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  • Facade


    An aspiring hero, a new world, and people just being people.

  • Baby Daddy Facade

    Baby Daddy Facade

    "Raina, listen it's not Ours that's your responsibility and secondly I'm sorry, I can't return those feelings...we fucked that's all there was to it." He spurt coldly and my heart broke it a million pieces making me cry even more when he left banging my office door. Raina Williams a preachers kid, who believes in love, a successful lawyer. She just finished college and is currently working at a well-known law firm. She meets Angelo Le roux, her bosses son from Netherlands, the arrogant billionaire bachelor who doesn't do commitment. He doesn't have to sweep her off her feet to get her into bed. She gets pregnant and he tells her off to get an abortion.. but does she really ? she is after all a preachers kid.

  • Facade Love: Marrying A Perfect Husband

    Facade Love: Marrying A Perfect Husband

    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY


    Never imagined getting married in such an unusual way. Married without the basis of love. And marrying basis on mutual need. She needs it for money. And he who needs it out of urgency. Maybe destiny will say something else? And maybe they could live the marriage well? Harry Miles Theodore. Never wanted a marriage. And hates all the women in his life, except for his family. Hate all pretense they show. And hate for their soul which is easily fragile also sway for other material or objects. He never imagined that he would marry a woman who married him for money. Do a prenuptial agreement. And made many acts in his life. Could this marriage be able to change his perspective? And maybe fate will lead them on a different path from the plan they originally planned? At the moment, Harry's said : " Don't you ever think that this is your real marriage. It's just a contract marriage. And we're not really married, " Cleo replied: " I know. But please don't judge me as you like. I'm not what you think! I'm Never loving you, " Will their marriage go well? And will they find love?

  • A Facade

    A Facade

    A girl leads a double life. Suddenly one from her past is after her. A psychopath.She must fight or die,win or lose as their numbers increases.She is soon to realize that nothing is how it appears to be.

  • Beautiful Facade

    Beautiful Facade

    Charming,soft hearted Riya Nicholson accidentally hit a drunk man on the road with her car and decided to take him to the hospital but he insisted against it and she had to take him to her house thinking maybe the loan sharks are after him where in real state he just had a heartbreak and his vulnerable so the people who knows his predicament are trying to kidnap the person with a very suffocating net worth , He kept the facade and made his self look even more pitiable.read the book to find out how Riya made Xander forget he is heartbroken and loved again.




    Fake parents, false truths, and shocking revelation are all the reasons why Alesia became...Alesia.From a soul that wouldn't hurt a fly to a spirit that burned it.Alesia is a 20-year-old girl living life to the fullest until a certain secret was revealed to her. Accepting it she tried to live off with it but a certain someone appears and she ends up finding out that every face she had ever seen in her life was only a lie. Keeping a secret herself along with her sister Danny, Alesia didn't know that secret was going to be someone she didn't want to be. They shared a face, heart, and body yet different minds as they are both on a different mission.-----------------Louise Marquoid is the world's most feared man. Being a world-known mafia also came with challenges. Even though he had a heart made of one of the strongest minerals, he had a tight, cozy spot for that lady. The wife he loves. She was his life support and would kill to keep her safe.But will she do same or will she end up killing him?

  • Beautiful Facade

    Beautiful Facade

    Fantasy Romance R18 COMEDY SWEETLOVE

    Charming,soft hearted Riya Nicholson accidentally hit a drunk man on the road with her car and decided to take him to the hospital but he insisted against it and she had to take him to her house thinking maybe the loan sharks are after him where in real state he just had a heartbreak and his vulnerable so the people who knows his predicament are trying to kidnap the person with a very suffocating net worth , He kept the facade and made his self look even more pitiable.read the book to find out how Riya made Xander forget he is heartbroken and loved again.

  • Behind the Facade

    Behind the Facade



    BEING REWRITTENAs a Princess, it's her duty to do what's best for the kingdom. I know what you're thinking, it's another one of those stories where the prince rescues the princess and then happily ever after, but for Lila, it's not that simple. Her whole life is dedicated to helping her kingdom from the shadows. Her family expects her to be dressed in frilly dresses and prance around all day......but little do they know that the only reason their kingdom is still standing is because of her. But as Lila grows older, the King is adamant that she marries. One thing leads to another, and Lila finds herself trapped between having to decide to choose between her heart and her kingdom. Will Lila finally fulfill the duty she was given since birth, or will she fight for her freedom and love...?(Cover is not mine! If you are the original artist and wishes to take it down please let me know)

