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  • FolkLore



    The Virescent Dusk was foretold in the Tome of Dreams. It was promised to come. And just like all divinations of the Sleeping-Sage, it most certainly would. Caught within the maelstrom of such a weighty prophecy is the 27-year-old sarcastic sellsword, Alasdair Wuldric, a perilous man with a haunting past. The threads of fate weave and tangle before his silver eyes, and conjure around him more questions than answers. What will he sacrifice to discover the mysteries of the Virescent Dusk?

  • EXTORTIONER - folklore

    EXTORTIONER - folklore


    Selene's path leads her to interact with mysterious humans and vampires. At the age of 23, she gets transformed into a vampire. Further, her journey takes a U-turn, when she meets a witch and becomes one of them. A crystal bracelet takes her to the parallel world. She travels back and forth towards both worlds. In the meantime, Blight rain affects people with hallucinations and paranormal activities. Will Selene find a cure? Before the Blight rain comes to an end, she gets to know about mass murders happening in her world. How will Selene be able to find the cause of those murders? Selene gets a chance to ascend to Ceres, and becomes the royal heir to protect the Earth. On her walk to a park, she touches a magical book and becomes a triling. Now what is Selene??? A Tri-ling!A vampire, elf & fairy... Have a read to discover the fantasy realm.

  • Folklore Reborn

    Folklore Reborn

    Fantasy ACTION SCARY

    Disclaimer!: This has nothing to do with the main universe and is just a collection of short stories I came up with.Folklore reborn is, in essence, my own way of making folk stories. A lot of them are likely to have either dark undertones or literal dark themes. This is part of the Short Stories Now universe.

  • Diwata: A Series of Folklore

    Diwata: A Series of Folklore

    Fantasy Romance HISTORICAL MYTH

    A story based on the folklore passed down through generation by word of mouth. In one of the Philippine folklores, there are deities and spirits called Diwata or Encanto. They are said to be guardian spirits of nature who can invoke both blessings and curses.In the provincial areas of Cebu, the older generation would say that before modern times these mystical creatures had beautiful dresses, elegant tableware, and fantastical jewelry.And the wonderful thing was that locals could borrow these for weddings and special occasions. Just as long as you return them.How do the locals ask to borrow is a secret. And after asking the locals would then find the items either below trees or on tree stumps.The first story tells about the tragedy of a Royal Diwata, Princess Isabel.For more info: StoryIn bedtime stories from villages that live near the sea, there are stories about a certain sea creature that is part of the Philippine mythical creatures, the Dugong.In some mermaid stories, there would be dugongs mentioned. They are gentle and harmless creatures that are portrayed to protect against evil. Despite that, they are hunted for their meat, bones, and oil.For more info: story is a composition of various stories gathered from the older generation.

  • Once Upon A Folklore

    Once Upon A Folklore

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE MAGIC

  • Folklore of Fifteenth

    Folklore of Fifteenth


    "Hey? have you heard? has anyone ever told you of that urban legend? I heard that if you ever try to harm someone at the valley of Necrofalls. a teen-aged girl accompanied by a black giant and a ram will spirit you away, as your screams echo throughout the valley..." the ram read out from a news papers rumor/gossip section. "What the heck? I was just passing by that one time and now it's an urban legend? again? I mean, the hell am I supposed to do when that creep tried to assault that lady?!" came a teen-age girls outcry. "Ugguuhh..." a groan sounded, while a huge shadow was casted upon both the talking ram and teen-aged girl as the later looked up. "Yeah... they made you sound like some hulking brute when you're just an adorable little sister. don't be sad! for me Vallery will always be my cute little sister" she exclaimed. "Well, I guess that's enough for a short break. let's hit the road you two. Hell won't freeze over and miraculously solve our problems! so let's continue our travels, to get back into the world of the living..." This is a story about a girl, a giant poltergeist and a talking rams journey throughout the depts of hell to get back what was each taken from them. a normal life, retribution and a beloved daughter. . .

