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  • The Cynical Love Affair

    The Cynical Love Affair


    "Time is just an illusion. What you need is to live this very moment. That is all that matters."UNFORGIVABLE AND SCANDALOUS— The heavens have always been jealous about the intimate bond between the lovers, Sabina, the daughter of an archduke, and Aurelia, one of the highest knights of their empire. A sad fate, as described in the books, their love is now imprinted as part of history... yet, they vowed that in their next lifetime — they will find their way back to each other's arms once again.Fast forward to the present times, Sabina, currently known as Valerie, is now a famous actress whose stardom is being abrupted by rumors of her engaging in homosexual activities with women from her teenage years. Unwilling to let go of her rising career, she's determined to do all she can to find a way out of this mishap even if it means being involved in a loveless marriage with a conceited young politician.However, Lucrecia (former Aurelia), the headmistress of a crime organization, has other plans for the actress and she might just be willing to change Valerie's mind... DEVOTION AND THE DANGERS OF BEING CAUGHT. History will repeat itself but this time, will they both be able to change the course of their destiny? Or they will end up being just another cynical love affair? Read to find out.[WARNING: This story contains profanity and scenes not advisable for children under 18 years old to read]

  • The Cynical Doctor

    The Cynical Doctor

  • Is It Wrong to be Cynical!

    Is It Wrong to be Cynical!

    A monologue of a pessimistic and cynical guy. A MC who is incapable of trusting others and tends to read between the lines. Suffering from the cancer of over thinking and delusion until he met with.... MC: Give me some OP skill or system. *Congratulation you have received coin system. MC: #@%&#

  • The Cynical Emperor’s Favorite

    The Cynical Emperor’s Favorite

    In 843, the quiet prince Li Yi who everyone thought was stupid got drunk, went hunting, and made a provincial mayor’s daughter pregnant. Li Yi summoned this girl to the palace to become his wife’s maid so that he could meet their son and continue their affair, but his wife Chao Bai’s ruthless family sent the girl Ning threats to scare her out of going, securing their puppet daughter Bai’s place as main wife and consolidating their place as a powerful family. When a surprising turn of events make it so that the overlooked Li Yi is the emperor of China, Ning ventures out to the Forbidden City so that her son can meet his father. In the end, Ning will become one of the most powerful women of the Tang Dynasty.

  • A strom so cynical

    A strom so cynical

  • Triangle! ( Trio Cynical Women)

    Triangle! ( Trio Cynical Women)



    Ini kisah tentang tiga dara Cantik : Tiga dara cantik yang terikat dalam sebuah Geng persahabatan, bernama Triangel. Triangle yang biasanya menceritakan tentang cinta segitiga. Namun, kini berbeda! Ini adalah Triangle yang bercerita tentang Persahabatan Tiga Dara cantik yang baru menginjak usia remaja 16+ , dengan perbedaan karakter, namun memiliki 1 kesamaan, yaitu sama-sama cynical. Mereka dipertemukan oleh sebuah sekolah elite. Sekolah bertaraf internasional, sejak dibangku kelas 2 SMP hingga kini 3 SMA. Dan sejak itu mereka selalu bersama. Namun, Persahabatan mereka tiba-tiba mengalami sebuah konjangan hebat. Dimana mereka satu-persatu mulai menemukan hal-hal baru yang selama ini tidak pernah mereka dapatkan sejak persahabatan mereka terbentuk. Satu-persatu dari mereka mulai menyadari, bahwa kehidupan tak selalu tentang mereka bertiga. Dunia mereka luas. Keluarga, kekasih dan orang-orang sekitar mereka pun harusnya ikut terlibat dalam kehidupan mereka. Hingga ketiganya bertanya-tanya, kemana semua kesempatan untuk orang lain itu pergi??? Dan ketika mereka menyadari itu, mereka pun harus rela untuk kehilangan semua yang seharusnya masih mereka miliki dan selalu mereka pertahankan selama ini. Ketika semua telah sirnah, akankah usia persabatan mereka yang sudah hampir 4 tahun lamanya bisa terus bertahan, ditengah Ujian Persabatan mereka yang mulai silih berganti hadir????? ayuk simak ceritanya dalam Trio Cynical Women!

  • Supreme Magus

    Supreme Magus



    Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy Schedule: 12 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or stuff happens) Chapter Lenght: 1200 - 1400 words Warning: The MC is not a hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea. Same if you want an unchanging MC with no character development. -------------------------------------------- Support the Author: ------------------------------------------- Discord channel: ---------------------------------------- Cover by Traellium

  • Sweetly Cynical: Thief Of Magic

    Sweetly Cynical: Thief Of Magic

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC DEVIL BADBOY

    A mass murderer is on the loose, feeding on the life forces of his victims with the hope that it will make him immortal. To stop him, a coven of witches must team up with a group of mortal magicians.

