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  • Sorcerer...Cyborg???




    "Kothar had left fear behind long ago, he knew that to become truly powerful, he would have to walk into the very jaws of death, again and again, until either he died, or overcame the limits of mortality. "A struggle through endless planes, obliterated by the Devourer. Kothar, a cyborg reincarnated into a world of magic, embarks on a journey of new knowledge, fierce battles and an ever-increasing need to become stronger. Combining the technology of his past with the magic he learns, Kothar seeks to become powerful beyond comprehension, to exact revenge on the Devourer.Follow Kothar as he fights against all manner of strange beings, explores exotic worlds and meets the oddest characters as he journeys through the myriad planes, hoping to find his way back to the Galactic Alliance, or whatever remains of it.Updates twice daily!Discord:

  • Cyborg Zero

    Cyborg Zero

  • Broken Cyborg

    Broken Cyborg

    The key to life and creating life is not that simple. There needs to be a long waiting for that are grown from a type of jelly that looks and feels like human skin. The cyborg; Number 2 Type Executor is no ordinary cyborg. She is half human. Her organs, veins, and her brain is the only living things that are human and her skeleton is made out of cartilage and metal and her skin is made from a jelly. 2E has a "twin", and he is just like her. 2E doesn't question her existence like any other normal cyborg would. It's a cyborg's job to keep feelings under a lock and key. Feelings are prohibited. After a traumatizing situation happens 2E and a Class S Criminal, she begins to question the meaning of life. Her creator is targeted by a group of Class S Criminals who were hired as hitman by the city's government. Putting all of her own feelings aside, she, her twin, and the group of cyborgs who were created along with them put their lives on the line to save their creator... And the city.

  • Cyborg Apocalypse

    Cyborg Apocalypse

    The lives of the residents of the world turned upside down when a Cyborg apocalypse occured.

  • Cyborg and Vampire

    Cyborg and Vampire


    aku hidup kembali sebagai seorang Cyborg...

  • The Cyborg Assailant

    The Cyborg Assailant

    Sci-fi Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

    Cyborgs have taken over the world. They consider themselves as the enemies of humans and each human they encounter, they transform them into cyborgs too or kill them if they are too violent. As Emilie Tilman escapes with a man who she saw going away with a car, they believe that they are the only humans left and must conquer all cyborgs. But how will she do so? As they discovers a hidden technology that shows the map of the civilians of the damaged world, they are shocked as they realize that they are not the only ones grasping for hope.

  • Cyborg Siblings

    Cyborg Siblings

    I am a half demon named Kiran. I adopted a couple of Cyborg kids. The first chapter is mostly about how I met them and my story. The second and so on is more about them. If you want to know our story please read.

  • Cyborg (Knifer 137)

    Cyborg (Knifer 137)


    Tom Cassidy was a regular nobody... until he was hit by a truck; now he's half man and half electronic gadget; but the people who saved Tom and gave him a new life have special plans for him, plans that Tom might not like

  • Cyborg Love

    Cyborg Love

    Sci-fi Romance ROMANCE

    Dokatos younger brother is dead. He died of a heart defect at birth. However Dokato had been looking forward to his sibling so much that he never gave up hope of ever having one. This is how his cyborg was born. Jackson.

