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  • The Courtesan

    The Courtesan

    Note: The story has several 18+ scenes, but it is a love story.Nadia's fate was sealed the moment she was born. She was born in the courtesan community, which solely existed to please the king and other royalties in the palace. Her family loved their profession and the riches that they amassed from their kinky exploits. Nadia, however, yearned for a normal life with a simple guy, growing vegetables and cooking gourmet delicacies, being the foodie she was.Ian was the young Prince of a powerful kingdom who was popular for two things: his conquests on the battlefield and those in the bed. He was proud of his ability to turn any woman into a sex addict, that is until he met Nadia.

  • The Prince And The Courtesan

    The Prince And The Courtesan

    Historical Romance ROMANCE R18 POSSESSIVE

    Would you believe that a cruel Prince was enticed to a girl who just dance in front of him?Despite of being a called prostitute. Magda was locked up on his highness's arms. She gave all of her efforts to enticed the men with her dancing skills. But she didn't failed. Magda gave her all of her strength on swaying her hands and grinding her waist while trying to unnoticed by the people that live in Ashdown castle. She returned home by the feeling of safe, but she really made an astriction.Tomorrow morning, she was wanted by the royal knights. Her face was drew and pasted by the walls in the town. And when she was finally caught. One sentence from the Prince that made her feel so dirty."Start dancing. Starting today, you will work for me as my dancer. You'll start to address me as your highness. I don't accept the answer no. I don't want to repeat it. Do I made my self clear, Magda?" -First Prince Chase Esteban Ashdown

  • Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!

    Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!



    Author's Synopsis: A piece of divorce paper sent Xia Xinghe into a state of destitution. However, a car accident later, she transformed into a professional hacker with more money than she could ever spend. All those that have belittled, bullied and laughed at me, please line up, I'll show you what the meaning of face-slapping is! Wait, wait, wait. That guy over there, the ex-husband that I no longer have any relations with, don't cut in line. What, you want to help me face-slap these people? “Not only that I will help you face-slap myself!” The wickedly handsome man with billions dollar in estate raised his own palm to slap his own face without reservation! Ps. This is a girl-power, no cheating, no misunderstanding, no harem, 1v1 romance story. Also, please expect the unexpected in terms of the plotlines, and not hold it to the standard romance plot structure. Translator's Synopsis: A van exited an orphanage under the cover of the night but wait, what is it carrying..? Dead bodies! Dead bodies of children and toddlers! No one knew for certain where it was going and what happened to the children but one thing's for sure, it had to do with the mysterious disappearance of highly intelligent children all around the world. A recurring nightmare triggered Xia Xinghe's desire to unveil the mystery behind her mother's disappearance, a mystery that led to the discovery of a larger conspiracy. Follow along as she made new allies and enemies as she delved deeper into the twisting conspiracy, all the while fielding her ex-husband's relentless romantic advances. The quarrelsome yet loving couple supported each other as they crossed the boundaries of class, nations, space, life and even dimension itself, each pursuing their own goal. For the wife it is to discover the identity of her origin and for the husband, to make his ex-wife fall in love with him.

  • Courtesan Samurai

    Courtesan Samurai


    There were dark forces corrupting Japan, and some people were right-winged of demon ideology wanted a demon lord to become the shogun. However, demons who believed harmony with humans opposed and defeated them along with the plan. Those demons who saved Japan were scattered in the nation as they lived as a normal human, they hold an individual force to maintain peace in every corner of Japan, and the Courtesan Samurais were one of them.This is a fictional story with the culture of Yoshiwara and Orian, a harem romance story taken place in the Era of Edo.Discord Server - (old) - (new)- Comments and replies of the author are his and only his opinion. - Story is a fiction solely for entertainment purposes, nothing related to reality. -

  • The Space Captain's Courtesan

    The Space Captain's Courtesan


    This story has been deleted due to misinformation by webvovel. If you would like to read my stories or continue reading this one please go to or to of Amazon. thank you

  • Señor CEO, malcríame 100%

    Señor CEO, malcríame 100%


    Una muestra de los papeles de divorcio llevó a Xia Xinghe a un estado de miseria. Sin embargo, después de un accidente automovilístico, ella se transformó en una "hacker" profesional con más dinero del que podría gastar. —Todos aquellos que me han menospreciado, intimidado y se han burlado de mí, por favor, hagan una fila, ¡les enseñaré lo que realmente es una bofetada! —Espera, espera, espera. Ese chico allá, el ex-esposo con el que ya no tengo ninguna relación, que no se salte en la fila. —¿Qué? ¿Quieres ayudarme a abofetear a esta gente? —No solo eso, ¡te ayudaré a abofetearme a mí mismo! El hombre terriblemente guapo, con miles de millones de dólares de herencia, levantó su palma para abofetear su propia cara, ¡sin duda alguna! P.D.: Esto es poder femenino, sin trampas, sin malentendidos, sin tabúes; una historia de amor correspondido. También, por favor, espera lo inesperado en términos de la trama, y no te aferres a la estructura típica del romance.

  • Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife

    Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Prince’s Courtesan Wife



    Update: 3 times a week What would you do if you woke up as an infant in a jungle-like world? The original envy of the world was reincarnated as an infant, child to a tragic couple. At the young age of 13, she was sold off by her self-proclaimed “biological” father. A useless beauty with no cultivation. But alas, it would be the biggest regret in their life. Those who once looked down on her shall receive her wrath. “Unfilial? So what? Why should a courtesan care what others say?” The jack-of-all-trades prince follows her around and pampers her so much his monogamous parents are embarrassed for him. But is she really as simple as she seems? This former envy of the world, just what could she be hiding in her past? Why does she sometimes have such empty eyes? Such low self-esteem in front of him? And, if she is a virgin, how can she be so knowledgeable about what goes on between couples?! Author's Note: Like the cover? Thank Kiz#4961! Please don't be mean if you don't like the art or style, he took time out of his busy schedule to draw the cover and even gave it to me for free! Please be appreciative of the hardworking, creative people!

  • The Top Female Star was an Ancient Courtesan

    The Top Female Star was an Ancient Courtesan

    Contemporary Romance TRANSMIGRATION SHOWBIZ


    "A courtesan of old, Zhu Jin possessed unparalleled beauty. Her poems and songs would tug at the strings of any person’s heart, and her mastery of every art enslaved countless men beneath her feet. Even so, she abruptly found herself reincarnated into a woman positioned at the bottom of the modern entertainment industry, suffering every possible contempt and conspiracy, as well as being targeted by weaponized netizens. After she weathered through her career crises after much difficulty, Zhu Jin did not imagine that the chairman whose company possessed top-tier resources had set his eyes on her. Overpaid film roles, trending spots in search engines—she couldn’t escape from him whatever she did. “Are you trying to exploit me again, chairman?” She held him back by the chest, but he was slowly closing in. The man chuckled. “Are you reaping benefits from me without paying me back?” On the next day, the behind-the-scenes story of the star chairman confessing his love spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. This is a tale of an ancient courtesan transmigrating to a modern city and prospering, as well as gaining true love."

  • Encik CEO, Manjakan Aku 100 Peratus!

    Encik CEO, Manjakan Aku 100 Peratus!


    A van exited an orphanage under the cover of the night but wait, what is it carrying..? Dead bodies! Dead bodies of children and toddlers! No one knew for certain where it was going and what happened to the children but one thing's for sure, it had to do with the mysterious disappearance of highly intelligent children all around the world. A recurring nightmare triggered Xia Xinghe's desire to unveil the mystery behind her mother's disappearance, a mystery that led to the discovery of a larger conspiracy. Follow along as she made new allies and enemies as she delved deeper into the twisting conspiracy, all the while fielding her ex-husband's relentless romantic advances. The quarrelsome yet loving couple supported each other as they crossed the boundaries of class, nations, space, life and even dimension itself, each pursuing their own goal. For the wife it is to discover the identity of her origin and for the husband, to make his ex-wife fall in love with him.

  • Tuan CEO, Manjakan Aku 100 Persen!

    Tuan CEO, Manjakan Aku 100 Persen!


    Selembar kertas cerai mengirim Xia Xinghe kedalam sebuah kemiskinan. Namun, karena sebuah kecelakaan mobil kemudian dia berubah menjadi seorang peretas profesional yang memiliki lebih banyak uang daripada yang bisa dia habiskan. Semua orang yang telah meremehkan, menindas, dan menertawakanku, tolong berbaris, aku akan menunjukkan kepada kalian apa arti menampar wajah itu! Tunggu, tunggu, tunggu. Orang yang di sana itu, mantan suami yang tidak lagi berhubungan denganku, jangan memotong antrean. Apa kau ingin membantuku menghadapi orang-orang ini? Tidak hanya itu, aku akan membantumu menghadapi tamparan wajah diriku sendiri!, pria tampan yang gagah dengan miliaran dolar di hidupnya, mengangkat telapak tangannya untuk menampar wajahnya sendiri tanpa syarat! Pesan: Ini adalah kekuatan seorang perempuan, tidak ada kecurangan, tidak ada kesalahpahaman, tidak beralasan, kisah percintaan 1v1. Juga, dimohon agar menduga hal yang tidak terduga dalam hal jalur plot dan tidak berfikiran ke struktur plot percintaan pada umumnya.

  • Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! (Tagalog)

    Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! (Tagalog)


    Isang papel na naglalaman ng diborsyo ang nagsadlak kay Xinghe sa sobrang kahirapan. Ngunit dahil sa isang aksidente, nagbago ang lahat at siya ay naging isang professional hacker na kumikita ng madaming pera na hindi niya kayang gastahin at ubusin sa tanang buhay niya. Ang lahat ng nanlibak, humamak at nanliit sa kanya, pumila kayong lahat at ibabalik ko ang lahat ng ginawa ninyo sa akin hanggang maubos ang inyong kahihiyan. Sasampalin ko kayo isa-isa! Teka, teka, teka. Ikaw na lalaki, ang dati kong asawa na wala na akong relasyon pa, pumila ka ng maayos. Ano, gusto mo akong tulungan sa paghihiganti ko sa pagsampal sa mga taong ito? “Hindi lamang iyon, sasampalin ko na din ang sarili ko!” At sinampal na nga ng bilyonaryong guwapong lalaki ang sarili ng walang alinlangan!

  • Obscured in Darkness

    Obscured in Darkness

    As a child, Torin fought to defend his younger brother Zane from a brutal violation. Unfortunately, Torin was not left unscathed by the experience. Scarred and beaten, Torin retreated into the anonymity of a mask. Feeling disheartened by his brother’s retreat into obscurity, Zane takes the advice of an old lover. He decides to hire courtesans to help his brother find sexual release without the burden of rejection. But what happens when the agency sends a girl who doesn't fit the mold? Will Sirena Escada be the thing to lead Torin into the light? Sirena’s a college girl with very little money. When the bills stack up, and her family loses their only source of income, Sirena will find herself with no other choice but to become a courtesan. One day Sirena is called by the agency to accept an unusual assignment. She is asked to contract with two brothers for one night; one who looks like a fallen angel, and the other who hides behind a painful secret. What will happen when Sirena falls for the damaged brother? Can Sirena's love save Torin from his darkness? Torin does not want to love this beautiful girl who lives in the light. But when the times comes for him to choose between his darkness and the woman who has awoken his heart, will Torin rise from his obscurity to win the woman he loves? Or will he fall into the darkness of his damaged past?

  • The General who fell in Love

    The General who fell in Love


    'Do you want to see the Heaven? If yes, then hold my hand and I will show what Heaven looks like.'Lee Seo Jin is the great General of the Goryeo Dynasty of ancient Korea. Under his leadership, many territories of the Korean Peninsula were unified. He is the most respected person after the Great King of Goryeo, King Saejo.Ae-Ra is an 18-year-old girl who is a Courtesan (Gisaeng) in the Courtesan House of the Capital. She was taught to entertain the men from a young age, due to which her life was limited within the four walls of an entertainment house. However, when Lee Seo Jin brought her to his residence, she felt the Touch of Heaven in her miserable life. ~~~~"'Ae-Ra means Love'," Lee Seo Jin pronounced while gazing into the eyes of Ae-Ra, who was astonished to know the meaning of her name. "How could my mother give such a name to me? The word 'Love' never existed in my life," Ae-Ra took a deep sigh and lowered her eyes. "Are you sure that Love never existed in your life, Ae-Ra? Are you sure you don't trust men?" Seo Jin asked. "Yes, General Lee. I do not believe in love, neither do I trust men," Ae-Ra asserted. Her eyes were filled with tears, recalling her past days. "What about me? Do you trust me?" Seo Jin was curious."I do not trust General Lee either," Ae-Ra blurted out."Ae-Ra, not every man is bad. If I would be, then by now, you would have been on my bed," Seo Jin affirmed. ~~~~~50 votes in a week- 5 advance chapters100 votes in a week- 10 advance chaptersFollow me on instagram: rayoflight_pcy

  • The Light Behind Darkness

    The Light Behind Darkness

    Contemporary Romance ABANDONED

    The story of an orphan girl whose fate made her reach a brothel at a very tender age. At that time, her pure heart failed to understand the filthy things going around her. On hitting puberty, she was forced to turn into a nasty sex worker by the landlady of the place. Crying on her fate, she accepted her defeat. After some years, she became mother to a fatherless daughter. But then she decides to fight with the society to conserve the rights and respect of 'a lowly courtesan's daughter'.

  • Dreams of a Silent Night

    Dreams of a Silent Night

    Shui was a high class courtesan in ‘Spring Flower Pavilion’,the famous brothel, where her job is to entertain the guests. He was a mysterious man who she happened to save by chance. It was a chance encounter and they never expected to meet each other again. But,by weaving their destinies together and by making them meet again and again, Fate sure works in it’s own mysterious ways. … ‘Once broken, though fixed, it will never be the same.’ she stated coldly. ‘Yes, it may never be the same. But, if fixed, it will much more beautiful than before.’ he replied with a warm smile. In a world filled with men who broke her, she willingly bowed her head to the man who respected and loved her. As time passes, secrets resurface and the past threatens to destroy the current peace in Shui’s life. Is their love strong enough to last through all the trials and tribulations?





