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  • The Abused Luna's Comeback

    The Abused Luna's Comeback


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] She was the most unpopular female wolf in the New Moon Pack, as lowly as a blade of grass. Eight years ago, her mother went missing, her father was killed, and her entire pack was exterminated. Thus, she had been demoted to the lowest servant level by her father's murderer. For eight years, she had been beaten, cursed, and starved, but she kept her identity a secret. This year, she turned eighteen years old. He was the alpha of the largest werewolf pack in all of America and shone like the sun. With his perfectly sculpted face and a tremendous amount of money, no werewolf didn't know his name, and he was the dream lover of every woman. Everything seemed perfect, except for the fact that he didn't have a mate yet. This year, he turned twenty-six years old. What kind of spark or conflict would there be when they meet by chance? “Rose, I can give you everything you want. In exchange, you have to be mine.” “Alpha, the truth is, I'm—” "Oh, Jesus f*cking Christ! Now, you will never escape me, my Luna.

  • The Gang Leaders Comebacks

    The Gang Leaders Comebacks

    The Gang Leaders Betrayal 2nd Book.Empty heart. Empty soul.Heartless? Soulless? Both?A living dead person.When the contract was revoked, Valentina was finally free from the blackmail. She got what she wanted.She's finally free from the Black Rose Gang.And she leaves the gang with a gut-wrenching pain in her heart.When she went past his gate, her heart, her mind, her feelings and her composure was lost.She went to her resort near the sea and fainted after walking on the beach for unknown hours.Black gloved hands appeared on her sight the moment she woke up.Keith, on the other hand, locked himself in his room and drowned himself with alcohol the moment he wakes up and before he went to bed.He felt as if his heart had been ripped to pieces. His father's words ring in his ears and mind, day and night. Almost making him crazy.He kept himself locked in the confines of his room for hours, days and even weeks. He refused to eat and refused to take care of himself. Until one day, they received a piece of news containing photo and video of a shooting made in public. It was done by a woman, a deep scar run down her shoulder blade.Terror fills the country. Terror went through every gang. Terror comes to him.

  • After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

    After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!



    Qiao Mei transmigrated into a novel as a supporting character with the same name as her who lacked presence. This supporting character was a country bumpkin who couldn’t get married due to her obesity. According to the original script, this country girl Qiao Mei was a fatty spoiled by her grandfather. However, their relatives were all vicious and cruel people. Her grandfather had poor health, so once he died, the relatives would divide and swallow up his assets. Hence, her grandfather’s greatest wish was to marry Qiao Mei off. For this, even sacrificed and betrayed his good friend’s grandson, Xia Zhe. Grandpa got Xia Zhe drunk and had Qiao Mei forcibly take the strong and handsome Xia Zhe with her body which weighed more than two hundred pounds. Then, grandpa would catch them the next day and force Xia Zhe to marry Qiao Mei. However, that eventually caused the start of Qiao Mei’s unfortunate life. Also, in the original story, Qiao Mei took possession of Xia Zhe’s mysterious jade. But due to Qiao Mei’s stupidity, her cousin's sister had tricked Qiao Mei into giving her the jade, which resulted in the cousin’s family becoming rich. When Qiao Mei transmigrated here, it was during the awkward moment when she was making love to the man after making him drunk. She woke up groggily the next day and grandpa’s team had already appeared at the door. Qiao Mei was frightened. She didn’t want to proceed on the original path and marry a man who didn’t love her. And so, she lied and chased grandpa away. She also pushed the man out before forcing herself to look at her tanned and chubby reflection in the mirror! Alas, she cried at her ugly appearance… Like a sumo wrestler in large cloth underwear, even the plus-sized apparel shops didn’t have clothes in her size. And her face was the size of a pizza, a scorched pizza! Qiao Mei decided to reform her life! The first step, lose weight! The second step, clean up her room! She used to be particular about cleanliness, and although her current house had a huge courtyard, she could only describe it as messy! The third step was to hold onto the jade tightly so her greedy cousin wouldn’t stand a chance! Only, wasn’t the tall and handsome Xia Zhe supposed to hate her according to the original story? Why was he being nicer and nicer to her?

  • ComeBack


  • Comeback!


  • The Comeback

    The Comeback

  • The Comeback.

    The Comeback.

    This is the Description for moi bookAriestel Livann was a 16 year old girl battling with her dad's deathShe moves back to her hometown after 2 years. There she meets her most hated handsome may I add spicy hot enemy known...Damon HuntressDamon Huntress isn't exactly known as the "Bad boy" nor is he known has the "Good boy". Damon Huntress isn't exactly the happiest person on earth. But he sure does have a past.What happens when she sees there's a line between hate and love and it just might goes 2 wayRead this book as you enter a world full of Happiness, Sadness, Betrayal and so much more. *****PLEASE DO NOT COPY/STEAL MY BOOK everything here is made by me and moi imagination. If you do copy it I will come to your window at night and...Thank you for your time

  • comeback


    I once had everything. Money,fame,looks. Thought I could get anything. Yet,the man who is my first and last love didn't even take a glance at me.All I wanted was his love.But in return he abandoned me when I'm at the bottom level in my life.I was framed for poisoning the king and got my whole family executed.If only I could reborn I swear I pay thousand times more than I got to you all who played with me

  • Sinner's comeback

    Sinner's comeback


    In the world filled with schemes and politics how will our military commander lead a simple life. Fed up from people she once believed in, from wearing military suits and having guns, to wearing gowns and words as weapons, see how our female commander survive in a historical world filled with palace, parties and politics and atone to the sins she did in her previous life.