  • The believable facade

    The believable facade


    She met his eyes for a split second but for what seemed like minutes to her,he turned and dodged a punch aimed at him. At that moment she forgot where she was, what she was supposed to do, that was until he turned and looked at her, lips pressed in a thing line and a gun aimed at her direction. She froze, she knew she could bend and use the table she was currently hiding behind as a shield and there would be a 50 % chance he would miss and 50 he wouldn't but she couldn't move. All she could do was stare into those beautiful grey eyes, the depth in them fascinated her, she knew she was a goner and quite literally in a few minutes if she didn't move a muscle. Her eyes widened as he pressed the trigger and the sound of gunshot brought her back to reality.      It all started with a business party that went wrong. Irene's father goes missing at the same party where she meets a guy who steals her heart at first glance. It didn't matter to her that he had a gun aimed at her direction or that he was killing people right before her eyes, what mattered to her was that she was in love and was going to any extent to get him even if it meant her life was at risk. But then again will they be able to handle the truth when the secrets spill or is the facade too believable to be a lie? ..This story is originally created by me and inspired by a dream. I do not own the original photo but I edited the cover on my own. I hope you read and enjoy. And I'm open to criticism.thanks! 

  • His Facade

    His Facade


    what happens when the demon clan and the humans decide to end there centuries long war because of a old villinous curse arose from the ashes of fire and brimstone, to take its revenge on the human race and demonic ones as well for they assumingly betrayed them. what happens when a old hero that was cursed by this demonic force for help taking them down and there cursed king. its all full of what ifs.what if! i told you that this "old hero" curse was lifted when the demonic force arose. again what if! i told you this old hero was reborn no one knows who or where or even when but the hero could only wield the sword of faith its a strong silver sword forged by the greatest of blacksmiths taking years to complete. the battle school that trains its knights are trying to find this old hero for he has been reborn again and they need his knowledge and strength to help defeat the demonic force know as malum people a old evil tribe that exist when humanity first began. ~~~Ashton valentine he's a cheeky black haired kid that had loose strands of white, his eyes held a Emerald green color but were dull for they always held a lack of interest.he was a mid rank not to weak he stood out to be bullied and not to strong he stood out to be challenged, he likes to be alone but his old friend Alex never allowed that, they were always together for they held hardship times growing up as kids in there old small town. see what lays in store for these two boys as they meet more people in battle school and as the school tries to find the hero thats meant to save humanity. things happen, but what happens when ashton comes to a realization and leaves this area for good.. -remember what if's...what if things aren't always as they seem...pay closely attention, cause the hero can be not who you expected or he can be who you wanted...what if the hero was able to change and rewrite history, who knows who the hero or villain is it all depends on whos telling the story right? so, find out in His Facade

  • Humanity’s Facade

    Humanity’s Facade

    Every single human being is fake. Including yourself. //One-shot story// //Please know that this story will have suicide content. Please be aware. I created this because I wanted to show how there are many humans that decide to hide their true self to please others and trick them. In other words, hypocrites. Yes, there are are those who go through traumatic stuff that nobody should go through, so I am creating this story so you guys will know how hard it is for some people, maybe even you. Please enjoy!//

  • Her Withering Facade

    Her Withering Facade

    It has been years of peace and prosperity within the country of Domoor. However, the unraveling greed of the tyrant ruler Tsujita declares war upon the neutral country. Within Domoor is a rural village where the life of a young girl named Hana changes drastically. Her brother leaves to join the army and eventually fight for the war. Hana wishes to be like her brother and begins training combat skills. The once quiet village suffers a brutal massacre, and Hana is left alone, unsure of the specific whereabouts of her brother. She spends several years honing her skills in the mountains. The rampaging war continues as blood then clogged the land relentlessly. Hana then embarks on an unparalleled journey to gain recognition in the army. What will become of her ambition to distill vengeance upon her enemies. Will she discover more enemies, love, a desirable victory or her inevitable self discovery?

  • Maddilyn's Facade

    Maddilyn's Facade

    Maddilyn already perfected the art of pretending to be okay and happy just to survive her everyday life. Living in a family where no one loves her was more than enough to make herself used on wearing a mask. And since she's an invisible member of their family, it was not a big deal when she was thrown away from their house and was forced to move to their house at the town of Alana. As she long for the love from her parents, she became a version of her self she's really not. She became pretentious, a two faced wrecked lady, and a person who doesn't know who she really is. But everything changed when she met a person by chance who slowly helped her to remove the mask she's wearing, and encouraged her to let her heart and mind be at peace.From there, with her facade slowly falling, Maddilyn yearn for a different kind of love she's longing — because now, it's from the person who made her realized some things.