    Hwang Ho-Jin lives alone in the Yongdong village, in Ancient Korea of Joseon Dynasty. He grew into a well known wrestler as his means of livelihood until he was forced to flee the village because of his true identity which he himself was not aware of.Taking shelter in Icheon village in Gyeonggi province, he mastered the art of pottery.Seo Ji-Hye, a beautiful young lady, the daughter of the late King of Hahoe Kingdom. She was forced to become a gisaeng (courtesan) by her uncle, instead became a thief as a means of livelihood. However, she swore with her last breath to seek revenge for her father's death from her uncle.A love story brewed when the two paths crossed. They learned about each other's secrets and helped each other overcome every obstacle on their way. All characters and places in this story are fictional. Any story related to it is pure coincidence.

  • Slip in Time- Into an Ancient Brothel

    Slip in Time- Into an Ancient Brothel

    I didn't mean to time travel, especially not to a place like this! But I think I have to stay, at least a little while longer.If I want to keep living that is.-----When Emily Long opened up the box of her late grandmother's heirlooms she didn't expect much. The contents were surprisingly nice antiques, especially a strangely beautiful compact mirror. The real surprise however was traveling back in time with them.Even worse, she's landed herself in the walled city of a famous pleasure town. A place where most normal women cannot enter unless they're a resident. That means only one thing in this ancient times red light district.She could just go back through the mirror and forget this ever happened. If only it weren't for the blood like messages written in lipstick counting down to her death.Now she has to go back and forth completing vague quests until the cursed family mirror is satisfied. Along the way she can't help but get attached to an ill fated courtesan with a face eerily similar to her own. Great great great great grandmother? Is that you?Is that even enough greats?-----Warning: sensitive topic regarding the setting. It will be placed in a brothel(s) & red light district and such related topics will come up. However while there may b R18 contents, there will be no such scenes.

  • The Dragon's Rose

    The Dragon's Rose


    "In your eyes, I am nothing more than a plaything, an insignificant pet. Not more than a bar of refined gold, your accessory as an Emperor. Isn't that what you take me for? Just your female prostitute."---------------Celestine Schleifer, in her whole life, has trained to be a courtesan. Finally, at her coming of age ceremony, she was appointed to be part of the Celestial Roses at the House of Amora.However, on her first night, due to unforeseen circumstances, her peaceful life has been shattered, with everything going against her beliefs. With no other choice, Celestine chose to go against her values, and when it seemed like all hope was lost, light once again surfaced-the Emperor.The Emperor has graced her life with his presence, providing her with light amidst her life's darkness.Yet, will all remain the same? For it turns out, the sun that has shined her life with light and warmth was actually as cold as the wind in the dark night, illuminated by the proud and round moon-as ruthless as an errant dragon.

  • The Undoing of a Libertine

    The Undoing of a Libertine

    A Libertine... Jeremy Greymont certainly qualifies. ‘Sex rough and women loose’ is his credo - one he’s always taken very seriously, with no deference whatsoever to the society into which he’s been born. He’s been perfectly content milling along through life on an existence of courtesans and fine Scotch whisky...that is until his grandfather let him know he’s out of time, and his station in life comes with duties attached. Jeremy must produce an heir - posthaste. Lucky for him, the lovely Georgina is the perfect answer to his predicament and intrigues him like no other woman before her. Jeremy can’t wait to make her his lady and begin working on creating that heir he needs so badly. He’s even willing to tone down his preference for the wild romps he’s always enjoyed in the bedchamber, just for her sake. There will be plenty of time to teach his innocent bride all about that after the wedding, right? No, not even close. Georgina’s demons trump Jeremy’s in so many ways. A brutal assault has left her wounded and vowing she can be wife to no man—not even Jeremy Greymont. What is a libertine to do? *This story is for readers age 18+ due to adult content and situations. THE UNDOING OF A LIBERTINE is created by RAINE MILLER, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Slice and dice

    Slice and dice


    Morwen Blackthorn was four years old when she when she watched her mother be killed right in front of her. She ran for her life and ended up in the enemy’s kings hands. With a wiped memory Morwen is trained to be a killing machine. Her only friend is a Courtesan who works in the castle. The king sends her out to kill the princes of Esparia. Morwen tries to assassinate one of the princes in his sleep. Thrown into the dungeons they torture her. The princes recognize her as their sisters who they thought died along with their mother. She denies it as long as she can until she hears a lullaby that she remembered from her past. They take her around the town and the outskirts of the city. every thing looks familiar to her. Morwen ends up meeting with general Killian. As Morwen learns more about her past the more she hates the king for taking her away. War breaks out in both countries. Morwen will never forgive the king and won’t stop until he is dead for his crime against her family.