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  • The Lust System

    The Lust System



    An ordinary high school boy named Max is in his basement watching porn and masturbating. When suddenly, a pop-up ad covered the whole screen!____________________________________________________________________________________________ ||FREE||Congratulations! You won as the first person to watch porn 10000 times. You are hereby granted a once in a lifetime opportunity!Do you want to change your fate?Do you want to have sex with real women?Do you want to get rich?Do you want to be popular?Stop watching porn and SIGN UP now in our Universal Lust System! by Alien Universe Do you want to Sign Up?[YES] [NO]____________________________________________________________________________________________WTF is this? Ads? What’s this thing saying?! So annoying! Sign up? This is just a scam! *tries to click ‘NO’* *accidentally clicked ‘YES’*____________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for Signing Up! Hope you have a fun time! - Alien Universe____________________________________________________________________________________________“What? ARRGGGHHHHH! It hurts!” Max holds his head with both hands. *faints*____________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to The Lust System![Max][Level: 1][Points: 0][Skills][Missions][Store][Women Conquered]____________________________________________________________________________________________Advanced Chapters on my website:Elfriedenn.home.blogTo open the latest Advanced Chapters, you can find the password on my Patreón:Patreón.com/ElfriedennThanks for the recent patrons!Discord:https://discord.gg/PdgErwKTags:[System] [Sex] [Harem] [Evil Protagonist] [First-time Intercourse] [Fellatio] [Eye Powers][Magical Space] [Netori] [Anal] [Poor to Rich][Perverted Protagonist] [Rape][Student-Teacher Relationship][Business Management][Incest][Hidden Abilities] [Secret Identity][Game Elements] [***********]<-Spoiler[Not Gay MC]*You have been warned*

  • Netori System

    Netori System



    [WARNING EXTREME R-18 SEX] In a modern world full of powerful beings a System is given to every human when they are born. Each System is different based on the System's special abilities and title. The origin of these Systems is unknown and remains a mystery. One high school boy named Jon is betrayed by his closest friend and is outcasted from this world. His life soon changes when he gains a new power that takes everything from everyone! He will get his revenge! In this world, only the strong stand above in their own hierarchy and corruption. Even mythical and legendary beings exist in this world hidden in secrecy. Jon will conquer every beauty in this world no matter what! Netori System activated! [Level: 1] [Points: 0] [Skills] [Missions] [Store] [Women Conquered]: TAKE EVERY WOMAN! _______________________________ [Tags]: [System] [Sex] [Hentai][Huge Harem] [Anti-Hero] [Smart MC] [Overpowered MC] [Evil MC] [Rise to Power] [Godhood] [Monster Girls] [Big Titty Goth Girls] [Super Powers] [Eye Powers] [Sex Slaves] [Hot Girl Cousin] [Sexy CEO Girls] [CEO God Complex] [First-Time Intercourse] [Fellatio] [Eye Powers] [Rare Items] [Mind-Control] [Magical Space] [Magic][Cultivation] [Netori] [Anal] [Rape] [Take all your woman] [Student-Teacher Relationship] [MILF] [Celebrities] [Incest] [Big Tits] [Lolis] [Beast Girls][Perfect Genes] [Bussiness Tycoon] [Poor to Rich][Mythology] [Hidden Abilities] [Secret Identity] [Game Elements] [Apocalypse] [Hidden Tags*] ______________

  • The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]

    The Sex Beast System (Revamped) [The World Of Systems]



