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  • godtravel's through multiverse

    godtravel's through multiverse

    a bored gods adventure through multiverse in which he faceslaps many anime protagonists

  • The Villain's Redemption

    The Villain's Redemption



    A QUICK TRANSMIGRATION NOVEL. R18 .... “I’ll see you on the other side of the stars,” she whispered before breathing her last. …… The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity. Punished by the heavens, she was tasked to travel different worlds to do some quests. She must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the world's destiny. Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries of her past life. … [Side Quest Activated: Slap the Female Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Steal from the Male Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Anger the Villain.] [Side Quest Activated: Create chaos during the Villain's Birthday party.] [Side Quest Activated: Kiss the Villain's Brother] [Side Quest Activated: Shoot the Villains pinky finger.] Who would have thought saving the villain is so difficult? ....................... "Would you trust me?" his voice was almost a whisper. It made her frown.  Trust? How could she trust someone she doesn't know? She didn't know if she had it in her heart to trust another person aside from herself. "Who are you?" she asked. "I can't tell you." She bit her lower lip. She could feel his breathing against her cheek, and it made her want to feel more of him, more of this madness. But was it even worth the risk? "Do you know me?" She couldn't help but wonder. "You are mine, and I am yours. That's the only thing that you needed to know." ...... Each arc will have maximum of 80 - 100 chapters. Faceslapping? Yes Contemporary? Yes Romance? Yes Fantasy? Yes Horror? Yes System? Yes Comedy? Yes 500 chapters+? Yes 2 chapters per day? Yes Rape? NO Misunderstandings? NO Love triangle? NO SLOW BURN ROMANCE? Yes Cover is not mine. It will depend on the current arc. Arc 1: The Switched Missy - Contemporary Arc 2: The Archaic Cultivator - Fantasy - R18 Arc 3: The Vampire Princess - Fantasy - R18 Arc 4: The Divorced Bride - Contemporary R18

  • My Cold Ceo Wife

    My Cold Ceo Wife


    Bored of apocalypses, system and reincarnation novels?Then Try Faceslapping , harem(?) , Morden world novel.---------------This is just light read novel

  • Rebirth of a Villainess

    Rebirth of a Villainess



    Stabbed in the back by her sect brother. Xu Hui promised not to make the same mistake that she made, trusting blindly without leaving any room for doubt. With her dying breath, she swore to return one day and seek vengeance on the one that betrayed her.------------------------Illustrator: Lukas_xCover design: Rebecacovers------------EDITING IN PROGRESS---‐------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #reborn, #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #martial world, #cauldron, #historical, #vengeful lover, #sworn enemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #villainess, #magical realism, #historicalromance #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #queen, #duke #danmei, #female protagonist, #history, #ml, #fl #polygamy #china #shou, #gay #eastern-fantasy, #gong, #cult #abduction, #kidnapped, #political #strongml, frenemy #fudanshi, #antagonist #scum, #sweetlove #reincarnation, #onenightstand, #gumiho #kitsune #cat #neko #strongfl, #deception #transmigration #uke, #mistress #furry #boylove #premium, #villianess noble girls, #otome, #martial #seme, #fling #otomegame #hiddengem, #faceslapping, #imperial #witchcraft #mistress #warlock, #historical, #cdrama #villianess, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #gender bender

  • Dominating system

    Dominating system


    Lin Feng reincarnates in a world of martial artists after dying trying to save a kid Our mc was reborn and considered a waste whose meridians blocked from birth .but so what he has system to help him.see how our mc becomes the strongest and faceslap his opponents..

