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  • Access denied

    Access denied

    →Access_denied→Reading files→U_=EH=*UT; ↓ Files Unlocked=1/-------- ----------\ | STMAI OS || booting up | \___________ /→Stack overflow→Rebooting→Rebooting→ Completed→WAR_NING Capabilities at 0.1%→Activating Unit {^€¢D4)→Corruption Too high Unit activation failed...→Starting LAST_STAND_*Task→Titan units Ac*; %+*::*($:→ Error, Error→Grid 241-790 Offline→All a. I functions are offline...→Contacting Space station 13→Connection_Failed→Scanning degradation to Storage→WARNING DEGRADATION AT 98% ON MAIN="="%&$$*"(Core)→Begining Procedure 11_13b56=True→Procedure Step one→Processing→Completed→Bunkers 1-100 Online→New Connection Link Detected.→Connect?→ Yes or No?→ [Yes]→Are you sure?→[Yes]→Connecting...→Connected→......C: Activate Cortex chip bjnlm!→Continue Session?→Reply Yes or no.→Last response Years:10 Months 5 Hours 7→→→→→→WARNING LIFE ON PLANET (:'-'-'-+%+6*T65FYYF}]°=÷√ Is at 0.10%→ Prompt Timed out Replying Yes Automatically→WARNING VIRUS DETECTED_Command; Line- Execute Command Activate Cortex chip Bj45nlm→Command Executed By {Outsource_Unknow} central command station.→New Command Host detected Connect?→ Connection=True→Online→Online→Online→Online-It seems our old friend has awakened...LAUNCH THE GRAND FLEET ANNIHILATE THIS ENEMY!→STMAI online→Starting_purge"I won't let you!"→Transmitting High wave Quantum Combination.→Taurus_Access_Comfirmed=True"Now let see how you like this?"→WARNING_TAURUS_AT_1000%_Power_Output=True_Deactivat-"STOP DEACTIVATION_ADMIN=TRUE."→Override_By_Dr_???=True"Haha NOW YOU ARE DEAD Our moon is not an ordinary one after all."→Target_Locked=True"Fire, Taurus"→Fireing_Solar_Collection_Device_Taurus."Now you shall see the power after the fall of terra"→WARNING_DOING_SO_WILL_CAUSE_TAURUS_POWER_RELAY_TO_BE_KNOCKED_OFF_COURSE_FROM_THE_HUB_DOING_SO_WILL_REQUIRE_MANUEL_RESET_AT_CORNPUNICUS_MOON_BASE."tch Do it"→Orrvirideing_Safety_Limiters_With_Dr_???_Premission=True.→Detecting Space temperature raise by 2°C."Now see the power of a fully operational Death star"→Warnnniing_Corre_Hub_At_10%_Power_Going_into_sleep_mode"Ah, Goodbye then" →Gama_Omega_Delta Received→Loading_It_Just_Works_By_Toad_{Corrputed}This story is inspired by a book on RR or Royal Road called Posthuman I HIGHLY recommend it if you like Meta-Humans and post-Apocalypse story's!Here is the linkhttps://www.royalroad.com/fiction/22848/post-humanThis story is the inspiration for mine so Yeah Please read it the author deserves it!

  • Apocalypse 32

    Apocalypse 32

    Jack is just a modern guy in this future world who makes a living from those cool hacks however things change...on haits untill summer sorry