  • The Mind of Philippine Folklore

    The Mind of Philippine Folklore

    The folklores of Philippine Myths, Legends, and Superstitions. What are in their belief? What are the context of their belief? What are the truth and Lies? The punishments and blessings for forfeiting/accepting their superstitions by their saying are Major but what are really the scientific explanations? Can superstition outcome science in this myths and legends? Is their any witnesses of Their Myths and Legends? We are About to find out!

  • Folklore: Legends and Secrets

    Folklore: Legends and Secrets

  • Bound to Evil

    Bound to Evil



    Lazar is a man shaped by his past. Forced into exile when he was only a child, his only ambition in life was to become strong enough to take revenge. Years later, having completed his training in the American special forces, he was preparing to return to his native country to settle accounts. But again life played a trick on him... The Gods announced the Apocalypse and monsters coming from different mythologies and folklores were unleashed on Earth. Having basically the duty to fight in this war against evil, they finally decided to abandon humans leaving them a system that allows them to evolve, to know more about their enemy and the situation of the world. Lazar will not only have to survive, which is already quite difficult, but he will also realize that he has a role to play in this Apocalypse by leading those who will become his new family. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm Barbare, the author. I hope you will like this novel and that you will help me improve it if you have something to criticize, I already wrote a novel in the past but I am far from being an expert after all. If you like it let me know by adding it to your library or vote for it. I hope you have as much fun reading as I wrote, or more because the writing process is not always fun. Good reading PS: The cover is not from me so if it's your work contact me.

  • The Folklore of which i heard

    The Folklore of which i heard


    A night where nothing was easy but it would've been easier for our young boy to just set upon a folklore about cthulhu.. he wasn't going to have it easy now will he?

  • Bhadra Devi- an old Indian Folklore

    Bhadra Devi- an old Indian Folklore

    The modified version of an ancient Indian Folklore, originally known by the name, 'Sassi and Punnu’.

  • Fairy Tales, some Folklore and Alot Gunpowder

    Fairy Tales, some Folklore and Alot Gunpowder

    Fantasy ACTION R18

    Fairy Tales, bed time stories with happy endings. Folk Lore, bed time stories about fantastical creatures from mystical lands. And gunpowder, accidental marvel of the past, now used in combat. Mix them together and add some gore and you got monsters that want nothing but to kill you, eat you or turn you into their mindless slave.

  • Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System

    Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System



    Many people wish to be transported to another world, beautiful women, supernatural powers, adventures and the list continues. My name is Daimon Naktis I used to be a human on earth until my accidental death led me to reincarnate as a member of a royal family in another world, thrown away by my father due to my lack of talent I would have been killed if not for my mother protecting me. When I was at the bottom of despair I saw a game like screen and the unmistakable sound of a smartphone notification. "The host's current body is too shitty for the system, physical reformation in progress", "physical reformation complete, as a one time reward for surviving the host might ask the system for a wish". ------------------------------------ Achievement rewards: 200 power stones= 1 extra chapters 300 power stones= 2 extra chapters (The reward chapters will be posted on the week, on a random day) ----------------------------------- If You like monsters folklore and cute girls then be my guest ----------------------------------- The cover is not mine, so all the credit for the right owner ----------------------------------- The story will have a lot of dark elements so if you don't have stomach for that then I suggest you to leave, oh also i'm quite a pervert myself so be prepared for that (NO NTR). ---------------------------------- Finally, enjoy the story and if you like it please do support me with your power stones and reviews they will help me a lot.

