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  • Chi Myst'wing

    Chi Myst'wing


    Chi Myst’wing is a gentle redragon who is different from her savage and brutal tribe. When she saved her tribesman’s hunt, she is expelled from her tribe and separated from her mother.When she meets Nuwa, she discovers her true self and changes her physical form. Her life begins to change for better. In her journey to reunite with her mother, she meets new friends, challenges while exploring the hidden past of her long-death father and the land. She even learns about the hidden weapons of a legendary warrior.Would she be able to reunite with her mother and find out the real identity of her father’s killer? And who will own the warrior’s legendary weapons?

  • Chi Force

    Chi Force


    Within the earlier centuries Chi was something those who have the aptitude to manipulate it where forces to fear, they creator of this manipulation was a well known warrior. Every single battle he fought and won was because of his manipulation to chi, without it those battles would've surely been lost. Chi was always known as a beings life force, everyone has Chi, but some can manipulate that energy into a weapon. A weapon of mass destruction that is forbidden to the world to Learn, but there's some that practice this art without worry, some that can become more than just a human. Ever since the founding of Chi energy, those who can practice, even perfect it are what are called Chi user's, they're rare to come by. Even thought to be myths. That's what young Ash thought, Ash is a 13 year old happy go lucky boy, that'll bare witness to the horrors of life. Those horrors of losing the one's dearest to you, during his grieving moment's he was taken in by An Old wise man as generic as that sounds. To be taught something special....something powerful.keep in mind this isn't for manga or anime, since I'm American it's leaned on cartoons or Live adaptations.

  • Pout chi

    Pout chi

  • Life of Chi

    Life of Chi

    Welcome to the most random stories of my life :))

  • hi I'm chi

    hi I'm chi

  • Chu Che Chi

    Chu Che Chi


    It's a pure comedy.The comedic journey of three friends who are the Ruler of the Universes. They came to complete their last objective. Let's start their hilarious adventure. Even turning the most tragic in to comedy.[ Most of the characters are taken from different mythologies.]It will be quite fast paced. And a lots of grammar mistakes.Enjoy.

  • Daily Dose of Chi!

    Daily Dose of Chi!

    Canceled! I was having fun writing it, but this just isn't my style... I prefer fantasy oriented stories.

  • Birth of the Chi God

    Birth of the Chi God

    Samil was a prodigy, a Grand Master Marshal artist at 18 years old. A true genius there was nothing he couldn’t do from the captain of every sports team to the science and literature clubs. That was until he lost it all. A single car crash at high speed cost him his arms and legs. He thought his life had ended until he tried an online game and his life truly began his life in the Great Online Domain.

  • God Emperor

    God Emperor



    Eight hundred years ago, a legendary man passed away. Zhang Ruochen, the son of Emperor Ming, was killed by his fiancée, Princess Chi Yao. Then, eight hundred years after his death, he came back, only to find that the one who had killed him had already unified Kunlun's Field and built the First Central Empire, and was now known as Empress Chi Yao... Empress Chi Yao—Her Majesty governed the mortal world and enjoyed prestige in all directions as well as an eternal life. Zhang Ruochen stood outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, looking at the statue of Empress Chi Yao, and the flames of hatred burned in his heart. “After I practice for 13 years, I shall send the empress to her doom!”

