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  • Crappy Coco

    Crappy Coco




  • Childish coco

    Childish coco

    Coco the mischievous girl but cold to others who is the only daughter of great business family. from childhood she faces problems from friends and family members.she wants to be independent so she hides her identity, let's see how her journey goes on.Coco: elder brother woo woo... I need ur help.Ron: what happened I'm coming wait after 7 minsCoco: bro u came, help me which dress should I wear?Ron: ......Coco: mom dad I decided to start a company parents: which company?Coco: elder brother protection company.

  • Coco Smell

    Coco Smell

  • Treasure Hunt all over the World

    Treasure Hunt all over the World

    Magical Realism ACTION


    Obs: This is a novel original in chinese, I only translated to english.Ye Tian, who was in desperate situation, found that the world in his eyes had changed, becoming radiant and dazzling!Antiques, famous paintings, gold, diamonds, and jewellery are all available at your fingertips!The pirate treasures of Cocos Island, the Nazi gold in the depths of the ocean, the Mayan civilization in the jungle, the secrets of King Solomon, the disappearing Atlantis,….They are no longer mysterious, but completely opened the door, just waiting for Ye Tian to explore and discover.What are you waiting for?set off!

  • Coco Pie & Black Coffee

    Coco Pie & Black Coffee


    Working as a cashier in a place meant for the very dreads of society, and living outside the city because she is not able to afford an apartment within reasonable limits, Miyeon Lee's days were gloomy, tiring, and miserable. But, despite her hardships, she is starting college and is determined to have a change in her life. But, during her first day, she spills coffee on Junseo Choi, the young school janitor, and that tiny mistake leads to a bigger change than what she had ever imagined. Now, she has made an enemy the first day of what will later be an unforgettable freshman year of college.

  • Coco 

    Coco Alistair Sarah Liam Conrad Chloe

  • Me & My Ex

    Me & My Ex

    Alena bertemu kembali dengan Adam, mantan suaminya pada suatu interview kerja di mana laki-laki itu adalah manager personalia di perusahaan tempatnya melamar.Mereka pernah jatuh cinta dan menikah di usia muda. Namun, bercerai karena emosi dan ketidak-cocokan. Setelah berpisah lama, kini mereka dipertemukan kembali. Apakah cinta lama akan kembali bersemi atau ada hati lain yang mengisi?

  • The Midnight Killer in another world

    The Midnight Killer in another world


    A young woman ends up fainting one day and ends up in a world were her family exist but the language is different and humans have superpowers. Why is she here? More importantly how do she get back home to her world, our world and time?




    Una chica llamada Coco se enamora de el hijo de una empresa muy importante en China, Lu Tann es amigo del hermano de Coco pero ella lo va conociendo cada vez que se lo topa ya sea en la empresa del padre de Tann o en la universidad de su hermano Nate y se enamora de el casi al instante pero ella tenia prohibido tener relaciones con la familia del presidente Lu Yangue, ella salio con Tann un tiempo en secreto y un día fueron descubiertos por la prensa por lo cual tuvieron que terminar y Coco para calmar las aguas de aquel lió decidió empezar a salir con su mejor amigo el cual era el mejor actor de todo China Min Dewei pero no se comparaba con Tann. Un día Tann le pide a Coco regresar y los padres de ella nunca habían aprobado su relación con Dewei y como ella todavía tenia sentimientos hacia Tann decidió regresar con él y dejar a Dewei el cual al inicio se sintio usado pero decidió que iba a recupera a Coco cueste lo que cueste.



    Seorang wanita berparas cantik, bertubuh indah, berkulit putih bak pualam, mata biru gelap segelap laut dalam, berotak cerdas, sukses dan kaya. Apa yang kurang dari seorang Clarissa Hernades? hanya satu bibir ranum milik nya itu tidak pernah tersenyum. Mata indah itu selalu menatap tajam dan hatinya yang beku tak tersentuh. Sampai suatu ketika ia di jodohkan oleh orang tua nya dengan CEO muda yg tampan, mapan, berkharisma, sukses, dan memiliki daya tarik untuk wanita, yang bernama Revaldo Putra Pradinata. Bagaimana kisah cinta mereka? Apakah mereka akan saling jatuh cinta dan mempertahankan rumah tangga mereka? Atau lantas bercerai karna ketidak cocokan? Mari Kita Simak Saja Cerita Ini ? SELAMAT MEMBACA ?

  • My Final Breath

    My Final Breath


    Shot by her husband who took everything from her, betrayed by her best friend, Alisha was reborn. This time she had to save everyone she loved, stop the man she once married from taking everything. She had to or else they would all die again. But fate would hold her in its hand, can Alisha fight fate and prevail or will she stumble under the pressure?She found herself at the age of nineteen again, however she wasn't ready to hold all the pressure piled against her. Alisha's own insecurities and past will haunt her until she can't recognize herself and her actions. How long will her sanity hold on?

