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  • Forever


    Mark Vincent has risen from senior special agent to Director of Interior Affairs in the WBIS. Lately, life has been sweet for him -- in addition to his promotion, he's found a partner in Quinton Mann, who can almost match his ability in the intelligence field, in spite of the fact Quinn's CIA. Mark has also found a condo in Alexandria with the help of Portia Mann, Quinn's mother, and it's closer to Quinn's town house than Mark's present apartment. Sweetest of all, Mark plans to take Quinn to his island in the Caribbean for the holidays.<br><br>Quinn's glad he has the holiday with Mark to look forward to -- something is going on at Langley, and he feels he's being kept out of the loop. To make matters even worse, useless missions and sleepless nights filled with nightmares are leaving him exhausted. But then his mother's life if threatened, and Quinn discovers the accident that resulted in her hospitalization was no accident. The obsessively self-absorbed Senator Wexler is involved, and while Quinn considers himself a civilized man, now he's out for blood.<br><br>Up until this point, Mark has stayed out of Quinn's CIA business. But hurting Quinn and those he loves isn't a smart move, and Mark has every intention of seeing Wexler pays. Quinn demands to come along, and while Mark isn't happy, he finally agrees, and they set out together to deal with the senator. There's just one catch: this will be the first time Quinn sees Mark at his deadly best, and Mark isn't sure how his lover will react.

  • Forever Mine

    Forever Mine


    Benjamin Lockwood's life takes a U turn when, his estranged sister and her husband dies in an accident and, he receives the custody of his young niece. The baby being the heir to a fortune, becomes a target for her greedy paternal family. Benjamin has only one option. Get married and provide the baby with a secure family. Enter Isabella Carter. Cute bubbly and innocent. In a desperate situation, Benjamin claims her as his fiance and chaos ensues. Read ahead to know how their life unfolds.PS : This is a very short story, with a maximum of 25 chapters.

  • Forever Your Boyfriend

    Forever Your Boyfriend



    **Credit to the real owner of the cover photo**Lee Nana finds herself caught up in the middle of a drama she knows nothing about, when she accepts the request of her best friend to stand in for her as an hired girlfriend. She meets and falls in love with Kim Tan who happens to be her boyfriend's best friend unknowing to her, and drama ensues as different love triangles are formed.Lee Nana comes to find out that she isn't really who she thinks she is, and everyone around her is keeping one secret or the other from her. She gets to understand how one decision can change a person's life as well as those around her for the better... Or maybe for worse. ********Tan locked eyes with her over his wineglass, she was pretty as sin. He wanted her, he wanted to take her right there. He could barely remember the last time he felt this strongly about any woman. What surprised him most was the fact that he didn't just want her body, he wanted her heart too. Most of the women he knew were all golddiggers, and he could get any of them between his sheets for the right price, so why the hell was this one proving stubborn? She shifted her gaze from his, "The wine is nice," She said smiling nervously, wanting to say anything to break the silence. She may be naive but she knew desire when she saw it, and she could see it written all over his eyes. The thought of it made her heartbeat quicken. 'You have a boyfriend, what are you doing letting yourself get attracted to this guy?' she asked herself. He could tell she was nervous, it made him smile. It reassured him to know he still had that effect on females, especially this one that roused everything in him. He reached across the table and placed his hand over her hand making her jump. He chuckled, "Calm down girl, I don't bite. you just look so nervous, I wanted to calm you down." He said, laughter dancing in his eyes. "I'd appreciate it if you keep your hands to yourself. I don't appreciate being touched randomly like that," She said with a frown. "I'm sorry, I'll try to let you know before I touch you next time," he said with a smile, making her know he intended to touch her again. "We'll be attending the wedding tomorrow with you as my date. I hope you won't jump up everytime I touch you. that would raise suspicion don't you think?" He said with a wicked glint in his eyes "Isn't that what this whole week has been about? You have nothing to worry about, I'll do it right. But until then keep your hands to yourself." She said with a polite smile. We'll see about that. Tan thought.PS: Credit to the real owner of the cover photo (The photo doesn't belong to me)

