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  • Changes Equine

    Changes Equine

    Gemma Heyes thought of herself as a confident young woman whose career was about to take off, until a recent new addition, Karen, to her company promises her something that would change her life. While not completely trusting this other woman Gemma is intrigued as to what she could offer her and accepts and invitation to Karen's flat. Little knowing that a pair of boots would change her life

  • Equine life 
a teens story

    Equine life a teens story

  • Farm Call

    Farm Call

    Dr. Daniel Parker, equine veterinarian, has always assumed he was straight. Recently divorced, Dan is now on a quest to discover what these feelings of attraction to other men, which have lurked in the background all his life, really mean.<br><br>Na?ve and inexperienced, wearing his heart on his sleeve, Dan jumps feet first into the gay dating scene and soon finds himself out of his depth in the various gay subcultures. His hopes are raised then dashed several times after discovering that what he's really looking for is a loving and committed relationship. Frustrated, Dan throws himself back into his work.<br><br>When Dan goes on a farm call to examine two newly-purchased horses, he meets Scott Wagner. His attraction to Scott is immediate. Could it have been this easy to find Mr. Right all along? But Dan's fantasies of domestic bliss fade when he learns the horses are for Scott's daughters -- Scott is married and straight. Disappointed, Dan wonders if he'll ever find love. Or will this farm call still make all the difference?

  • Once Upon an Island

    Once Upon an Island

    Neil Logan, recently graduated equine veterinarian, always felt he’d know when he found the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Unfortunately, though Neil cares deeply for him, his college roommate Jordan is not that man. Neil takes a summer position far from home, foolishly thinking time and distance will cool Jordan’s feelings for him, and they can both move on.<br><br>Neil’s job is on an island attractive to tourists. There, horses are the sole mode of transportation, and Rolf Gundersen is the head farrier. Neil is immediately attracted to the handsome, mature man, and starts to believe Rolf might be the one for him. Frustratingly, despite Neil’s best efforts, Rolf seems determined to avoid him.<br><br>When Neil discovers the reason for Rolf’s aloofness, he’s able to forge a relationship with the farrier. Can Rolf and Neil find happiness in their newfound love, or will Jordan continue to be a factor in Neil’s life, possibly undermining Neil’s efforts to win Rolf over?

  • David and Andrew Book 3: The Next Generation

    David and Andrew Book 3: The Next Generation

    Brad Sturgis, adopted son of Andy Barnes and David Bennett, is all grown up and ready to face life with his boyfriend, Hank Reynolds. However, he soon discovers life away from the Bennett-Barnes household proves much trickier than it seemed when he was growing up.<br><br>Brad finds many things in Hank’s work as a horse trainer competing for the man’s attention and affection. The time-consuming nature of the equine show world and the constant demands of the clients Hank coaches -- their interest in him sometimes goes beyond that of trainer/rider -- test the strength of the bond between the two men.<br><br>Will Brad learn to face such challenges with courage and good humor as his adoptive parents did before him? Will the next generation prove to be as tough and as tender, as solid and as steadfast as the one before?

  • Bridled Passion: A Horse Trilogy

    Bridled Passion: A Horse Trilogy

    This short anthology contains three true stories about an old mare who becomes a superstar and her son who takes over where she leaves off. Contains the stories:<br><br><strong>Kelly: The Horse I Didn’t Want:</strong> Kelly was already eighteen years old when she arrived at my barn as a thin, nervous Thoroughbred ex-racehorse with a host of bad habits and behavioral problems. Little did I know she would become my equine soul-mate within six months of being given to me for free. She won numerous dressage, show-jumping, and eventing competitions until her death many years later.<br><br><strong>Kelly Comes Through:</strong> The story of how Kelly comes to the last minute rescue of a courageous teenage girl in the bid for her Pony Club badge, when her original mount went lame on test day.<br><br><strong>Kelly’s Son:</strong> After a rocky birth and a youth filled with accidents and injuries, Kelly’s son Cruz Bay develops into a consistent winner of blue ribbons. But not without more setbacks along the way!

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