  • LOVE IS A GAME: I AM ALIVE (Coming on 04/01/2020)

    LOVE IS A GAME: I AM ALIVE (Coming on 04/01/2020)


    This story has been moved to my main account ArmLink2407

  • The Boy Of My Dreams

    The Boy Of My Dreams

    What would you feel like when you meet the one everyone including you have dreamed of?? Join Via In this hopeless romantic story about how she meets the boy of her dreams!! And then it turns out that she was totally wrong??!!

  • Mates Between Marriage

    Mates Between Marriage

    "You're mine," His possessive words slowly pushed into my head causing me to shiver uncontrollably as his breath skimmed through the base of my neck. "I'll kill him." My heart stopped. Adriana Carter's life is a whirl wind as it continues to surprise her as time moves on. As the strong, beautiful werewolf is given away in marriage due to a huge family crisis, she can't help but make lemonade with the lemons life gave to her by falling in love with the supposed husband who is not her mate. Suddenly, an extremely handsome abomination awakens in the supernatural world, putting her life apart again. It's quite simple really. She is his and he is coming to take her back.WEREWOLF ROMANCE!

  • Quick Transmigration: Evil Villainess Reborn

    Quick Transmigration: Evil Villainess Reborn

    Zheng Coco was a villainess that was the best at her role. She conquered kingdoms, killed people and fulfilled her destiny in her homeland.However, her reign of terror had unfortunately, come to an end after her death at the hands of a swordsman hero.However, death wasn't the end for her as she pleaded to live. Her wish was granted, giving her a body that can wield her magic that has finally become a part of her.And, thus, the villainess Zheng Coco has returned!System: Crazy woman or is it girl now? H-How dare you?! I'm fully grown!System: Mentally. Your new body doesn't show that, does it?Whatever! I will get bigger and bigger. I will be known as the worst villainess to have ever lived!System: That was why you died in the first damn place.Volume 0 - PrologueVolume 1 - New World, Old WaysVolume 2 - New World, Old Ways

  • Fate memory: The future kids after stories, Haikyuu ship ( Final part

    Fate memory: The future kids after stories, Haikyuu ship ( Final part

    It when Yorizora Tsukishima lost her memory in a game. As other kids forgot about their past when they were little but during the time Kaganari Kageyama spend time with 5 girls. The five girls have fallen in love with him. However Kaganari Kageyama in love with Yorizora. Will the girl fight over him.

  • BEGAN: Our Story

    BEGAN: Our Story

    She was silent for a moment then blurted out of nowhere, "We accept the love we think we deserve," she said quietly.I looked at her, a smile forming on my lips. "Stephen Chbosky."She nodded. "You aren't incapable of affection Levi Scott. No one is. The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive the ones who wronged you, unless you forgive the events that were caused by the past, and unless you realize that you are loved, you cannot move forward because sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go, but rather learning to start over. Sooner or later we've all got to let go of our past, I chose sooner, now, it is later, and it is your turn to do the same." "I love you," I whispered. It just came out. Hopefully, she didn't hear-"Wot?""I-I said we're here."

  • The Fox Who Cried Inter

    The Fox Who Cried Inter


    #BDSM #Femaleontop #Mainland #Warriors

  • Tempted By You

    Tempted By You


    “Stop this, I’m straight.” “Stop holding my ass then, round ruler.” From the moment those pink soft lips touched his, the captain knew he was long gone. Everyone in Archangel High knew Elijah Amell. He was beautiful, loud, and fabulous. Despite the hate he always got from his secret fans, Elijah always had a way of shutting them up with a pretty smile. After a small sleepover party at school, Elijah ended up sleeping with the school's basketball captain, the most beautiful black beauty, Mikhael Carnell and he found himself wanting more. But the other didn’t. But he did, and that was what mattered.

  • My Hopeless Love - Why chase me after I left you?

    My Hopeless Love - Why chase me after I left you?

    Teen ROMANCE

    Lily Atkinson-Wang loved a boy for ten years but was left forever a friend and so, finally, she decided to move on. Yet, now that she's moving on, he's taking over her life and asking her on dates. "What do you mean you want me in your life?" She asks."I love you, Lily." Adrien answered, his eyes blazing into hers."No, you just miss me following you around like a lost puppy. That's not love." She replied, tears falling from her eyes."Isn't it?" His words broke her heart more as she pushed him away. He pulled the arms that pushed him and grabbed the back of her neck as he kissed her. She fought him only for a second before she felt her legs melt. I'm so stupid, she thought."Isn't it?" He asked again after pulling away, a smirk on his face."I hate you, I hate you so much it hurts." She cried as she left him once again.