  • My Forever with you

    My Forever with you



    "Life is the flower for which love is the honey" .......... " Its feels so nice under the sky, hey look.. there are so many star's in the sky"she said pointing at the stars "But i'm more interested in my moon" he said looking at her. ............ Elena's life has always been limited to herself, completing her studies she wanted work for fulfilling her dreams. Being the only child she was always pampered by her parents. Under their guides she never knew of the outside world. she wanted to experience every thing from love to life. Lucas Thomson, known for his playboy image never wanted to have a serious relationship. He treated women like piece of cloth, changing after having fun with them. The only heir of PM Enterprises, he had everything from good looks to money. But what will happen when he starts getting attracted to a girl who have never had any experience in love? ................ "Wh- what do you want? " she said stammering. "Your heart"he said looking at her intently. " why? "she said looking in his eyes. " Because i want it to beat for me as my beats for you... " taking her hand he place it on his heart for her to listen. ............ Come join me with the journey of Lucas and Elena from how they fall in love and experience new turns in their lives. P. S: This cover doesn't belong to me credit to the respected owner. You can follow me on Instagram:@ author_ akshaya

  • In The Whole World, I Have 50% More Rewards

    In The Whole World, I Have 50% More Rewards

    Eastern Fantasy LEVELUP EVOLUTION


    Join the Glorious Evolution! As your flesh transcends, you will no longer experience the suffering of this world. Congratulations! You have been chosen as the first batch of warriors to enter Talent Space. Awaken your talent now! The talent awakened in you shall be the Greed in the blood. You shall acquire an additional 50% of all benefits.




    Her heart began to beat heavily. She was fascinated by the man. Awareness flooded through her, as did a sudden need to brush her hair. Dammit, why had she put on this stupid bum short and singlet today. She wondered what he would look like with that shirt off. She swallowed and tried to look away. Fantasies like that would get her nowhere. "Hi" he said. And for a few seconds Emma didn't realize he was speaking to her. She blushed when she lifted an eye brow questioningly. "Oh hello" "'s Daniel. Nice to meet you" "it's nice to meet you too.. I'm Emma"--------------------------------Emma Green has totally given up on relationships and happy ever after. Not because she doesn't think it's amazing to have someone, mind you, but because she simply doesn't believe in love. She's been there and done that, and she's not doing it again. But when she meets Daniel Rohan, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe falling in love again might not be all that bad.... --------------------------------Take control.. Feel the rush... Explore your fantasiesStep into stories of provocative romance where sexual fantasies come true. Let your inhibitions run wild.

  • I will Love You Forever

    I will Love You Forever


    MATURE CONTENT AHEAD.We are married and belong to each other but how come I don't remember being married at all?Ayla, a beautiful girl from Salem village losses her mind when her stepmother sells her to an old ugly man, Mr Parker but following a series of massacres in the village, on the day she is supposed to be given to Mr Parker, The monstrous werewolf, Gerard Jarek claims that he would only stop the attack as long as she is given to him as his wife.What would Ayla do to escape the clutches of this beast? Would she accept him as her husband or find another way.Is she as innocent as everyone thinks or is she a badass girl with an innocent face?New book here. Do well to vote and enjoy.PS, This book cover isn't mine shout out to the owner.

  • Falling in Love : I love you, Today and Forever

    Falling in Love : I love you, Today and Forever



    Aria and Ivy are twin sisters whose father has gone missing for three years. They have left no stone unturned to find him, but all in vain.In an unusual encounter, a business tycoon, Noah Allen Carter, falls in love with Aria. Meanwhile, Ivy approaches Joshua Martin, who is a friend of Noah, to help find her father and in the process falls for his charms. What happens when the sisters find that the people they love are the ones behind their misery?............................................................................................"Ivy, sweetheart. Please come back. I love you." Joshua cried holding her hand. However, there was no response from her. "Ivy, please say something. Don't be like this."Joshua kissed her hand, but Ivy had long made up her mind. Only a miracle could make her come back to him............................................................................................."I hate you, Noah," she shouted."I love you, Aria," he replied, pulling her towards him."No, you don't.""Yes, I do. Falling in love with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. I will always love you; today and forever."............................................................................................Readers can join my discord server to know more about the book.Discord: The cover picture does not belong to me.Editing is under progress.

