauren leads both her werewolf pack and her vampire clan. Will everything be peaceful or disastrous? Who will make it out alive? And who will succumb to the darkness?Follow Camila and Lauren through their adventure filled with heartbreak, loss, anger, and maybe even romance?This book will contain dark themes which may not be comfortable with some readers, so please read with caution. This book will have many characters, and many relationships, so if you don't like it, then please don't read! This story is a fanfic, so the actions that the characters do WILL NOT reflect what they would do in real - life.

  • Forbidden Love (Camren)

    Forbidden Love (Camren)

  • Toxic world

    Toxic world

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