    Hello and welcome esteemd sir you have been chosen by the world Creation and god system due to a lawsuit (pending) you are chosen by the heaven inc oversight committee and the OVERSEER! please be reminded to be humble because if you don't cough cough something bad will happen cough cough.PLEASE BE REMINDED THAT ALL PROBLEMS ON YOUR PLANET IS YOUR PROBLEM HERE IS THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS Under clause one of the countract if any harm befits your creature's origins are from you AND are not necessary You Can and Will be expelled from your contract and will be passing on to heaven inc processing plant.Under claus two if a demonic invasion occurs and you cannot combat it you have 3 times from heaven inc to call upon our forces if all 3 are used we will no longer assist and you will likely be dragged to hell.Under clause three should your planet be uninhabitable but unique eg breaking records native species etcyou WILL not be able to reroll your planet due to the "Randomness of planets" if you do it will cause serious prosecutions to be accured and or subsequent fines of GP and fireing of your "God" position.Under claus four if you name a person you will be fined 100 GP claus 4-1:nameing a animal cost 50 GPclause4-2a:nameing a town cost 9000 GPclause 4-2b:Nameing a city cost 100,000GPthis claus is here as defence against inappropriate gods such as nameing town dick and [REDACTED].Under claus five if a war incurrs a combined world population lost of 80% a new god will be put in place.clause 5-1 if a war incurrs on a SPECIAL world if a lost of population reach 60% a new God will be put in place.Under claus six if a God names a measurement something like dick inches or [REDACTED] they will be promptly removed from the God postion.Under claus seven if a God reach the space colonia era then if there is no god is a colonized world they will own it etc.Under claus eight if a another god is on a world being colonised one oversight member must be present for a war!Under claus nine if you lose a war or your command structure is broken all remaining members will start to be the other god followers unless reinforcements arrive it takes about 3-30 days depending on the belif.clause 9-1 if the other god wants GP you must give up 70% but they won't take your units.clause ten If a galactic war begins all Gods will be notified via a message like this"A galactic war has begun in [GALXAY NAME] on the [SECTION] the opponents are [EMPIRE NAME] and [EMPIRE NAME] one or both are at [SCIENCE TIER] And the Gods are [GOD NAME] of the [EMPIRE NAME] vs [GOD NAME] of the [EMPIRE NAME]" and thats that.clause elevenif religion waver and if your world has NOT existed for 999,999,999 years then this does not involve you if it does then if the religion goes below 5% you will be removed as that society will be considered a failure and destroyed.clause twelve the final cluse if the OVERSEER vists your empire here are the clausesclause 12-1 if under any circumstances you disappoint or fail the OVERSEER your empire will be thanos snaped.12-2 if you please the OVERSEER Heaven inc will award you with one super advance technology!12-3 if you go against the OVERSEER and declare war well then the ANOMALY Will be there soon. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS T&C DO YOU ACCEPT? YES OR NO MADE LOVEING BY HEAVEN INC FOR HELP PLEASE CONTACT HELL INC AT KEIRANB96@GMAIL.COM 3869 Leters and spaces + symbols!

  • Rise from the ashes.

    Rise from the ashes.


    The war of 2XXX ended with mutually assured Destruction of an Endless number of countries and cities but also the majority of Xion.Sure those who survived thought they knew the worst was over However If they knew what endless horrors came next well...They sure wouldn't be laughing now, would they?The Horrors They were what was left of the Old world You might be feeling safe in whatever bunker you were in But trust me those Things well Let's say that Even one of them could rip right through a 4m Titanium blast door.If you think that is bad those horrors Could rip right through tanks, People, Skyscrapers with ease The only safe place is the air surprisingly even though the nuclear Fallout is still covering the sky making Travel nigh-impossible Those Horrors I tried killing one of them and Dropped the Empire state building on it...IT DID NOTHING onto better news Future me or whoever finds this.THIS IS A P.S.A For anyone who finds this those horrors have a limited amount in Each city and town However if you can find a [REDACTED] then you should be safe I repeat find a [REDACTED] remember head North and if you find a [REDACTED] then there may be hope yet for all of us.Sincerely Ex-Major David.Singing off Day 41 of year 2XXX (February 11)PS: Remember to Use this code if you find [REDACTED] 09786755-ERROR Data beyond this point is corrupted start Fragmenting?......Detected Steam-levels Below 44%Running precautions.Starting E-44 Quarter 3 segment 1Steam levels rising.Main database Safe.Beginning Operation 22-1Codename AshesRunning Diagnostics on Satellites.Satellites online, Power levels at 100%Beginning Orbital bombardment of Creatures.in T-3, T-2, T-1, T-0Particle beam successful Production.Focusing on Creature 44-2 Codenamed Hive mind(A intense shockwave covers the planet lapping the planet Thousands of hundreds of times a second.)Beam alignment successful Penetrating Outer-hide...Outerhide penetrated, Setting beams to Max power[WARNING PERMANENT DAMAGE MAY BE DONE to Orbital satellites if you Use max power continue?]Continue.[Please enter the security code]******[Confirmed]Satellites at maximum power identifying if Contra point has been made...Contra point confirmed beginning Fragmenting of Dimension WFragmenting complete Time till Dimensional collapse at point...2 minutes...{DEPLOYING DRONES}drones deployed heading to Destination.Beginning Distraction protocol.(Swarms of drones escape from the hanger an uncountable amount to a human.)Time till dimensional collapse 30s[WARNING DRONES DESTROYED]Activating Contingency 23 Codenamed Gods hammer.Tactical Deployment of a rod underway Beginning calculations.Calculations completed.Firing rod...Rod reaching terminal velocity.Time till dimensional collapse 5s4s 3s 2s 1sZERORod has entered into the dimension and so has Creature 44-2Detecting signs of the dimensional collapse of Dimension WOperation is successful.Beginning Casualty reportHumans lost UnknownBases 1-7,812 lostCities Destroyed Unknownthe calculated amount of inhabitable Areas3,798km.Designation of mission...HUGE SUCCESS.