  • My Robinhood System

    My Robinhood System


    A magical system! Gods and goddesses! Elves and leprechauns! Mages and warriors! Complicated women! Monsters and supernaturals! World wars! Epic crossovers! How much can little old Pete handle? A wealthy, spoiled, and obese kid is reincarnated into the lore of his favorite legendary hero. However, things take a dark turn, spiraling into a ridiculously bizarre world that wants to eat him up alive! In the new world, Robin Hood is not just a thief, but the chosen savior. He takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Saves damsels in distress. Or is it the other way round? ------------------------------------------------------- This is my 2nd story on WN and a WSA 2022 entry. My first story GOD FORMULA, was a WPC winner. -------------------------------------------------------- Read this: If you are a fan of high fantasy, folklore, isekai and reincarnation. There is a system in this story, but the plot does not rely heavily on it. There will be a pull of LitRPG and a push of GameLit. You can expect crossover of fantasy elements from other tropes. This story will be a path-breaking retelling of the Robin Hood myth and legend with a heavy dose of isekai and fantasy. If this description appeals to you, Bon-Appetit! --------------------------------------------------------

  • A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love

    A Tale of Chinese New Year Lovers: My Dragon, My Love



    "When Chinese New Year happens, that's the only time I get to see him." - AX Althea Xi, an orphan and a freelance article writer in most Shanghai mainland broadcasting and newspaper companies wanted to become a famous top author in China through an international competition that will end before the new year of 2023. She came up with the decision to use the 'The Legend of the Cursed Dragon' as her setting for her work, in which her deceased grandmother always told her when it was nighttime when she was just a kid. But fate turned the tables around when she has been disqualified from the competition as soon as she used the prohibited folklore. She used that opportunity to abandon the story that was etched through her mind for a long time by throwing the bejeweled box that she was forbidden to open to the Yangtze River. Her deceased grandmother had been guarding it since her teenage years, and she knew that the box and the legend had been bringing her a stroke of bad luck all throughout her life. But before she could even leave the river, she accidentally tripped through rocks and fell down on the deep waters. She swam upwards with all her might, but little did she know, she was being transported through the year 1904, where a Chinese New Year celebration was happening on the side of the river. --------------------------- A LITTLE EXCERPT: "I exude a powerful charm I never imagined that would save you." "It was because of the power of love we have on each other." He then claimed her lips in the middle of the rain while the rivers of the Yangtze River were evident. He held onto her waist after a while. And she scraped her fingernails on his hair. They both love each other, they both do. ---------------------------- DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination. The story used Chinese New Year as a reference for the Chinese New Year contest, and no distortion of historical resources had been made. Only the parallels of the worlds had been used, and the reality of Chinese mythology had been inked through this novel. The cover's background rights reserved through Pinterest artworks. The text is made through the Canva website by the dear author.

  • FU Tales

    FU Tales



    Alex Fu-Tales, a postgraduate archaeological student, dug in the wrong spot, which marked and attracted the supernatural to him. Except they are nothing like the descriptions in folklore. What will happen to him when he enters their world, the hidden dimension? Graphics (book cover) licensed from Font: Modifications: own.

