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  • Deception



    Aastha is surprised to see her uncle visit her home who lives a loner life away from them. He rarely visits them and barely speaks a word. In the need of knowing him, she starts to follow him when he leaves her birthday party and comes face to face with one of his secrets. While on the other side, Prayas has been in a misery for years, punishing himself for the crime he thinks he committed. The woman he fell in love with is now old while he is still a young man. It's not that she denied falling in love with him because of who he was but because she hates him for what he did.The curiosity of Aastha towards her uncle's life brings his past in front of them and slowly the truth is revealed opening up all the secrets of his past life.

  • The Kiss Of Deception

    The Kiss Of Deception


    Callum Facci's life motto used to become powerful, a little bit more powerful and all more powerful.  Then he, he met a beautiful and young painter (His greatest rival in disguise)  His life motto was quickly changed to:  Making Calliope Wilding his wife!  …  Callum Facci: Would you like to go out with me? Calliope Wilding: What for?  Callum Facci: For coffee or a meal? Calliope Wilding: Sorry, I like homemade food the best.  Dense Calliope– 1, All-wise Callum– 0 … Even though Callum knew his Duchess was dense, but she was his, no objections allowed! __ This story is about a woman who found love when she least expected. She is a duchess who had been on run for a year. [Tags: Beautiful Female Lead, Charming Protagonist, Couple Growth, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests,  Female Protagonist,  Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming Inferiority Complex,  Love Interest Falls in Love First, Marriage,  Slow Romance Strong Love Interests, Unconditional Love, Wealthy Love interests, Aristocracy, Politics, Business Management.] … Mature Content ahead.  No Rape or Cheating.  This story is set in the same world as the book 'THe Villain' It is a part of the series 'dark horses' but can be read as a standalone.  …  My Other works: The Typhoon's dangerous wife (Ongoing with 350+ chapters) THe Villain (Ongoing with 200+ Chapters) Unscrupulous Enchantress: the ex wife has returned. (Ongoing) 

  • The deception

    The deception

    So many promises gone out of the window. And the love they felt for each other, turn into darkness.When all her dream fades away. she comes and gave her hope to dream. When she needs help. There, she is awaiting to gave her helping hand. The only price she need to pay was to one day go back and take her place while wearing different costume but same face. As her lies catches up with her, at the same time losing her heart to the only man she promised not to love. What will happen when all deception and the games she played come to an end. She smiles as she said " checkmate" .Declaimer: The cover does not belong to me. All credit goes to the actual own.

  • Breaking Deception

    Breaking Deception


    Gently, his lips brushed against mine. Taking Trevor by pleasant surprise, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Our lips moved in perfect sync. His intoxicating beach scent washed over me. I could feel myself getting wet the more we kissed. All my surroundings disappeared. Only Trevor and his skilled warm lips remained. Trevor groaned and licked at my bottom lip. I opened for him and his tongue invaded me. He explored my mouth, tasting and teasing. Sensations I had never felt before exploded in every fiber of my body. “You’re just as sweet as I’ve fantasized about for so long.” He murmured, still kissing me. “I can’t hold back, I want to ravage all of you.” Something hard rubbed between my legs. I moaned into his mouth. He rubbed his erection against me intimately. I cried out in pleasure. Yes! Mine, he’s my true love. Mine! Mine? No! Trevor took enjoyment in torturing and abusing his women! But how was I supposed to resist this sinful man? Natalie is a half demon recently freed from her tormentor. She was taught her true love enjoyed abusing women with his pretend sister. Once free, she leaves her past behind for a new dimension, safe with her friend. She yearns to live a simple life as a baker. Trevor, an elemental human, was tricked into thinking his true love died. He goes to his sister's dimension to keep an eye on everything. He pretends to love his womanizing ways, but secretly longs for a family. Both are torn by deception. With an assassin attacking the nobility of their new kingdom, will they be able to sort through all the lies and work together? Or will past fabrications keep them strangers. *Warning-Sexual content/ triggers/ dark themes may be present.

  • My Deception

    My Deception

    As her only daughter prepares for college, Sharon Conroy must make a difficult decision. A teacher married to a New York City lawyer, Sharon must decide if she can tell him she is a lesbian and has never had sexual feelings for him. Their sub28 life has otherwise been perfect, and the world thinks of them as the perfect family. Her whole life as Mrs. Conroy has been a lie.<br><br>When her daughter Mattie comes out as gay, the decision is made for her. Once the secret of her “perfect family” is out, can she finally embrace who she is and allow herself to find true love?