  • Lê Sơ Chi Mộng

    Lê Sơ Chi Mộng

  • Thiên Bảo Chi Mệnh

    Thiên Bảo Chi Mệnh


    Trần Thiên Bảo một cảnh sát quốc tế (Interpol) trẻ tuổi đến từ Việt Nam tài giỏi nhưng bạc mệnh. Trong ngày tổ chức đám cưới với người vợ xinh đẹp Nguyễn Gia Hân thì bị Tử Thần là một ông trùm của tổ chức tội phạm mang tên Địa Ngục đến phá hoại. Giữa hai người đã nổ ra một cuộc chiến. Trong cuộc chiến Trần Thiên Bảo bị thương cực kỳ nghiêm trọng, nhưng vẫn không thể bảo vệ được người vợ của mình. Sau đó Trần Thiên Bảo cùng Nguyễn Gia Hân cùng lúc thiệt mạng. Liệu đó có phải là dấu chấm hết? Liệu rằng Trần Thiên Bảo có thực sự mất mạng hay không? Cuối cùng Trần Thiên Bảo và Nguyễn Gia Hân có đến được với nhau không? Cuối cùng tổ chức tội phạm Địa Ngục có bị phá huỷ hay không? Số mạng của Thiên Bảo diễn ra như thế nào? Mời mọi người cùng đón đọc! ~~~~~~ Kể từ chương 67 trở đi truyện sẽ được viết theo phong cách mới.Bớt những chi tiết trinh thám(có thể là ít hoặc gần như là không)Thêm nhiều drama hơn, hài hước hơn, và quan trọng hơn là thêm những bóng hòng xung quanh Trần Thiên Bảo. Những chi tiết xuất hiện trong truyện chỉ là hư cấu được tác giả sáng tác, bất kỳ yếu tố trùng lặp nào chỉ là ngẫu nhiên. Nếu có gì sơ sót mong bỏ qua và góp ý! ​​​Trong truyện có nhiều tình tiết 18+ (Giết người, Án mạng, xác chết, cảnh nóng) chú ý trước khi đọc. Tác giả sẽ không chịu trách nhiệm cho bất kỳ hành vi nào của người đọc gây ra sau khi đọc tác phẩm. English ver coming soon! Truyện: Thiên Bảo Chi Mệnh - By: TheGod

  • Vĩnh Hằng Chi Minh

    Vĩnh Hằng Chi Minh

  • Akuma no chi 
(Demon Blood)

    Akuma no chi (Demon Blood)


  • Kaisar Dewa

    Kaisar Dewa


    800 tahun yang lalu, seorang legenda Seni Bela Diri mati dibunuh. Ia adalah Zhang Ruochen, putra dari Kaisar Ming. Ia mati di tangan tunangannya sendiri – Permaisuri Chi Yao. Sebagai seseorang yang telah berhasil menaklukkan seluruh kekaisaran di Daratan Kunlun, Permaisuri Chi Yao membangun Pusat Kekaisaran Pertama. Ia menjadi satu-satunya pemimpin negeri yang paling disegani. Hingga akhirnya, Ia mendapat julukan sebagai “Ratu Kemuliaan dan Moralitas.” Zhang Ruochen hidup kembali setelah 800 tahun. Ia berada di dalam tubuh lelaki muda yang semasa hidupnya menderita penyakit dan tak kunjung sembuh. “Selir Lin”, begitu para Keluarga Kerajaan memanggil nama ibunya di kehidupan yang sekarang. Berbekal dendam terhadap kematian dirinya serta kasih sayang yang ia terima dari seorang Ibu. Zhang Ruochen berdiri dan menatap patung Permaisuri Chi Yao yang berada di luar Kuil Kekaisaran Kuno, seketika api dendam bergejolak di kedalaman hatinya. “Ibu selalu ketakutan dan gemetar saat aku menyebut nama ‘Chi Yao’ tanpa julukan ‘Permaisuri’. Apa yang telah ia perbuat terhadap para generasi setelahnya, itu memaksaku berlatih kembali selama 13 tahun lamanya. Maka hari ini, aku berdiri di sini tidak lain adalah untuk mengirim wanita itu ke neraka!”