  • The Last Ship

    The Last Ship

    The United Human Republic is on the brink of defeat, Thus Operation Lifeless Seed had commenced, The UHR and the HRSC both agreed on this course of action, the HRSC being the Human Republic Security Council. This operation required unprecedented, levels of secrecy and manpower, with every outer colony being lost to the Galatic Combine, an "uplifter" of lower species while, they bring them to the stars they bring, them as slaves. Humanity had already reached and Grasped the stars, with the creation of the Shockpoint drive, Human colonies that were sent out before the creation of the drive was reached by using approximations, unfortunately, several colony ships were never found, The Galatic Combine has invaded Sol, Humanity is in disarray and project lifeless seed was never completed...However Humanity Foresaw this, that's why the Automated shipyard was created in a bygone system hidden from prying eyes, it gathers....Stronger....and Stronger.

  • Japan in a another world!?

    Japan in a another world!?

    Basically Japan is transported to another world not just a person the whole of japan including the land! is transported let's see how a modern country does in a fantasy world!

  • Strike force 13

    Strike force 13

    Operation dossier"This is strike force 13 We are entering Area zero""Copy that Please report on any findings within area zero" Main Objectives-Find out how the pandora virus started and Find a cureSecondary Objectives-Rescue any not infected individuals.-Set up an Outpost in a secure area within the AO.-Rescue Dr Mavers.Soldiers Scorch- The best demolition expert in his field.Wolf- One of the best snipers in the world he is also trained in Hand to Hand combat.Ghost- A covert operative who is trained in stealth operations and lockpicking.Jager- Captian of the squad trained in Assult rifle combat best with an M16 He is a capable hacker and also has access to government backdoors.Additional Information-Scorch has a 34% Higher break risk then Most other soldiers.-Wolf Has caused Repeated injuries to fellow squadmates in past missions. (See addendum 1)-Ghost has Revealed an entire operation to an enemy while insulting his assailants.-Jager Comes from a unique Background and served as a Commando in &#"#-="# (Error Data corrupted)Area Zero is the first area to show signs of the pandora virus and was the First area to Have confirmed reports of maneating Zombies. Thus the Pandemic emergency board has designed Area zero as the ground zero of the infection. (see addendum 2)Addendum 1Operative Wolf in Operation Negima Caused 2 superficial wounds and 1 Critical wound causing the near-death of Operative Delta the 5th member of Strike force 13.Addendum 2Transcript of the Pandemic emergency Board meeting.-Head of Council " Today we will have a meeting about virus 327-UMV the virus in question has been named the pandora virus, However, We believe that the virus has originated from London, United Kingdom. And Today we will decide the appropriate actions against the virus."-Member 43 "I believe You still need to give us the Genetic report So we can decide the actions."-Head of Councill " Ah Member 43 the report from the CDC hasn't come in yet so we Can't give the Genetic report, However, I believe we have a list of symptoms Which Include Increase hunger, High fevers and Insomnia and of course cannibalism."-Member 21 " I see So then I believe the best course of action would be to Quarantine the area and named it Let's see Area zero as we thought that the virus started in Wuhan but it started in London so let's do that all in favour, please use the provided tablet."The outcome of Vote 76 in favour and 21 not in favour and 3 Neutral.-All information beyond this point is beyond your clearance.Required Lv5Provided Lv4ACCESS BLOCKED.UMV Means Ultra Mutative VirusOperative Delta is still in recovery.