    The excitement was running wild among everyone as it was The System Ceremony, where each individual is infused with their systems. Jacob, an ordinary guy was no different. To his joy, he got the system where points are gained by doing perverted tasks and indulging in sexual activities: The Sex Beast System. Well, that joy lasted for mere seconds before he noticed the other specifications of this system... which made him almost faint with shock.What Jacob thought to be a broken system at first, tuned out be something entirely different from even his wildest imagination possible... and completely changed his entire life.___________________Note: Hello! I am the original author, Roeselawik. My main account was having some problems, especially regarding SBS, so I decided to upload the story again. This is the re-edited version and I corrected as many grammatical mistakes as I could find. There are some slight changes as well, but the story is the same as before. Enjoy! Tags:System, Harem, Explicit sex scenes, Perverted protagonist, Netori, Elves, Devils, Beastkin, Dragons, Dwarves, Beautiful women, Big breasts, First-time Intercourse, Anal, Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Weak to strong MC, etc.Donate to help me continue writing and also get access to advance chapters:-https://www.patreon.com/RoeselawikJoin my discord for updates:-https://discord.gg/2CD5R2RThank you for supporting me!

  • My Double Sex System

    My Double Sex System


    THE DOUBLE SEX SYSTEM Name: DaveAge: 17 yearsRace: HumanGender: MalePartners: NoneSkills: NonePoints: 0System level: 1_____________________Buyable skills [Level 1]1.) [Arousal scent] (Price 100 points) Low level Skill description: Will make women around you feel aroused and sexually attracted to you. [Permanent](The more you level up the the stronger it gets)2.) [Stamina] (50 points ) Low level Skill description: Increase sexual stamina (allows you to last longer in bed)3.) [Pregnancy switch] (100 points) Skill description: Allows you to determine if you want to impregnate a chick [Permanent]4.) [Semen volume] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase semen (fill her womb)5.) [Penis size] (50 points) Low level Skill description: Increase penis size(Allow it enter her womb [Permanent ]___________________________________________________________________________Note: Skills will unlock as you level up Skills will vanish if not acquired before level up and cannot be retrieved ____________________________________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 1]See a woman nude [10 points]Touch a woman's breast or ass without her knowledge [20 points]Note: Points will not be gained during sex_______________________________________________________Points earning methods [System 2]Kiss[10 points]Cunninglingus [50 points]Fellatio [50 points]Vaginal sex [100 points]Anal sex [150 points]Points will be multiplied by 10 if it's the girl's first time______________________________________________________Side effect[Sex lust]:Lose control of your body with extreme sexual lust for 1 hour

  • God offers cheat?! No thanks(pause)

    God offers cheat?! No thanks(pause)


    A man dies and is offered a cheat by god as an apology.“No thanks. Just grant me this minor wishes and I will show you how I’ll take every beauties there is with my own power”“...”And in a sudden reverse of situation, the god is offered an entertainment of sorts.‘who knows maybe I’ll reward him if he does indeed entertained me’And just like that the man is reborn in another world and with his power, he will achieve everything he wants.unbeknownst to him the god gave him another gift after he left, and its up to him to find out what it is, or who SHE is.(A/N) so I just wanna say this is my first time posting a light novel. I made some in the last out of boredom but didn’t finish it. I decided to read more LNs first to get a gist on how to write better, what to do in situations and almost every other things and here I am.couple of reminders for you guys:-english is NOT my main language, so if you see any grammatical errors or other stuff. Don’t hesitate to correct me on the comment section. I’m always finding ways to better myself in making LNs to provide entertainment for y’all.-this is not for kids under 18 (obvi) there will be couple of major sex scenes and minor ones to. I created this just for my own satisfaction and to satiate my boredom (and fetishes).-I will probably ask you guys for help for what I’m going to do in future chapters.-I may or may not continue this cuz I always lose motivation on anything including my own life. But if this get lots of support and much needed affection. Then I might or I will continue this LN.-cover is not mine and will never be mine. If the illustrator doesn’t wants me using it. Its fine. Just write your message with a good review *cough* five stars *cough* and I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT DOWN.-extra tag for the r-18 part (anal) (fellatio) (cunnilingus) (sole male) (sole male threesome) (oyakodon) (incest) (milf) (legal loli) (bondage) (hidden sex) thats all I can think of. MC will also be stealing wives, BUT, he will only steal the wives of those who mistreated their wives (like cheat, abuse, neglect).thats all. enjoy.

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