  • The Older Man Is Addicted To Pampering His Wife

    The Older Man Is Addicted To Pampering His Wife



    Qin Ran was kidnapped and sold by a human trafficker to the countryside at the age of three. The Qin family found her back half a year ago, but because they had taken a liking to their foster daughter, Qin Xue, and refused to let her suffer grievance just because Qin Ran had returned, they continued to let Qin Xue occupy the main bedroom, learn the piano, etc. Meanwhile, the real daughter, Qin Ran, could only sleep in the maid’s room on the first floor. Because Qin Ran refused to accept Qin Xue’s out-of-season clothes and wore a second-hand bag, she was labeled as being insensible. Since then, her mother never bought her another piece of clothing. The Qin family even strictly warned Qin Ran not to harbor any thoughts for Qin Xue’s fiance, Fu Li. Later on, Fu Li was involved in a car accident that resulted in high paraplegia… Qin Ran’s mother said, “Xiao Ran, our family has a collaboration with the Fu family, so we can’t turn on them at a time like this. Although the engagement was for Qin Xue, you’re the real daughter of the Qin family. Madam Fu has been understanding and agreed to let you marry into their family.” Her mother even said, “Why aren’t you happy? The Fu family is rich, so if you marry into their family, you can be a young madam and enjoy life. Isn’t that great? Regardless, we’re trying our best to give you a better life than before!” But Qin Ran said, “I’m pregnant. Also, I’m severing ties with all of you from today on.” The Qin family was enraged, but they refused to believe that a brat like Qin Ran would really give up the Qin family fortune and sever ties with them. No one expected Qin Ran to leave the Qin family with such a resolution. She then found her baby’s father and became the wife of the legendary bigshot, Mo Chi. The top-class bigshot thought he had married an inexperienced and pitiful girl with a sad past, but then… She defused bombs with her bare hands, possessed miraculous medical skills, and was highly trained in martial arts… Mo Chi was baffled. “What else don’t I know about you?”

  • Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

    Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser


    Chi Shuyan lived miserably in her past life. She obviously has great fortune, but it is ‘borrowed’, and so her great fortune turns into bad luck—a good hand turns rotten. Her family falls apart and dies. Her relatives take possession of her properties. She is reported for cheating during the college entrance exams. Her future is in total ruins. And she still foolishly feels grateful to her best friend who had orchestrated it all. Until one day, a Celestial Master spots the deception and takes her as her apprentice. Chi Shuyan rises from the ashes, becoming a blood-soaked demoness, whose name makes people tremble in fear as she slays all evil people. This ends up ending her own life. Reborn once more, she returns to when she is 17-year-old with the memories of her previous life before the college entrance exam. In this life, she is endowed with supernatural powers and can foresee anyone's fate and future with great accuracy. She vows to trample on all those who caused her family's ruin in her past life. But before she can exact her revenge… One day, she touches a business magnate, and sees herself wearing some kind of cat ears sexy outfit coming out of the bathroom before kneeling at the man's suit pants, calling him Daddy! Chi Shuyan is shocked: How bad is my life going to be in the future? How can it be so indecent! Qi Zhenbai, the ruler of the powerful and deep-rooted Qi family in the capital, fully deserves being God’s favored one - handsome in appearance, indifferent in character, iron-blooded and strong in means and the second most sought after bachelor in the city. He is a hotshot, except for being so weak and sickly that doctors have determined that he won't live past 30. His past life ended at 29. However, this life is fated to be a little different after meeting her. Making money in summer vacation. "There are too many crooks these days."  “Exactly, they perfectly able, but they don't look for a good job.” A group of people points at Chi Shuyan, who has set up a fortune telling stall. On the one hand, she is discouraged from pretending to be a swindler, but also encouraged to resemble one slightly. Chi Shuyan stays firm, drawing talismans while sucking on a lollipop.  One month later… "Master Chi, fortunately you told my fortune. You allowed me to escape the misfortune." "Master Chi, how much is this Ghost Ward Talisman? I want 10 of them!" "Master Chi, can you help me calculate my family's luck in passing? Money is not a problem." People’s eyes glow as they look at Chi Shuyan collecting excessive amounts of money. To look so sage-like even when doing a tacky task of collecting money, she's indeed an erudite expert.

  • Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

    Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again


    The daughter of the Chi family has been living in the mountains for sixteen years. Suddenly, she returns to the White City. However, it's soon found out that this missy’s image is a little off. On the first day, the paparazzi catches her having a meal with one of the best actors. The photographs quickly top the hot searches. Best Actor: Don’t make wild guesses. She is my boss and I am her underling. Netizens: As if we would believe you! The next day, the paparazzi catches a financial tycoon tying her shoelaces in the middle of the street. This goes onto the hot searches once again. Some financial tycoon: Don’t make wild guesses. She is my boss and I am her underling. Netizens: (⊙…⊙) On the third day, the Chi family’s missy dominates the hot searches again with paparazzi photos of a big shot in the medical field sending her to school. Big shot in the medical field: I’m sorry, but she is my boss. Netizens: Where is the pretty-face Jiaojiao we were promised? Her image is collapsing. Just as the netizens are gradually getting used to Chi Jiao’s antics, the paparazzi catches her walking into the Civil Affairs Bureau with the head of the Quan family, Quan Jue. Many say that the strategies employed by Quan Jue are brilliant, sly in nature, and brutal. He's an extremely ruthless figure. Quan Jue: I would like to introduce you all to my wife, Chi Jiao. Jiaojiao has been weak and sickly since young. Do not bully her. Netizens: Master Quan, I think you have some misunderstandings about your wife. Chi Jiao suffered a violent death in her previous life. Her soul witnessed that man kiss her remains and perish together with the person who killed her. Only then did she realize that the illegitimate son living in her household had humbled himself because of his love for her. The reincarnated Chi Jiao’s main mission this lifetime is to woo Quan Jue, and become the Little Jiajiao in his heart.

  • Memperebutkan Cinta Dokter Genius

    Memperebutkan Cinta Dokter Genius


    Chi Gui, seorang dokter penyakit bedah saraf tingkat dunia. Dokter yang diperintah pemerintah untuk memberikan perlindungan kepadanya, kini sedang berdiri di depan rumah neneknya yang ada di desa Yun. Ia sedang menunggu ibunya menjemputnya ke kota Nan. Ibu Chi Gui, Zhao Yuexiu, nyonya kaya keluarga Chi di kota Nan, meskipun merupakan anak kandung Chi Gui namun dirinya sangat merendahkan Chi Gui yang tinggal dan tumbuh di desa kampung ini. Sehingga, ketika ia melihat putri sulungnya ini, ia pun tidak menunjukkan kesenangan apapun. Tentu saja, ia juga tidak mengetahui bahwa putri sulungnya ini adalah dokter penyakit bedah saraf yang sangat hebat di dunia. Chi Gui akan menjalani kehidupan seperti apa di kota Nan? Akan bagaimana hubungannya dengan anggota keluarga Chi?

  • Hyoudou-san chi no maid dragon.

    Hyoudou-san chi no maid dragon.

  • Pamanku Kekasihku

    Pamanku Kekasihku


    Chi Yi, seorang murid kelas 3 SMA mengalami kejadian memalukan di bar saat bermain truth or dare bersama teman-temannya. Dia ditantang untuk menggoda seorang pria super tampan hingga harus melihat warna celana dalamnya. Tidak disangka, belakangan dia tahu bahwa pria tampan itu adalah Chi Zuxu, paman ketiganya yang sudah tidak dijumpainya selama 10 tahun!! Entah kemalangan atau keberuntungan, Chi Yi harus diasuh oleh paman ketiganya itu. Tinggal bersama pamannya yang tampan, mapan dan memiliki tubuh yang bagus, rupanya membuat Chi Yi semakin tertarik pada Chi Zuxu. Hubungan mereka semakin dekat hingga melakukan hal yang tak seharusnya dilakukan. Bagaimana kelanjutan hubungan paman dan keponakan ini? Bisakah mereka bersatu?