  • The Celestial Saga

    The Celestial Saga



    With a dazzling personality and a mysterious dark aura, Lucas is someone who fascinates Katherine and she can do nothing other than being inexplicably drawn towards him. But there is something about him. Something he is keeping from her with his clever replies and sarcastic humor. Something that would change everything for Katherine. * * * * * How would you feel if your true identity has always been kept a secret from you? Katherine Grayson was in trouble. A presence is looming over her since her childhood. To add more misery into her already messed up life, a series of unrealistic events leaves her traumatized. Amidst all the chaos, she gets to learn about her true identity. It turns out she is a witch from a very powerful coven. Now a new set of challenges and adventure awaits her. Will she be able to prove her worth? * * * * * •Two chapters everyday(more if author keeps getting powerstones and daily unlocks) •Join rhe discord : (if the link doesn't work, then try the one in author's bio) •Buy the privelege to enjoy more chapters. Come on, the author dares you (it's real cheap) •The book cover is not owned by the author, it belongs to the original creator * * * * * This book involves fantasy, thriller, suspense and of course romance. We have savage characters, a scaredy-cat, a charming sweet character, King of trolling and a character with God complex. More interesting characters will be introduced as the story progresses. * * * * * Excerpt 1 , ["Nice bracelet." He traced a finger on the bracelet, momentarily touching my skin. The hair on my skin rose and I shuddered under his touch. I immediately drew my hand back. "It looks good on you .... Katherine." He complimented and his enchanting gaze seemed to bewitch me. "Thankyou" I said, without even giving it a second thought. Immediately I wanted to take that 'thankyou' back. Thank you? Of all the things I could have said, "thankyou" was the worst. I didn't want Lucas thinking that I liked his compliment. It didn't take much thinking to realize that he was trouble, and I had enough trouble looming, no need to invite more. "And I prefer Kat." I corrected, realizing that he had called me Katherine earlier. "Why not Katherine?" His gaze looked appraising. "Cause it's boring." I answered and turned towards the chalkboard. "I think it's beautiful." His reply caught me off guard and I turned sideways, he was still staring at me intently, with those dazzling charcoal grey eyes.] * * * * * Excerpt 2, [He shifted in his seat and his eyes met mine. "I believe there's always more to everything than it meets the eye." He was inclining towards me now. "Do you not believe in witches?"  "I don't. . ." I lied. "They only exists in folklores and myths." I added to make my lie more convincing.  I noticed his lips turn into a smile but it faded away the second he looked at me.  "Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow. "Do things out of blue not elevate your curiousity?"  "They do." I replied. In fact, everything happening lately had my curiosity skyrocketed.  "And have you ever tried to find answers to those questions? If you do find the answers. . ." He leaned in closer. "I bet you won't be disappointed." He was unnecessarily close, his husky voice went straight into my ears.  He shifted back in his seat and put his hands behind his head. There was a smirk plastered on his lips and for some reasons I had a feeling that he had challenged me to some mysterious quest.] * * * * *

  • Key to a Goblin's Heart

    Key to a Goblin's Heart



    Can you fall in love again when it almost destroyed everything you stood for? Cassandrei, a goblin princess, banished to the land of mortals finds herself striving without any of her powers. With passing time she transitions into a common human and reversal from that becomes harder. After an accident she crossed path with someone who could unlock her powers on earth itself. She called him her "Key". Will he help her regain her powers? What happens when her powers in the land of mortals starts to attract creatures that are unheard of? Creatures that turn the everything upside down in a manner of few seconds. Michael, a man who was running away from his own trauma ends up saving someone who was way too different to be human. At the same time he unraveled secrets about himself and everything which he once believed to be only a part of the folklores. ~ "Why do you keep following me..." he asked the lady in front of him before continuing his sentence in his mind "... and why do I find it so hard to push you away"? "Cause you are my key" She whispered. "Your what"? He asked skeptically to which she gave him a tiny smile. ~~~~ Can the "Key" to unlocking her powers be also the key to her frozen heart? ~~~~~~~~ PS: If you want to connect with me: Feel free to message me in:- 1.Discord. ID: sillymlk#8687 2. Instagram ID: @silly.mlk or @zuozhe_jiemei 3.Discord group: 4.Twitter: @Sillymlk




    BITTEN!!! Synopsis Some humans don't have any idea lycanthropes existed,some do,most don't. And it has been either by folklore or mere fantasy that the story were passed along. As time goes on lycanthropes divided and a great under world war is erupting which will also begin to surface. However, the life of a young high student changed after he was bitten by a dying Alpha in the woods at night.He must learn about his newfound abilities which poses a problem as well as running from Savage Hunters, he now has more enemies than friends.With the help of his new friends and other acquaintances he finds a path. This story entails Secrecy, Horror, Revelations and so on. NB:This is my first book so please don't mind my writing skills. Please drop anything you feel in the review section as it can help. Thanks

  • The Clown Chase

    The Clown Chase

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY SCARY

    The brother of an amnesiac must keep his family safe from a gang of leader clowns that’s targeted them.

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