  • Always and Forever

    Always and Forever


    Everything is not what it seems,True love is never easy as It comes with a price,.........................I would taste death willingly ,If that's what it takes to love you -CatalinaShe had everything you could possibly wish for, the money, the beauty, the perfect job, the 'perfect' family, the 'perfect' fiance, one thing Catalina underestimated and felt she could live without was "love,"So when he came along, she fell desperately and madly in love with the young Stiliyan .In this life time, in the next, or the next after, no matter how many times I am to be reborn, I would love you like I have always loved you, "Always and Forever" -Stiliyan Dimitro

  • Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow

    Forever Destined to the Silver Shadow



    When the man in front of her tried to touch her hand, she instinctively took a step back from him—as she didn’t want him to get hurt. “Please don’t touch me for your sake,” she said to him. The man smiled a little and replied,” Don’t worry about me, Celestia! Nothing will happen to me.”She was startled as he had called her by her actual name. She had kept her identity a secret—as no one is supposed to know who she really is. “How do you know my…. real name?” she asked him nervously. “I know everything about you, Celestia,” he said and moved near her. “I know you better than you know yourself—"Her heart throbbed when his hand got near her skin. She thought that he would be thrown away from her and get severely injured—just like all the other men did. But surprisingly, nothing happened to him when his sturdy hand clasped her pearly white fingers. With his other hand, he held her chin and fixed his alluring gaze on her. “How... How are you even able to touch me?” Celestia asked him. “Because you are mine—" he answered in a deep tone. “Others weren’t able to touch you—as you only belong to me—"She winced slightly when he suddenly grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her closer to him. Then he leaned down and kissed her pale cheek. “Only I get to touch and kiss and make love to you! Because you are forever destined to live with me,” he whispered in her ear and made her shudder. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~He is feared by everyone else in her kingdom. His powers are infinite, and he can do things beyond other’s imagination. Even though everyone considers him dangerous, Celestia sees a different version of him. He is ruthless and cold to others—but whenever he sees her, he surrenders himself to her. Despite the warnings of others, she finds herself slowly falling for him. Even after she becomes his lover, she is unable to predict his true nature. What are his true motives? And what circumstances are forcing him to join hands with the dark side?And why does he desire Celestia so much that he is willing to kill any man who even thinks of touching her?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Join my discord server to view pictures of characters and more with the author directly there and give your feedback.

  • High School :Way to Forever

    High School :Way to Forever



    From being betrothed at the age of ten, betrayed by her lover, to seeing her brother dying in front of her eyes, Anna suffered everything at the age of thirteen!But at last, she chose to leave the underworld and live her life as a normal human being. Her heart's door is closed because of whatever happened in the past.On the other hand is Alex, famous for being the playboy of the school but unknown to all of them, he is deeply rooted in her past and her 'named' fiance.Who exactly is he!? No one has any idea about it, except being feared in the whole school. What happens when they both come together to fulfill her bucket list but end up falling for each other? Is this accepted by society? Is her love a hurdle on the way to her revenge for her brother’s death?!And most important, how will Anna react when she gets to know that Alex is not someone she knew all along?Let us read and know about what Anna faces in the line of Underworld and love when responsibility comes on her shoulders at an early age!?...."Hey, what are you doing?" asked Anna as Alex's grip on her wrist was becoming more strong."Listen An, no one else except me is allowed to touch you or see your shoulders." Coming closer to her ear, he whispered as his hot breeze lingered on her earlobe."You are just MINE." The dominance was quite evident in his voice as her wide eyes stared on his face."Get Lost.""Yes, Baby lets get lost in each other's world." Alex replied while he was simple looking at his love with adoration.Anna narrowed her eyes as she spoke, “You are just shameless!! How idiot of you!"A small smirk came on his face as his eyes showed the gentleness, "Only for you, Love."............................*Check Out my Another novel, *You can follow author on Social Media pagesInstagram- Amaira_KnightDiscord- Amaira_Knight#1314PS- Novel cover isn't mine, its taken from Internet.