  • Facade: the hidden world

    Facade: the hidden world

    Very intresting

  • Facade (a teen story)

    Facade (a teen story)


    Laila Sofela is an easy going, carefree and intelligent sixteen year old orphan that lives with her aunty. Her dreams came true when she was given scholarship to one of the most expensive private school in the country. She hope to enjoy the adventure in the new world different from the one she knows. But boy she was so wrong as she becomes the toy for amusement for the king bully Jason Johnson. And she discovered there is nothing she could do since everyone fear him even the teachers has no say. Jason Johnson is not only a king bully but a sadistic, handsome and intelligent seventeen year old, born with a silver spoon. He finds pleasure in bullying students and he is feared and hate by all. He found Laila amusing and he make it his mission to torment her despite she try to stay away from him and then try to be nice to him. Laila tries to survive his bullying until she finds out the secret of the king bully. Find out Laila adventure in her new school, Jason attraction to Laila and the reason for the facades.

  • It's all a Facade

    It's all a Facade

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

    After moving a few years ago, Ameerah strives to live as Annabelle but what happens when she learns the truth behind her sister? Will she choose to face the responsibilities that awaits her? Or will she run away?

  • Grandmaster's Facade of Dispassion: The Odyssey of Atonement

    Grandmaster's Facade of Dispassion: The Odyssey of Atonement


    [BOYS LOVE] If there was a scale for magnanimity and naivety, Prince Calibri would be positioned first every time. As the crowned prince of his mysterious and secretive sect, he believed it was his duty to become the next Grandmaster of all the Cultivation clans to protect his people. Needless to say, every other young Cultivator of the Living Realm were after the same position of power even if it wasn't for the same reason, including Zhang Haochen; a quiet, handsome, unproblematic and extremely skilled young man with an unfortunate desire for his father's validation. Upon their arrival at the Cultivation school, it became apparent that not only did Calibri far outweigh them all(both men and women) in the department of looks, but also in his level of Cultivation! But how? How did he use all those lost Cultivation techniques? Why did he disappear all the time? Why in the world was Zhang Haochen (the man everyone wanted the attention of) so attached and fond of that 'PRINCESS' from day one? In fact, why did Zhang Haochen use his vocal chords in such abundance when it came to him? In a flurry of events, the time comes for the next Grandmaster to be chosen, but before Calibri has the chance to seize the title, he is betrayed by his closest companion, accused of a crime he did not commitand banished to the dark dormain of the Underworld...Years later, Calibri finds himself unwillingly forced to return to the Living Realm by the very person who betrayed him in the first place! He can't escape, so there's no choice to remain with that handsome traitor who's on a mission of his own: 1) Get Calibri's soul back 2) Make everyone who hurt Calibri suffer 3) Get Calibri to fall in love with him once again.The mission wouldn't have been that hard if Calibri, Heaven, the Living Realm and the Underworld were against it. But alas, these conditions existed, and he had no choice but to overcome them if he wanted to ever see Calibri smile at him again, and not scream bloody murder every time he held him close. Yes, Zhang Haochen had a lot of atoning to do.Can he do it? Will Calibri forgive him? Why did he betray him?Read on to uncover the mysteries, and find out if their love can really conquer the odds!

  • Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

    Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?


    Having been reborn, she takes one glance at her ridiculously handsome husband and wonders if she had suffered from brain damage back then—she had actually demanded for a divorce with him. Repeatedly! In her previous life, she had been deceived by her relatives who eventually led her to her tragic death. With this second chance at life, she vows to cozy up to her husband both literally and figuratively to destroy all her enemies and to take down the women who hid behind their scheming, innocent facades. She would be in control of her own happiness! This is a sweet, doting love story featuring an intelligent female lead and a perfect male lead who's good at turning her knobs.




    In this world full of disguises, who would you want to believe?In a place where everything is in chaos where would you want to run?In those times when people extends their helping hands, who would you want to grab to?And if your own feelings betrayed you, would you just cry or would you still continue to fake a smile?Until how far will your FACADE'S END?

  • My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of Death

    My World Traveling System: The Harbinger of Death



    After being hit by thunder while sleeping with his phone, Frank awakened to his Ability, being revealed to a new world of wonders and dangers and countless other Worlds filled with Chaos through his World Traveling System! He discovered that Earth wasn't as he had thought it to be. What he always believed to be fiction was real. People with Abilities existed everywhere. Powerful entities controlled the entire world behind the scenes. Dungeons covered the world and Monsters roamed freely, bringing chaos behind the facade of a peaceful society. However, Frank will not only have to face the dangers of his homeworld, but the unpredictable ones of countless others... He has no choice, as he has been bestowed the Title of World Traveler! Accompany Frank on his journey to grow as a person, to save his homeworld, and to conquer the multiverse! This is a novel with a main character with emotions that develops more as the story advances, it is not about a lifeless drone that mindlessly kill things without any actual plot nor character progression! In this novel Frank slowly changes, from a World Traveler to a World Conqueror! From a common man to someone who carves his way through challenges or enemies! This novel is character progression at its finest, make sure to read up to the latest free chapter and tell me what you think! (You won't be dissapointed if you reach this far) Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/JmEne5zHd