  • Sweetly Cynical: Blood In The Water

    Sweetly Cynical: Blood In The Water

    Horror&Thriller URBAN KIDNAP

    A young man must avoid being murdered by the assassins and killer clowns who have teamed up to target him.

  • The Cynical List of Leigh-Anne Adubya

    The Cynical List of Leigh-Anne Adubya

    Teen R18 COMEDY

  • A believer or a cynic

    A believer or a cynic

  • The Daily logs of a Cynical Nobody

    The Daily logs of a Cynical Nobody


    Well, to put it simply this will just be my thoughts and feelings of everything I think about life and everything else.fair warning English is not my mother language and my grammar is not that good, so you have been warned.

  • Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling

    Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling



    Excerpt: "You jerk! How dare you? Just because you are my guardian and I have nobody to ask, did you think, you can take advantage of me? I thought you stand on high morals..." Rian turned Aria towards him not quietly understanding what was going on. Amelia and Rowan were in the same state. "Arrie! What happened? Did brother do something? Why are you angered so much?" He sounded very concerned. Alan leaned on his room door frame thinking what would be her answer. ..... Aria's mouth was wide open in shock. 'Sh*t! This man really has a mental illness. How can he forget so soon?' It vexed her more and wrung her hand to punch but Alan held her hand twirled her before pressing her back on him. "Young Miss Cooper! Mind your hand." He said loudly and whispered, "If you wanted more, you should have asked me." ~~~~ Aria Cooper, a confident, brave, intelligent, lively teenager turns insecure and timid losing her only family, her father. Alan Morgan, a cold, indifferent young President of Morgan Industries falls in love with the teenage girl who moves into his mansion. Being a cynic, will he be able to change and win over the girl's heart? Will he be able to find the culprit behind the murder of Aria Cooper's father who targets her? Will he be able to keep her safe? --- *** --- This is an original story. Story DISCORD: Ko-fi: Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover.

  • A Song For A Summer's Night

    A Song For A Summer's Night



    [R18: Completed] Two people, the CEO of an Entertainment company, Song Luli, and Long Jie, the successor of a conglomerate, are entangled together in a web of power, high society, and calculating schemes—and what do they need to do to survive it? A marriage pact to bind them together. Both are bound to duty, responsibility, and their families, and neither cares about love. But what happens when they both mutually respect and admire each other’s work? What happens when they cannot deny their physical attraction for long? Will their feelings develop profoundly, or will they maintain a platonic business relationship? Disclaimer: This novel is RESTRICTED to 18+ only due to Mature themes such as DETAILED SEX SCENES, COARSE LANGUAGE, AND FIGHT SCENES. THERE IS NO RAPE. ...Synopsis: Song Luli is a sharp-tongued, bold, and reserved young woman who unexpectedly becomes the new successor of her father's company—Song Entertainment—right after her older sister abruptly disinherits herself. Song Luli, now the heiress of a large company, soon receives word that Song Entertainment is crumbling in the business world. To secure her position, she must marry Long Jie, a wickedly handsome heir of a conglomerate, who is bound to duty and responsibility. Long Jie is a handsome, ruthless, and calculative young man who destroys careers or makes them, and he is known to be frigid by rejecting every offer for a suitable match. But he picks Song Luli. On the terms of marriage, they agreed to never fall in love, to never think about the possibility as they dedicate their time towards their jobs and families. Marriage benefited both of them for the sake of power and to survive the turmoils of High Society. Watch as the budding romance blooms between two stubborn and cynical individuals who share more in common than they want to admit, learning more about what it means to be married, and battle the power struggles that they face, together.Meanwhile...Song Luli's cousin Su Xiang is an aspiring doctor devoted to her job and inheriting the legacy her mother built. She is the heiress of Song Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest medicinal companies in the country. But when her older adoptive brother returns from four years of Medical school, she must confront the blooming feelings she harbours for him. ...Tags: #Arranged Marriage, #Romance, #Forbidden Romance, #Crime Drama, #Mystery, #Plot Twists, #Underworld *There are a few love stories interwoven in the plot that comes together in the end to unravel a devastating truth.* - No prolonged misunderstandings- No sexual assault Discord:, not mine, will be removed at request. Credit to the artist!