    THIS IS THE GAME MASTER HE IS IN CHARGE OF BALANCE IN THE WORLD OF KNIGHTS AND MAGIC A VR GAME TURN DEATH GAME BUT HE IS IN CHARGE OF IT MEANING HE CAN MAKE IT EASIER OR HARDER WHEN HE WANTS oh yeah by the way theres body's are in space and are evacuating Earth for other reasonsMay include swearing

  • Sigh of silence

    Sigh of silence

    Where am I........ I remember bombs? But what is this place What happend And who am I?

  • TITAN ONLINE (Not in writing might do a redo)

    TITAN ONLINE (Not in writing might do a redo)

    In the year 21XX VR has finally reached the point of a SINGULARITY a player mind can be uploaded now! This story is about your average Joe called lewis but his IGN is shadow as for his Job an assassin as we all know some...Individuals may have a bit of an agenda against each other Shadow is the leader of Eclipse an Assassination Guild. BUT in order to place your order for an Extermination of your target, the consumers must pay a high price!Or is it?In the year 20XX VR ALLOWS YOU TO UPLOAD YOUR MIND AND STUFF LIKE THIS WAIT ARE YOU A MAIN CHARACTER?Until this new game was released.......Right this story is like SAO meet Attack on titan cus WHAT IS MORE SCARY THEN BEING EATEN ALIVE?Walls areQuaker the first wallRose wall the second oneBlockade 3rd wall

  • Last Stand Survival (Not in writing)

    Last Stand Survival (Not in writing)

    Just in case you don't know this is a Western Europe Zombie Apocalypse story with a twist it's set in the medieval period with bows and all that fun Zed killing weapon And then there is another twist but let's Wait shall we?

  • The man in the High tower.

    The man in the High tower.

    Sci-fi FUTURE

    One of the last bastions of humanity, Ever since the Colation fell, Humanity has been splintered, with limited trade, Talks or any means of travel between the two for the common citizen, Truly we have fallen, Mass insurgents Besiege our most critical supplies, We all work for survival under this oppressive society of ours the wasteland beyond the walls, ever daunting the most daring Scavengers.The common citizen, Will never know what's beyond the walls, I know, however, It truly was the worst, most horrible event in human history.The few of us who know have to carry that truth, For the rest of life without telling anyone, for if the wall was breached, The end would surely come for all of us.That's what I would say, If they didn't already breach the walls already, and caused the second worst event in human history the "Evolution Plague" those who are affected are, No longer human by even the most Outlandish standards.We only survive because of this, Oppressive system that we run, no I run I'm the one responsible for this system and was it really worth it?I'm just prolonging the suffering of us.There is no chance for long term survival or us reclaiming the world for it is within Neo-London that is our world.And at the centre of Neo-London lies a secret that even I do not know what it is, the way for us to reclaim the world or, the reason the world ended.But, I do have one last trick, The system that keeps us here my system, I have been preparing it for the last thousand years, the cephalous protocol, The answer to the long question that has never been answered.What's beyond the wasteland of our planet, The old logs says planets and stars, but they aren't any in the sky not anymore, so what's out there? That's what I hope to find out with the cephalous protocol.I am the 43rd Administrator of Neo-London the last bastion, Within a world all but fallen.

  • The 24th Fortress (not in writing)

    The 24th Fortress (not in writing)


    THE 24TH FORTRESSDuring ancient times we have aways wanted to be THE LAST ONE on earth Well the zombie apocalypse began like any zombie story So then What is the 24th Fortress? As the name implies then 24th Fortress is one of the last bastions of earth The places that have these FORTRESSES. In the past these locations were major Castles or old government facilities Even the biggest Game dev studio Has become one.But the 24th fortress is the one Major governments created it U.S.A,U.K,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Japan and more!However today is the 250th anniversary of the zombie Apocalypse All shelters mourn this lost except Omeg-You know never mind. The biggest Question on this day is WHAT started it Aw yeah Our fortress has Mark 2 Porpsion systems This allows us to move locations to harvest minerals Also here's a little fact For SOME REASON the minerals underground have begun growing.We have no idea why Wait is it tha-TRANSMISION LOSTFrom a guy called dudebro

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