  • The comeback of Light

    The comeback of Light

    "Nina you are not in the picture of our family "" Why?? I am your daughter " Nina cried and slump down on her feet and begged in front of her adoptive father. " Just get out of the house and never let us see your face " All her life she just thought of being the best daughter of her father but soon she was fall out of everyone's eyes. After a month, Nina Simon died of the curse of faith and bad karma that she inflicted upon her. « The end of the side story.»the reader Nina Simon reads and died and was transmigrated to the novel slowly she started to change the unwanted fate of Nina but has difficulties throughout her journey how she will survive?? * This story is based on my imagination please enjoy!!!!

  • Pokémon - Comeback

    Pokémon - Comeback


    Adam had always wanted to be apart of the Pokémon world, and go on adventures like ash. will his wish come true?First time writing a book and to be perfectly honest I'm not that good at it. Be nice!

  • The Empress's Comeback

    The Empress's Comeback


    Left alone to fend for herself, how would the 12-year-old Sheng Wenruo search for her grandfather when the only thing he left for her was a letter? Oh, and that seemingly useless piece of stone as well. Adding the fact that she had a frail body which can fall over any second, just how much hardship would she have to suffer for her to return to where she truly belonged? As an empress respected by many in her previous life, how would Sheng Wenruo be satisfied with this frail body? But there was nothing she could do about it. She could only blame her bad luck. Just when she was starting to get used to the life of the original owner of the body she had taken over, she woke up one day to find that she was all alone. The grandfather that she had come to love suddenly disappeared and she was told to find a person named 'Qin Han'. Join Sheng Wenruo as she used her intellect to get through the obstacles blocking her way and make a comeback to her empire!

  • The demon's comeback

    The demon's comeback


  • Comeback Master

    Comeback Master

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE ANIME

    Hayato Katsu is a first-year student at Kyoto University,Japan.He was just an ordinary guy.One day, his girlfriend, Yui Akari dump him. "let's break up" "but why, we've only been together for three weeks" "It's not your fault, I've found a better man than you. He's more handsome and has a nice body than you. I'm sorry for not being able to continue our relationship" With that Hayato Katsu returned to his life as a loner.He cried for a few days because he could not accept the fact. One day, a mysterious voice played in his mind "That's enough, crying can't make you getback with her. Instead of wasting time with crying, you should start changing your appearance to be better. Make Yui Akari feel regret for dump you.Get yourself a new girlfriend who are thousand time better and pretty than her" Since that, Hayato Katsu's mission to change himself and getting sweet revenge on his ex -girlfriend begin. Will his mission succeed wonderfully or fail badly? Follow out his story in Comeback Master



  • The Heiress' Comeback

    The Heiress' Comeback

    The Dautriche family's only daughter was kidnapped at a young aged by their family's sworn enemies.After 5 years of searching, they found a girl with the same pitch-black hair as their daughter.As a mother, she was excited to care and grow a child of her own  that she never even bother to have DNA test if she really was their long lost daughter.When their grandfather came from states to see his granddaughter, she tried his best to love her, but couldn't.He then asked her son and his wife, if they did DNA. Surprised to their answers he immediately ordered for DNA.And he was right it was not his granddaughter. Upon knowing this the parents did not know how to react. The mother then ordered for a search,and after 7 long years, she found her real long lost daughter and treat her with utmost care a real motherado .But after a day she was poisoned, leaving her husband and daughter behind. The fake daughter poisoned the father's mind saying it was her daughters fault that his wife died.Then he gave her a stepmother that treated her daughter as a servant without him knowing.After 8 years of her living as a servant to her stepmother. With a tarnished reputation, with no place in the royal Dautriche family, with her fianceé and wealth snatched, she was murdered without anyone knowing by the fake heiress of her family and even both her fianceé and bestfriend. She then swore and prayed in mind that she will get her revenge to those who plotted against her and take back her place and love from the fake heiress.Adelia Syl Dautriche, at the age of 25,DIES.But strangely she was taken back at her age of 14 where her biological mother is searching for her.The heiress know is plotting her big comeback and revenge to those who killed and made her suffer in her last lifetime.  

  • Gullible's Comeback

    Gullible's Comeback

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE MYSTERY

    Kiana Lee returns to Korea and teaches in Seoul National University. Things started to get mysterious when a knock on the door collided on a late evening. She is a firm believer of truthfulness and genuity.Until, a starnge young man name Choi Min randomly appeares in front of her and mysteriously bothers her curiosity. Pretending to be her student and a long lost best friend of her friend leads her to believe what he always says. Unfortunately, one event unfold the truth behind his hideous act.Would she still believe and trust everything he says or would she wears her mask to ease the pain he marks?

  • The Comeback ||On Going||

    The Comeback ||On Going||

  • love comeback

    love comeback

  • The singers comeback

    The singers comeback