  • His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy

    His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy



    Volume One: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy (COMPLETE) Volume Two: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful (COMPLETE) Volume Three: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult (BL) (Ongoing) Book 1: His Cute Wife is a Little Crazy She has one desire: to live a normal life. Hu Lei decides to fulfill her lifelong dream by returning to Supreme City after more than a decade around the globe. Her brand new life starts on a bland note, but everything changes when she clinches a position as an interpreter for the handsome but reserved Zhong Feng. Zhong Feng thinks that his new interpreter is cute. Though her arrogance is a little too much, she has enough skill to back it up. He also realizes that she can be quite foolish and naughty. Still, he finds himself drawn to her, unable to extricate himself. Unfortunately, this harmlessly sweet girl has some secrets that could threaten the happy future he has envisioned. For example: She used to be a ninja. She might have killed a few people. Her father is a mad scientist. ************* “Oh, is the evil emperor unhappy?” she giggled drunkenly. She leaned closer across the table. “If you keep sighing, you won’t find a girlfriend.” The immortal-like man did not respond to her childish provocation. “Are you angry? Don’t worry. If you can’t find anyone, I will be your girlfriend.” She declared proudly. “Why should I accept you as my girlfriend?” His deep voice to caress the girl, and it made her sink deeper into her intoxication. “Humph! You would be lucky to have me as your better half. I am incredibly cute with a huge rack. I have an incredibly high IQ.” Her voice lowered into a conspiratorial whisper. “And I have never had a boyfriend, so I would be completely yours.” “You have convinced me. You can be my girlfriend.” His eyes glinted with evil intent. “You think that will work? You are a hundred years too early to outsmart me. If you want me to be your girlfriend, you must show some sincerity. As an evil emperor, you must understand that my expectations are quite high. You will need to give me some treasures, feed me, dismiss your harem and entertain me. A cultivation manual would also not be bad.” “Very well.” He responded with a smile. ************ Book 2: His Adorable Target is a Little Powerful #HiddenBoss #Faceslapping Anyone who has met or even heard of Kaito knows that his interest is never a good thing. But Yamazaki Akira is not afraid of him because she is powerful [even though no one believes her]. When Takahashi Kaito [assassin extraordinaire, famous leader of Shadow Brotherhood and self-proclaimed senior brother of Hu Lei] takes up a mission to investigate Yamazaki Akira and her connection to a certain psychopathic doctor, his interest is perked up. He decides to unravel the secrets of Akira’s life. While she seems to be a perfectly normal young woman with a budding career as a chef, he has been in the underworld business long enough to know when someone is hiding something. Setting aside his busy life for the sake of satisfying his curiosity, Kaito takes up the role of the self-indulgent prodigal young master of the wealthy Takahashi family in Mountain Ridge City. Yamazaki Akira has always lived and loved an independent life. But in a moment of weakness, she allows her biological parents to find her. She is reluctant about becoming close to them, but she agrees to move to Mountain Ridge City to reconnect with them. She thinks that it could not be too bad. In any case, she has been planning on opening a new restaurant in the affluent city. But things aren’t always so simple. And people keep standing in the way of her happiness. Still, the main problem is the handsome man who keeps showing up before her and trying to seduce her, claiming that fate brought them together. Why does she feel like his evil gaze is hiding ulterior motives?Book 3: His Spoiled Prince is a Little Difficult(Out of space)Blurb in 1st Chapter!

  • The Snow God's Lost Daughter

    The Snow God's Lost Daughter


    Valentine Xuelan Townsend is one of many girls adopted from China by American parents. What makes her different is that she is the daughter of Xueshan, the god of snow and the human girl he fell deeply in love with. Now that Val Xuelan's twenty-one, her nascent powers are emerging, unknown forces are trying to kill her, various suitors from the Heavens, Earth, and Hell are trying to woo her, and a genetic database says that her birth mother's parents have been found, and they want to make contact with her. Add in a few prophecies, an insane goddess, really disgusting monsters, a stuffed toy rabbit that comes to life, some gorgeous clothes, a meteorology internship in Shanghai, and some really nasty weather--. Plus the occasional good faceslap, because who doesn't love a good faceslap?

  • The Duke's Marchen

    The Duke's Marchen


    "What do you see when you see me?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her. For a few seconds, she bathed in his warmth. "Do you want me to be honest?" He nodded. "I see a man who changed my world. He chuckled at that. "Not honest enough." She lifted her head. Her beautiful gray eyes stared at his brown ones. "I see the Villain." She gulped and added, "I see someone that would burn the world... just to keep me safe." "Again..." he smiled. "Again?" "I wouldn't hesitate to burn the world again just to keep you safe." .... She loved him like a brother. He loved her more than he loved his life. In his dying breath, the woman that he loved finally cried... for him. At last, he thought before closing his eyes. She was finally looking at him. How ironic. .... "I lost you once. I can't lose you again. " - Duke Li Qiang This is the Story of Li Qiang and his redemption. .... This novel was originally the SIDE STORY of THE CEO's WOMAN. However, you can still read this as a stand-alone as this is the story of the Villain after he died and reincarnated into another world. #reincarnation #slowburn #faceslapping #norapeorabuse #strongcouple #secondchance #Villain #fantasy #royals #R18