  • Cyborg: Reborn

    Cyborg: Reborn

  • Black Market Merchant

    Black Market Merchant


    Several years after major nuclear wars, followed by the rise of robotic armies, have caused the world to become post-apocalyptic. The year is 2276 and Earth is now full of anarchy, corruption, and death. The rich are richer, the poor are poorer and government’s ever crueler. A lone woman carrying a large backpack, in the shape of a coffin, comes to a small post-apocalyptic town in the middle of southern Utah, whose only existence rides on the Colorado River. There is a dam which provides water, food, and transportation to the several thousand people who have been congregating in the slowly re-growing town. Many had once hoped to fix the hydroelectric station to rebuild their lives, but corruption brews. This lone woman stops at one of the bars in town and gets into a fight with some local gangsters who were mistreating a young girl outside. Causing her to become at odds with the gangs of the town. This is the instance that first roots our heroine, Lisa Cunningham, to save this town and prompted her to start growing her Black Market Empire here! However, gangs are the least of her worries! Robotic army’s, rebellion militia, mutated monsters, mad cults, competing companies, government entities and lustful men keep ogling over her all the time!! Not to mention the strange events that slowly begin to unfold around the little girl, Hanna, that Lisa had saved. Yet there is more to Lisa than gorgeous looks alone. She has come back from over 200 years ago and is learning more about what has happened while she was in cryogenic sleep. A sleep that she volunteered to do for the US military due to her cyborg body! There is so much that has changed on Earth, much of which is far from what she once remembered and now she has even more to learn. How will she be able to survive in a hostile apocalyptic world and reach her own frivolous goals to obtain great riches?Follow along now!Please Vote and leave Comments!

  • Cyborg in another world

    Cyborg in another world

    In a world where everything is considered fantasy, where cultivators fight for the peak of everything, with unknown lands spanning millions and billions of miles where there are creatures lurking everywhere, with a myriad of things waiting to be explored ranging from nothingness to the unknown, there was an extraordinary thing appearing deep within the earth, a thing out of this world, a cyborg. I'm posting a chapter on a higher probability on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays.

  • Reborn as a Cyborg

    Reborn as a Cyborg

    John Foster is just your average guy. Fresh out of high school. When he gets hit by a truck and dies. At least. That’s what he thought. Until he wakes up 300 years later with cybernetics and has to adapt to a brand new world.

  • the demon cyborg

    the demon cyborg


  • Reincarnated As A Cyborg

    Reincarnated As A Cyborg

    Year 2055. The mankind continues to conquer the Solar System, lands on planets and their satellites, builds research bases and studies rocks and fossils of their surfaces. The young cosmonaut of Russian-Japanese origin - Andrey Tenkaichi, crashes as a result of trying to get to Mercury. As a result, his ship burns down, and he himself loses half of his body and internal organs. From this very moment, and his new life begins.

  • Cyborg of the Roman era

    Cyborg of the Roman era

  • Ex-Human Cyborg

    Ex-Human Cyborg


    I have already written the first chapter of the book and it looks good to me, what do you think should I post it or wait till I have written 10+ then then post it all at the same day idk if you gonna have fun reading it but I had fun writing it.**************************************************Humans have lived on Earth for thousands of years and in those thousands there has been one mystery that couldn't be solved.Throughout history , humans have asked one question ," Are we alone "To find the answer to this question humans started exploring the spaceunbeknown to them extraterrestrial lifeforms have been living on earth for a long time finding information about humans and planning their invasion.Uncaring of all the things happening around in the world , In a small place a boy who has lived his whole life in poverty found something in a dump of garbage that was gonna change his life forever.The earth was invaded by a higher life form and they took control of earth.See how this boy who got this mysterious power changes the fate of humanity and many other races that have been invaded by the "galadon's "***************Note guys this is my first time writing a novel I found many authors on webnovel writing their stories so I thought why not give it a try I have thought up a good story and I can only hope that I will be able to keep getting good ideas and complete the story. if I am able to write something good then I will do a mass release ,add this to your library so when I start releasing chapter you can know about it.Also the title is not final yet I ma thinking of a good name so plase wait

  • Ms Isekai'd Cyborg

    Ms Isekai'd Cyborg


  • I'm A Cyborg

    I'm A Cyborg


    IN MATT'S MIND, a black space formed with a blue stream flooding into it, the blue stream condensed into a ball. As more knowledge kept entering his brain, the ball kept growing bigger. When it reached the size of a baby, it burst and condensed into a baby sized Matt. The "baby" opened his eyes and saw a red light in a distance, from the red light came a voice."Welcome"

  • the cyborg battle to go home

    the cyborg battle to go home

    Chris woke up on a station under attack. with limbs he shouldn't have anymore, an head full of question and one wish: getting safely home.