  • Forever Yours

    Forever Yours

    Two best friends have their life upside down after a drastic event took place in one's life. They sure separated, but she loved him. Love. It was more than just a best-friend feeling. Things changed, people changed, everything changed. But her love was still the same. Can she ever gather the courage to tell him? Will he ever accept her?

  • Forever Mine

    Forever Mine

    Seventeen-year old Sarah’s life is turned upside down when her single mom is sent to jail. She’s forced to move, leaving behind everything she’s ever known, including her best friend Sydney. Lost and bitter in a new school, her one goal is to save money and move back home. Then she meets Angel Moreno. Enigmatic but gorgeous, Angel is almost too good to be true. Except for one thing, his archaic belief that guys and girls can never be “just friends”. The problem? Sarah’s best friend Sydney is not a girl. With their unexpected romance intensifying to places neither ever experienced, how long can Sarah keep Angel in the dark about the guy waiting for her back home? Forever Mine is created by Elizabeth Reyes, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Forever?
                          Are Forever
    meant to be Forever

    Forever? Are Forever meant to be Forever

  • Locked With The Monster Forever

    Locked With The Monster Forever

    Contemporary Romance R18


    Mu Yuhaan is Asia's richest businessman and king of the underworld. Earth shakes under his feet, air becomes tense around him, and going against him is a straight suicidal attempt. All of this is applicable to all but one, his girlfriend, his soon to be wife, the love of his life, his Mian. Their love story was sailing smoothly garnering everyone's envy, until one day Mian wanted to break all the ties with Mu Yuhaan. Excerpt.. "Agreeing to be your girlfriend was the biggest mistake I made in my entire life!" Mian yelled at Mu Yuhaan's face with agitated eyes. This one sentence drained the glow from Mu Yuhaan's face, for the next few seconds, all he could do was just stare vacantly at Mian. After the buzzing in his head subsided a little, he gently held both of her arms, then asked, “Mian, what are you talking about? What made you utter such words? Babe, what happened?" "Exactly what you just heard and stop touching me! It's over!" Mian jerked at Mu Yuhaan's hands immediately, as if it disgusted her. That disgusted expression on her face was for him?! Anger accumulating inside, Mu Yuhaan's eyes glossed over coldly. "Since you know that, why are you running away? Mistakes shouldn't go unpunished, Mian; and in order to pay for it, you will be locked with me forever." Next moment, Mian felt Mu Yuhaan's strength for the first time, as she was thrown onto the bed, pinned by him. Since she wanted to do this the hard way, there was no reason for him to hold back anymore. While Mu Yuhaan was busy avenging his bleeding heart, tears of heartache were flowing out of Mian's eyes. She wanted to be with Mu Yuhaan as well, but she couldn't! Why can't he just let her go, and let everyone be at peace? They are not meant to be... Will Mu Yuhaan be able to find out the reasons behind Mian's sudden change of heart? Or will he be too late to lose the love of his life forever? == Nina was a supermodel, who had it all—looks, wealth, and a long line of suitors. She always had a big smile while facing her family, but, late at night it was only her tears that accompanied her to sleep. The tragic death of her beloved, took her smile away, clouding her bright life. However, as they say, God can never see his children in pain for a long time, an eventful night pushed Nina into a marriage with Lu Yifeng, the CEO of the Biggest Entertainment Company in the country. From apathy to pure hatred, it didn't stop there, evolving into friendship, then taking turns towards the deepest path of love. Just then, like the naughty bully in school, fate played another cruel game shattering Nina's heart once again. Excerpt.. Nina's teary eyes sought out Lu Yifeng, plucking up her all courage, she pushed the heavy question out of her quivering lips, "Did you kill Mubai?" The deem light of hope couldn't but stare anxiously at him, to hear a negative answer. Okay, he didn't have to say anything, just single shake of head would suffice. Lu Yifeng's face fell instantly. Nina's anxiousness mounted, she cupped his face with both hands to station his gaze on hers. "Why are you not saying anything? Feng, just tell me once, you aren't the reason why Mubai is no more?" Lu Yifeng's eyes drooped, as he stood there hanging his head low. Hreatbreak, betrayal, anger and pain almost blasted Nina's heart out. Staggering a few steps back, she stared at Lu Yifeng through a blurred vision. Just like her vision, she felt her heart never saw the clear version of him. "I really wish, you lose the person you love, perhaps then you will understand my pain!" Like a statue who got his voice back, Lu Yifeng pleaded desperately with urgency, "Don't! Curse me, hit me all you want, drag me to the court, but don't curse yourself, Nin! I love you!" His expression remorseful, the one beyond redemption. Will Nina be able to come out of her past and find love in her husband? Or her hatred for Lu Yifeng will take him to his grave?