  • The heavenly sovereign

    The heavenly sovereign


    Sam was a orphan taken in by the sectmaster of a declining sect.after being injuired by his enemies in a ambush,he passed down his throne to the 14 year old sam before his death.inorder to revitalize his declining sect and avenge his master,sam walks on the martial road to become a heavenly sovereign,one whole rules the heaven. Follow sam on his journey as he expriences dangers,friendship,love and betrayal as he transverse through the vast martial world hunting for treasure,faceslapping pompous young masters and annihilating his enemies

  • The lightning Descendant

    The lightning Descendant



    The sudden appearance of The Cursed~ flesh-eating monsters nearly led humanity to the brink of extinction. When all hope was lost, about 40% of humans gained superpowers. As for the remaining 60%, they were left powerless. Meet Travis our main protagonist, a member of the powerless 60%, who found it impossible to defend himself—until that day. While cleaning his grandpa's old storage closet, he found a mysterious book. Could it allow him to change his path and enter the esteemed 40%? Follow Travis on his exciting adventure to seek power! Tags: #romance,#weaktostrong,#adventure,#comedy,#entertainment,#superpowers,#faceslapping ,#rarebloodline, #action, #war, [Disclaimer: Restricted. The book cover isn't mine. Found it on google.] Patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/The_little_boy

  • Idle Immortal Cultivation System

    Idle Immortal Cultivation System


    You are too lazy to cultivate? No problem, this system can help you gain cultivation base even when you're idling away. Your spiritual roots are damaged? No problem, you can level up your spiritual roots to perfection with this system! Your spiritual Qi sea is too small? No problem, you can upgrade it with this system!You have no talent in learning skills? No problem, you can buy the skills in Sutras Hall. You are afraid of failing the heavenly tribulation? No problem, there are pills for every cultivation stage! All you have to do is eat the pills!This is the story of Jiang Qian who cultivates his way to immortality with Immortal Cultivation system. (Zero to Hero, Faceslapping included.)

  • Rebirth Of The Divine Businesswoman

    Rebirth Of The Divine Businesswoman


    She was betrayed by the sister she loved dearly and her seven year boyfriend cheated on her with her sister without even batting an eyelid. And she was tortured to death. As if God pitied on her she was brought back seven years on the day it all began. She swore to make them repay her every bit of pain they gave her. She was determined to change her fate.Join Anna Halls on her journey to revenge and success filled with faceslapping, mystery, enemies, new friends and maybe even love? Who knows ................****Author's note : CONTAINS NO RAPE OR MAJOR MISUNDERSTANDING.This is my first book I will try to update as much as I can please support!!* Cover does not belong to me *{Also this is my original work, so please don't steal it or upload it on another website or app without my permission}

  • Immortal Cultivation System

    Immortal Cultivation System


    You are too lazy to cultivate? No problem, this system can help you gain cultivation base even when you're idling away. Your spiritual roots are damaged? No problem, you can level up your spiritual roots to perfection with this system! Your spiritual Qi sea is too small? No problem, you can upgrade it with this system! You have no talent in learning skills? No problem, you can buy the skills in Sutras Hall. You are afraid of failing the heavenly tribulation? No problem, there are pills for every cultivation stage! All you have to do is eat the pills! This is the story of Jiang Qian who cultivates his way to immortality with Immortal Cultivation system. (Zero to Hero, Faceslapping included.)

