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  • Harry Potter and the King of Dementors

    Harry Potter and the King of Dementors


    Join a Young man who has been reincarnated into the World of Harry Potter as he sassily, sarcastically, and somehow stealthily scales his way to the top of The Wizarding World.(yes mc will be rich but not to overpowered, he starts off way stronger than harry and the gang, and will only get move powerful from then on){author's note}this is my first time writing a book so please be nice I mostly writing this for fun and because my friend Andrew keeps bugging me to use my "fantastic writing skills" and write him a LGBTQ Harry Potter fanfic because he can't find any. There will be many grammar mistakes and a few poltholes that I will do my best to avoid thatthere will be multiple lgbtq characters specifically MC and romantic interest will be boy x boyDONT LIKE DONT READ!thank you and I hope you enjoy!!

  • Basilisk-born (Fanfiction Translation)

    Basilisk-born (Fanfiction Translation)


    FANFICTION IN TRANSLATIONFANFICTION TERJEMAHANTahun kelima: Setelah serangan Dementor, Harry tidak kembali ke Hogwarts - bukan? ! Alih-alih Harry, seekor ular bergerak ke dalam jubah singa. Orang tidak akan tahu apa yang menimpa mereka ketika pion catur Dumbledore, Harry, hilang tepat waktu… Dumbledore manipulatif, 'Slytherin! Harry', Perjalanan Waktu!Aku sudah minta izin kepada author untuk menterjemahkan cerita ini. Perhatian: karakter bukan milikku, ini milik JK Rowling. Dan cerita ini bukan milikku tapi milik Ebenblid. Jika kalian ingin baca cerita aslinya dari Ebenblid. Ini linknya ya've asked permission from the author to translate this story. Caution: character is not mine, this belongs to JK Rowling. And this story is not mine but belong Ebenblind. If you want to read the original story from Ebenblind. Here is the link

  • Birthmarks



    Rose Potter, everyone thought she was dead after the incident in her first year at Hogwarts. Harry didn't think she'd be safe anymore so, Dumbledore obliviates her and told everyone she died. But in reality they sent her back to London to live a normal life with the Dursley's. Harry hid her all this time from the Wizarding World. Until one day after school, she gets attacked by a dementor. Her rescuer? Draco Malfoy. She finds out about the Wizarding World because of him, and after telling Harry she knew everything, Rose insisted on going back to Hogwarts. And surprisingly, Harry agreed. After arriving, she stumbles upon a book that'll change her life. And everyone else's.But she'll have to deal with betrayal, love, heartbreak, death, and the past... (Rose is Harry's twin)-{The order of the Phoenix - deathly hallows}-This fanfic contains strong language, mature scenes and topics! It mentions abuse/rape so carefully think about it if you'd like to read.It also contains smut ;)These characters belong to J.K Rowling!!Elijah Grey, Rose Potter, and the plot belong to me

  • ODD FUTURE:Catastrophe

    ODD FUTURE:Catastrophe


    Draco Malfoy as a Main lead being prison in Azkaban in 10 years and die with a dementor kiss the life draco leads is nothing more than a waste of space and something that he can be proud. So when he wakes up in as baby he was "FREAKING CONFUSE" like hell that his whole life being spoilt like a prince will end up in the prison again!If this a second chance he will make sure that his family will be save to the manipulations of DUMBLEDORE AND VOLDEMORT he will not fall for schemes of anyone and will not be used as a pawn in a chess game that two assholes play.I Draco Malfoy swear in this life that i will make that those important to me will not caught in the war between those so called "black and white wizard" and protect the interest of my family and seize the opportunity to advance in this life and for the most important VOW i will change and bring the Malfoy House to Greatness and Maybe not being Prejudice a little bit.-This story is where Draco Malfoy Time travel be warn this story will not make draco like The golden trio. He will be like a opportunist who will use any means to advance and succeed to any plan he makes. -This Draco will be Smart,Cunning,Manipulative ,Political and Powerful




    The darkish dusk of dementors and devils collapses to form the most malicious book of all times. Inside the book resides a realm of magic and witchcraft.Rules -The one who reads the book should ensure that neither he/she or any one else takes the name of the writer , especially while reading the book, if one does, then, he/she would be responsible for the ominous things that might take place around the world.If one desires to be in the realm of magic and darkness while holding and staring at the book, then, the book will either let him/her inside the endless labyrinth or will negotiate with that person's fate to make him/her experience the realm she/he craves for .Five Friends, unaware of the events that are about to change their lifestyles, their goals etc. forever! Quinn is a lively mature boy, however, now has transformed into a grave persona due to the possession of an eccentric quill. The quill starts to glow out of the blue, changes the aroma of the aura, writes on the air and the etchings on the air molecules turn real! The quill writes the future of Sorcinto(magical town which collapsed into a ledger). What is the past of that mystical quill? Why Sorcinto, out of nowhere, dissipated? Why and how are the vicious creatures of a different unknown realm revealing themselves in the human world? Answers to infinite questions about the magical town is in the book named as THE VOLUME OF SORCINTO - LEGENDARY REALMS ARE MEANT TO BE READ AS FANTASIES. A/N - Hello guys! Thanks for reading till here! I'll be drenched with euphoria if you guys will stick with me through this journey of reading and writing! Also I wanna say that maybe the story seem quite obscure in first 2 or 3 chapters but I ensure you that reading my novel won't be a wastage of your time! Just wait and watch ! Many mysteries and astounding gospels about the story are on the way! Thank you for reading till here! Hope you have an idyllic day ahead!

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