  • Forever In Your Embrace My Dragon

    Forever In Your Embrace My Dragon


    Gold Winner WPC #227 Zhakhil the heir to the throne of Neladia had his stepmother entrap him in a tower with a dragon watching him since he was young. All so that his step brother Lucius could take the throne and be king of Neladia. With no one brave enough to save him, he was forced to grow close with the dragon with how much time they spent together. With only the dragon as company and likewise, Zhakhil and Xaddrin started developing feelings for each other. Can they ever be more than just friends and when a knight comes to save him by killing Xaddrin. To what lengths will Zhakhil go to save and protect his dragon. *Cover not mine, credit goes to owner and if the owner wants it removed. He/she can let me know*

  • Forever Mine, Mine Forever

    Forever Mine, Mine Forever

    The first time they met, Chen Ruo Xuan was drunk and Su Mian was nursing a broken heart. The second time they met, they started rolling in the bed.And the morning after that changed everything.****************The spark between them was instant, the moment they met, the moment they touched, it was like this was meant to happen. It was love at first sight for them, raw, consuming and passionate.It was something that was bound to happen, something destined. But has the fate ever been that good to anybody?

  • Forever Love

    Forever Love



    Maybe the past matters in its own way, but right now I just want to cherish you. Grace, after some painful incident from her past, came out to be a strong, wise yet a little emotionless. She got her career in line at a young age and had a powerful personality but still always felt like something was missing. Her encounter with Nate wasn't a pleasant one, but the spark from that time didn't leave her. Was it really okay for her to feel this way? Isn't love at first sight a hoax? Can a love story really go this well? Mika, a cheerful girl, always by Grace's side finds someone who's able to get her out of her fear from the past. But will she really be able to handle it? What if her fear from her past haunts her again?Keep reading this heartwarming love story that'll fill up your soul, to find out ;)~~The cover doesn't belong to me but to the rightful owner! I don't own the copyright on the cover~~

  • Forever Yours, Forever Mine

    Forever Yours, Forever Mine


    He vowed to protect her with his life and serve her as his butler, until it all went wrong.She gave up her body and soul so that he could live. He gave up his future repeating the past over and over again no matter the pain.Defying the will of the heavens he fought until he could be by her side.Until thus came the 212th Life, He became a child again and found her once more. “H-h-h-human?! aH yEs I-I uh— I too hAVe s-StIcKs tO WALk LiKE YOu~” She chortled nervously, her embellishing figure before him again. He felt his heart beat hard against his chest in that moment he knew it was her. “Usagi…”[COVER IS NOT MINE; ALL CREDIT GOES TO ARTIST]

  • Forever Yours

    Forever Yours

    Michelle Stewart, a well cultured, independent lady is in a relationship with the love of her life, Derek Howard. They are happy and in love, but sometimes Michelle doubts that as she faces a strong opposition, Derek's mom. Mrs Howard has never for one day approved of her son's relationship with Michelle because she felt Michelle wasn't of their social class. She endlessly taunts Michelle with hurtful words every chance she gets and Derek does nothing about it.As the day goes by and the torments continues, Michelle doubts that Derek's feelings for her are genuine, which leads her to her breaking point, but someone shows up along the way. That someone brought Michelle back on her feet, made her know what love is, against every opposition.But what if that someone isn't an ex, but Derek's brother?Will Derek let Michelle have the happiness she deserves, or will he fight for the love of his life?

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