  • The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife

    The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife


    In a series of event, a demon lord awakens in the mortal realm and must now live as one. With no memories of his past life, he now wears the skin of a human whom he loathes. A fearsome being is reduced to the weakest creature. So, begins the journey of the demon lord to build his non-existent powers in the mortal realm in order to return to his rightful position as the most fearsome being in all the realm!"Didn't you say you are a demon lord, then why are you so nice to me?!""Is that so? Then what will you have me do instead?""Huh?"---------------------------------EDITING IN PROGRESS------------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #cult #antagonist #martial world, #cauldron, #strongml #novella, #china #historical, #frenemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #gay #political #villainess, #abduction, #kidnapped #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #mistress #female protagonist, #rebirth, #boylove, #deception #novelette, #ml #reincarnation, #seme, #uke, #hiddengem, #premium, #short story, #faceslapping, #sweetlove, #imperial #shou, #gong, #cdrama #fudanshi, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #warlock, #witchcraft #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #lgbtq, #gender bender, #danmei

  • Aetherial Blacklight

    Aetherial Blacklight


    What if you were the last living person in the Universe including every single timeline? What would you do? How would you deal with it?Watch Morgan, the last of the Blacklight clan, in his journey as he deals with this exact problem! Follow along as he makes choices in the beginning that will set his future course, but do not decide his fate. There are Young, Dumb Masters awaiting their faceslaps, battles to be waged and glory to be won on the field of honor. Blacklight reveals what white light conceals. As the Last Blacklight yet the beginning of the Aetherials join Morgan as he makes his first steps and uses his heritage to create his own legend!DISCLAIMER: English is my first language, but this is my first time writing a book or even story of this length. So please bear with me as I attempt to make this an engaging and enjoyable read!WARNING: Uploads will most likely be Saturday evenings and Sundays as I work two jobs. That is generally when most writing will take place. I will attempt to make regular uploads hopefully one to three chapters every weekend. There are no guarantees however.SECOND DISCLAIMER: TROPES!! LOTS AND LOTS OF TROPES, if you have a problem with it well then go away.

  • Advent of the Dragon born

    Advent of the Dragon born

    Drake Dracius our MC born in this fanatsy world filled with strange world that resembles and differentiates itself from his ever so familiar world.Watch his journey unfold in this Epic tale featuring Best of world from xinxia and wuxia (Epic faceslapping) Magic Realism world buildingelements from our Transmigration (Stay tuned for Truck-kun)among othersSince this novel is by a fan for a fan and of a fan novel in makin---------_------------------_------------------_------------------_-------Introduction to the UniverseStory of a run of the mill average charecter who will rise above rest to overturn and rule his fateOur "Joe" isn't average at all with his OP MC name and innate talent in martial arts in a world filled with Magic and supernatural elementsPlease welcome Drake Dracius in our story to see him rise from a small state to be Top charecter in the known universe

  • Becoming A Real Bigshot After Abandoned

    Becoming A Real Bigshot After Abandoned



    Xia Jin had been Huo Jue's secretary for five years. Not long after she started working, Huo Jue had already taken her to the bed in the CEO's lounge. In those five years, she worked diligently in the day and served him diligently in bed at night. Every morning, she would wake him up like a dutiful secretary. "Mr. Huo, it's six o'clock. It's time to get up." Every time, she would receive the man's cold and impatient reply, "Get lost." Xia Jin had never taken his car to work, nor had she eaten breakfast with him. Initially, she had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Huo, but after five years, she woke up from her dream. One day, rumors were spreading among her colleagues that Huo Jue had an appointment with Sevne's vice president in the Asia-Pacific region for dinner. He was a pervert who had once drugged and violated the secretary of the company's CEO. He was someone who even dared to pester Huo Jue's elder female cousin, but Huo Jue still insisted on letting Xia Jin accompany him to dinner. During the meal, the man openly brought Xia Jin into the private lounge, but Huo Jue did not stop him. He did not even bother looking at her. When Xia Jin escaped from the lounge on her own and ran back to Huo Jue's car, he merely commented, "You're quite capable." Xia Jin smiled calmly. "I have Mr. Huo's many years of training to thank for, but I'm hereby informing you that I want to resign. I don't want to work anymore." After she announced it, she disregarded whatever expression was on the man's face, got out of the car, and walked away with her back straight. After leaving the man, Xia Jin's life started to change. Handsome young men chased after her with all their might, and people started giving her credits that contributed to her career achievements. Her father, who she had never met before, was a billionaire—she was now someone who could have a massive inheritance with just a nod of her head. With her teeth gritted, Xia Jin instantly soared to the peak of her life. At a cocktail party—Huo Nan held his wine glass and glanced at his ex-secretary, whom he had not seen for a long time. "It seems like you still have feelings for me. How else can you explain you chasing me all the way here?" Xia Jin smiled and faceslapped him, "Mr. Huo, I don't think I invited you, right?" Huo Nan replied, "Do you have brain damage from your excessive heartbreak?" The host announced, "Next, let's welcome the new CEO of the company, Miss Xia Jin, on stage! Everyone, give her a round of applause!" Huo Nan, "???"

