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  • The Demon Lord You Don't Know

    The Demon Lord You Don't Know

    Demon Lord is feared by everyone, known to be the most powerful and the evilest being in existence. Are all the Demon Lords same? Princess Daisy and the castle that she lived in with her family, ministers and the servants were transported to a whole new world of never seen creatures, landscapes and beings. She finds the magic that they know was just a small fraction of the vast magical world. Princess Daisy finds the Demon Lord of that world to be just the opposite of the Demon Lord of their world.

  • The Far Beyond

    The Far Beyond

    "Funny how most things never hurt me. But coming from you, they hurt the most."

  • Lost World Book 1 A New World

    Lost World Book 1 A New World

    have you ever had a dream that seemed so real but wasn't....or maybe it was....As Eli Owen continues with his daily life, he somehow ends up turning a wrong path which leads him to a place he could only dream of...

  • Dunia Fantasy

    Dunia Fantasy

    Isolated, alone, has feelings of love but is rejected, frustrated on the way home, when he gets home he is told that his parents are dead. I also walked at night uncertainly that I was indirectly hit by a fast-moving vehicle. and this is where the beginning of my new life begins ...

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