  • Kingdom of Jar; the cynical origin
A Twisted Manga

    Kingdom of Jar; the cynical origin A Twisted Manga


  • You Are My Protagonist (BL)

    You Are My Protagonist (BL)


    Note: Volume 1 and 2 are two separate stories happening to different people in the same university. The characters intersect in one chapter. Then, volume 3 involves all three. Volume 1:Twenty two year old Ram has got it all, he's intelligent, athletic, social, and he's just been hired by a well known consulting firm. Life would be perfect...if his grandmother weren't ill and if his mother didn't think she'd be miraculously cured by him getting an Indian girlfriend on the premise of marriage. Still, Ram trudges on...until he meets Chen. Whimsical, openly gay, and following his dreams of being a novelist, Chen is the complete opposite of Ram. Yet, he has nothing to do with Ram until a sudden accident brings them together.Volume 2:"I'll be your eyes." Ever since elementary school when the soft spoken brunette said that to him, looking very like the model of a super hero in a comic book, Jason hasn't been able to forget it. And as the seasons changed and everyone faced the inevitable phenomenon of "growing up" Jason kept his slowly failing eyes desperately trained on his hero, following him through high school and onto college. Now, a senior about to graduate, will Jason possibly be noticed by his hero? Or will his love life fail just like his eyes slowly turning blind...Volume 3Chen isn't crazy. At least he doesn't think he is. But he considers the characters he writes about real, very much so. He wants his boyfriend to understand this but it's harder than he expects until he and Ram join the literary club for their annual camping trip and...he, Ram, Jason, and Arev are sucked into the world of his books.

  • Bloodlust Unleashed

    Bloodlust Unleashed

    Fantasy ROMANCE ACTION R18

    Jack Cook, a boy aged 17, is a boy who has lived his whole life in a poor family and has not experienced many things in life due to that, most people poor like him would fall to the more delinquent side of life... drugs, alcohol, raves. Things that didn't cost so much but provided great satiation to a bored poor teenager.However Jack had a brain that just wouldn't let him think that it was a good idea, so he never partook even when he was offered.Instead he filled his time with gaming and having fun with his family & friends. He does not regret doing this because as was mentioned, he disapproves of more delinquent acts.Jack, our protagonist, had just won a lottery, a lottery to the new VRMMORPG - Bloodlust Unleashed - Accompanied by the virtual cabin required to play it.This game is said to be a fantasy world which is close to a second reality, with the only game-like features being the system interface, quest system and hosted events. Other than this the world was a second life.This wasn't taken seriously by many people, however once inside the world, it can no longer be denied.

  • 8 The Infinite

    8 The Infinite



    *disclaimer* This novel contains extreme violence and may not be suited for the faint of heart. Is immortality a gift or curse? For 8 the suicidal immortal the answer is quite clear. But making his death wish a reality won't be an easy task. The Broken Wastelands are full of anomalous places that break the rules of physics, time and space, offering fates worse than death especially to an immortal such as 8. The people of the wastelands are no less dangerous, turning to fanatical and strange ways of life in order to fit the chaotic and twisted lands they call their home. What will 8 find first? A way to end his life once and for all? Or a purpose strong enough to make him abandon the search for death?

  • Abyssal Gaze

    Abyssal Gaze


    An entity Gods nor Demons could escape. The Abyss.Some say it's the epitome of nothing others say its eternal darkness and silence.No one truly knows, not even the Gods. They know it exists, its something they worship in a way but also fear.So... how would they react if that same Abyss had chosen a host, someone who could unravel the secrets of the Abyss.And a teen nonetheless.In a world where humanity is overran with monsters coming out of magical gates that lead to otherworldly dimensions.Where does Xale stand in this harsh place.***Hello! My name is Jack, I hope you enter the this journey along with me for I hope to create a great story.Be aware that I am an amateur in writing and I also have school to attend to, so if my uploads are not consistent (which is likely) I apologise but I hope the quality makes up for it. Another thing is that I am British, so some of my spellings are different from American English.- This is not my art and if the artist feels it needs to be taken down, don't hesitate to contact me. -





    Morgana a beautiful wicked sinister young lady hated and envied by many women for having an affair with the handsome and delectable CEO of the ETNOMAS CORPORATION, with her cynical and wicked ways.... she woke up one morning to find herself with something buzzing on her head.... upon checking it out, she found out it was some kind of a system that will help her level up to make her dreams come true ...... she became rich and a leader of an international organization with assassinating mission... .with her dark secret will she stay at the dark side being a villainess and forget all about the system for her Lover or will she struggle to fight and change???