  • Oh Heavens!!! Where Is My Cheat???

    Oh Heavens!!! Where Is My Cheat???


    Ah! No Truck San! I am too young to die!!!BAM!!!Where am I? Wait a minute!Huh, new body, young and healthy, two sets of memories….Huh, isn’t this reincarnation template? Then, what about cultivation? Yes! Yes! Yes!I have transmigrated to a cultivation world. Aha, here I come. I am gonna walk in the air. Behead demons and devils from thousand miles away with my flying sword. Create fireballs and lightning dragons out of thin air. Dine with immortal fairies. Faceslap my opponents!!! Whooohooo!!!!Ah, wait a minute! Where’s the grandpa that is supposed to guide me!Oi, grandpa! Come out. Where are you?What???!!! There are no systems too. What about magic treasures that help me level up?Why can’t I find anything?Oi Heavens! Where is my cheat?!!!!

  • I randomly create a new system every day

    I randomly create a new system every day


    Synopsis:[Easy, humorous, semi-daily] Ye Tianyi crossed over to a scumbag, and at the same time opened an infinite system. The infinite system would randomly open a different new system every time and get the heavenly reward. "Ding...Congratulations to the host for turning on the [Oshen system]." "Ding...Congratulations to the host for turning on the [Slacker system]." "Ding...Congratulations to the host for turning on the [Prophecy System]." "Ding...Congratulations to the host for turning on the [Goddess Search System]. "Ding..." "..." A period of enchanting life, a legendary story, does not shock the world with force, but seeks to stir the world. Ye Tianyi: "I used to be a good person until..." (a book that can read all systems...a book that allows you to learn how to speak...)Tags: #Comedy #Romance #polygamy #adventure #faceslaping #beautifulFL #HandsomeMC #Action #Harem #System #Powerful Female lead #Scum #R-18not my book i'm translating here to save and readStatus:Ongoing (ch 1767)dm ryuuske24@gmail.com for removing

  • Romance Novel's Rejected CEO

    Romance Novel's Rejected CEO


    Low EQ? Cold and distant CEO? Dysfunctional family who wants to covet his riches? You got it all wrong. Samuel Ciao is the sole heir to the Ciao family business. Growing up he had it all. Loving parents, supportive sister, luxurious life. These led to him being unruly and wild!"CEO? What CEO? I want to be a homicide detective! It's fun looking at corpses." Samuel's sole dream of becoming a homicide detective really troubled his parents, but they supported him and watched him grow into the best detective in Z City. Everything was going smooth and sailing well until the rumor of a deadly pale girl dressed in black started to spread. With a series of murders happening, will Samuel look for the girl in black whom everyone suspects? Orion Song. The keeper of the constellations and the best shooter in the world. Because of her human body, she couldn't inherit every bit of the hunter Orion's power, but she still had superpowers like speed, magnified sight and extraordinary hearing. Originally, she resided in the stars, she didn't have to do much, just her staying alive protected the stars. But something pulled her into this planet she watched over. Something or someone who pulls her towards him every time their eyes meet. Is it just a first encounter? Or do they have more that goes beyond this world of love and friendship? What is it that makes Orion protect him every time and what is it that makes Samuel's head hurt and hands tremble every time he stares at the night sky? Author's words- This is not a meaningless CEO smut for fan service. So, if you're looking for a cold and distant CEO who falls for a cute beauty and together they faceslap everyone, this is not for you. However, if you're looking for actual true love, friendship and loyalty without Low IQ characterless villains who get faceslapped by the leads for drooling over them, this is for you. Thank you. THIS IS MY ORIGINAL WORK AND NOT A TRANSLATION.

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