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  • Valkyrie & The Emperor

    Valkyrie & The Emperor

    Update: 11 Feb 2019 - this novel has been temporarily deleted for developmental editing.

  • Different... way too different

    Different... way too different

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE R18 COMEDY

    Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.Autistic people see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. Autism is not an illness or disease and cannot be cured. Jace has that. I'm suppose to help him but I don't even know the first steps to dealing with autism. He's just so damn different to me.

  • One Year of Assassination

    One Year of Assassination

    Year 2032.A secret organization of assassins named "Developmental Research and Assassination Bureau" was established in order to keep the peace around the globe. Its main goal is to execute great leaders from different countries, who incorporated themselves in initiating a World War. The "Alliance of the Strongest Forces in the World" (ASFW), a union of different countries plans to have a systematic government administration. There would only be a Supreme leader to rule the world, and subordinates to support him. This is what everybody believes, but they've been keeping a crucial secret they don't want to get exposed in public. It's up to the 12 agents (also known as "The 12 Months of the Year") to plan accordingly and act constructively. They are humanity's last hope. Can they save the world? No one knows. Only one thing is for sure; one wrong move and everyone dies. ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ The story circulates with a full blast action, betrayal, tragedy and an unexpected plot twist you can never imagine. Hope you enjoy ♡ (CTTO on my temporary book cover HAHA.)

  • Exchange Door

    Exchange Door



    Today was the Flints' first day in their new home. After being declared bankrupt, the Flint family had to leave all the luxuries they previously had. Garrick Flint went bankrupt because the stock price suddenly dropped and was no longer valuable. This, of course, greatly affected the business he had been doing so far.Garrick had to give up all the assets he had sold to pay off debts and pay all his employees before they were all forced to be fired from their jobs because the place they worked had changed hands into someone else's."Garrick, are you sure this is the house we're going to live in now?"Camila looked at Garrick sadly as she saw the house they would be living in from today onwards, and who knows how long. Their two children, Audie and also Calvin, just listened silently to their parents talking. Both of them are currently just resigned because they also can't do anything."Yes, Camila, this is all we have at the moment. We have no other choice."Garrick then opened the gate of the wooden house, and he took his wife and two children into the vast courtyard of the house. The house was an inheritance from Garrick's parents and Garrick could live in now that he had no money.Audie and Calvin also had to change schools in the village. They were both registered by Garrick before they moved to this place.It was not an easy thing for Audie and Calvin who had to adapt to their new environment. The news of their father's bankruptcy made the two children experience bullying at their new school. Moreover, Calvin's condition, which is not like other children his age, makes Calvin always afraid when going to school.One day, Calvin doesn't want to go to school because he can't stand the bullying from his friends anymore. He then locks himself in a room in the attic of his grandfather's old house. Calvin then finds a locked antique cupboard. Calvin also finds a key, and then he opens the cabinet.Something happened when he opened the closet door. From inside the cupboard came out a body that looked very much like him. The teenage boy claimed to be named Arthur, from a country in the closet.Calvin then told his story as well as Arthur. The two then agreed to switch places to experience another life because they were very bored with their previous life.Will Arthur and Calvin be able to hide their real identities, which are very different? Arthur a genius, while Calvin, who has mental developmental delays, has to switch places. Of course, it will make people around them feel strange.How will their journey end? Follow the story in the book Exchange Door by Author Aveesa Huay only on Webnovel.

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