  • Irresistible Deception

    Irresistible Deception


    Blair Anderson is quite... an energetic, charismatic person? Someone who loves pressing on people's buttons out of curiosity, which gets her into problems sometimes. She speaks her mind (most of the times) without thinking about the aftermaths of her actions. She believes that deep inside everyone, there's always good, despite her terrible parents. Because of her daring yet too trusting personality, it may lead to her downfall, as she meets Ameo Adler, who has strong insatiable desires and can be a bit too... calm in frightening situations. She will later know that he's not what he seems to be; for better, for worse. And learn that there's a frail, delicate line between protective and controlling, attraction and obsession. What could ever go wrong when a fiery rendezvous ignites between an unguarded woman and an artful man? Nothing. Right?? **Changes are occurring**

  • Illusory Deception

    Illusory Deception

    In 2028, the world experienced a complete transformation from the appearance of Mana after The Cataclysm.The Mages are the new assets disputed by every countries. Their capacities putting them apart of the regular civilians giving them unchallenged authority and power.Follow Stephan, a young Korean showing exceptional gifts to magic but burdened by his useless birth element: Illusion. Will he be forced to abandon his path of becoming a combat Mage? Is the illusion element only useful for street tricks?

  • Deception Point

    Deception Point


  • Tomboy (deception)

    Tomboy (deception)

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Olivia Simon lost her twin brother, Oliver in a ghastly car accident. Down with heartbreak and loneliness, she ran away from home to her aunt Grace's in Australia. Crying and missing her brother, she decided to become him to ease her pain.Kane Boron, the heir to the MavinTech, known to be cold and arrogant but indeed was looking for a friend happens to hit off with a new guy on his 28 birthday party and they became best of friends.What happens when Olivia notice she was in love with her best friend, how is she going to tell him without him being angry that she deceived him?How is Kane going to cope when he noticed that he was attracted to his friend and really wants to kiss him? What happens to his preference? Is he turning gay? He found himself in a big dilemma with no how to escape.

  • Deception: Shadow

    Deception: Shadow

  • Money & Deception

    Money & Deception


    "What's your religion ?" he asked "Money" I replied

  • Murder By Deception

    Murder By Deception

    Realistic Fiction MYSTERY

    After the last sane member of the Grimwaltz family passes, the ever mysterious, Hobbian Grimwaltz snaps, unleashing his dark self in a twistedly staged suicide.

  • Room of Deception

    Room of Deception

  • Deception of Love

    Deception of Love


  • The Catastrophic Deception

    The Catastrophic Deception


    On the year of 2025, the world is currently on a pandemic it's an airborne pandemic in which came from the disease of a deer that currently have no vaccine or cure until one day a scientist found a cure for it from another country in which it's no cure at all but a deception.year 2038, Tomas Santiago got betrayed by someone but he himself didn't know who. he then opened his eyes got found himself on the year 2025 from his past and in which the apocalypse all started. watch as Tomas Santiago overcame his fate using his knowledge from the past.

  • Eyes Of Deception

    Eyes Of Deception


  • love in deception

    love in deception


  • kiss of deception

    kiss of deception

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

  • Blood Of Deception

    Blood Of Deception

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    Ancient times were all about customs and principles. And she wanted just about everything they forbade. By secretly dwelling outside the palace walls, Meiyue began to develop affection toward a commoner man, something scorned by the upper-class society. Soon as the kingdom gradually fell into a political war, Meiyue life’s was offered up as a bargaining chip by none other than her own mother. But little did they know that everything was set up in an ancient scheme that started with that bloody night fifteen years ago. The solution might fall on the same commoner man, who joined the fray to bring back the youngest princess from the enemy’s den. And the truth he stumbled upon along the way would not only alter the reality he knew but also lead to a terrible discovery that’d leave Meiyue’s dream of a future with him to ashes.

  • Friendship And Deception

    Friendship And Deception

    "This world is nothing but deception. "It has been told in this book that what is the reality of the world and friends are deceiving, love is trying and the curtain has been raised from a worldly reality.

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