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  • The Abhorred Foster

    The Abhorred Foster

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18

    He ripe his light grey shirt in one jerk. Taking a small piece, he turns it around my wrist. A low hiss escapes from my lips causing his beautiful grey eyes to move from my wrist to my own green eyes. His breathing was calm and fanning lightly on my face. The way his eyes were looking at me make me feel dizzy. A tingling feeling boom in my stomach and that was so calming. But I know I can't think these things right now, not develop any feelings for him. Because he is emotionless, arrogant, and dangerous. Not only dangerous but danger himself.Without him, my life was okay because I was surviving. My past was dark, full of secrets. I want to make it bright but fails every time. But when I landed in Hawaii, my life changed. From there my story begins. I never thought my journey in Hawaii would end like that. But it starts again differently.Because their I met him.Copy right 2020© All rights reserved

  • The Foster Family

    The Foster Family

  • Foster Newton

    Foster Newton

  • The Foster Child

    The Foster Child

    Contemporary Romance SCARY

  • The life as a Foster Kid

    The life as a Foster Kid

  • Love my foster brother

    Love my foster brother

  • My Life As A Foster Child

    My Life As A Foster Child

    Keep in mind it will get pretty intense but it's a true story of my life any names will be changed along with names of towns and people. Basically as I said it's my life story so far. There are lots of downs and a few ups nothing really sexual is described as of this moment



  • My Boyfriend is My Foster Father

    My Boyfriend is My Foster Father

    Romansa Anak Muda ROMANCE R18

    #Gabby Alexandra Harrison Nama ku adalah Gabby Alexandra Harisson. Aku tak pernah mengenal yang namanya cinta. Walaupun usiaku saat ini sudah menginjak 20 tahun, akan tetapi aku tak pernah sekalipun berhubungan dengan seorang pria. Hal itu dikarenakan My Dad and My Mom yang selalu melarangku memiliki hubungan dengan pria manapun, apa lagi My Daddy yang sangat protektif dalam menjaga ku. Oleh sebab itu, tak ada sedikit pun pria yang berani mengencani ku. Namun, semua itu berubah ketika Daddy mengatakan cinta nya pada ku. Ya....mungkin ini gila!. Akan tetapi tak ku sangka sedikit demi sedikit rahasia yang Dad and Mom sembunyikan bertahun-tahun terbongkar. #Keynan Harrison Nama ku adalah Keynan Harisson, pria blasteran Turki dan New York. Aku memiliki seorang putri cantik, akan tapi itu bukan putri kandungku, melainkan putri yang sejak usia 3 tahun aku asuh karena sebuah insiden. Walaupun aku memiliki putri aku masih lajang, karena selama ini aku jatuh hati dengan putri ku sendiri sejak pertama kali aku Bertemu.

  • Fostered Affections

    Fostered Affections

    Austin Inverness loves dogs and his wife, Erika. Erika was the only girlfriend Austin ever had who didn’t judge him for being bisexual, and dogs never judge, period. Unfortunately, Erika isn’t much of a dog person.<br><br>Airman Neil Stafford has been deployed to Turkey for a six-month tour and he enrolls his schipper-poo, Bunny, in the Fosters for Fighters program that arranges fostering for soldiers' pets. There he meets Austin, who will foster Bunny while Neil is overseas.<br><br>The two men keep in touch via Skype and Austin is delighted by how well they get along. Erika, on the other hand, is delighted by how little she has to do to take care of Bunny. That is, until Bunny needs an emergency trip to the vet.<br><br>By the time Neil returns home, Austin has noticed key differences between his wife and the new friend he can’t stop thinking about. As for Neil, he knows for sure he wants Austin in his life, but not at the cost of his friend's marriage.<br><br>When Austin realizes Erika questions his bisexuality, the cracks in their relationship quickly spread and Austin questions everything, including if he can make the right choice. Will Austin and Neil be able to overcome the bumps on the road to happiness?

  • Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

    Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

    Contemporary Romance REINCARNATION CEO


    The interstellar boss, Zi Yi, has come back to life. Despite clearly being reborn as a daughter to a rich family with a dignified family on her mother's side, she just had to be screwed over by her stepmother's horrendous fostering and egged on to distance herself from her mother's family. Labeled by the people in her circle as a 'Rich, stupid, and shameless to the point of stealing her own sister's boyfriend' woman, Boss Zi Yi merely scoffs. 'Stupid? 'Allow me to show you the true power of the world's strongest brain.' "You're still a high school student, studying should be your priority." Zi Yi has to tilt her head backward to look at the tall and muscular man. Her tone is harsh when she replies, "You really do like poking your nose into others' businesses, don't you?" Cool as ever, Zi Yi slowly changes the ways of the world and how people think with the talents and abilities she had retained from the 22nd century. Nobles and high-ranking officials from the capital want to marry her, only for Zi Yi to reject Young Master He's roses and turn to get into her red sports car while the man who always likes to nag her has the entire Lu family kneeling with him on one knee. "I am the only person in the world who's suitable for you, Zi Yi."

  • Foster kid that become a Super Spy?

    Foster kid that become a Super Spy?

  • The Hitting Zone

    The Hitting Zone

    Competitive Sports SLICEOFLIFE TRAUMA


    After a near death experience thanks to his own mother, Jake Hollander has an adverse reaction to people, baseball, and family. His feeling of abandonment is slowly lost thanks to his foster family, The Atkins. They take him in and change his mind about everything. He becomes more open, better at baseball, and craves for family. Slowly all wishes are granted. Instagram: @writerhalf_empty ~~The Last Curve can be found there, a short story about Rhys. Updates every Sunday Please read on Webnovel! **Names, faces, and places aren’t real. A work of fiction. Nonetheless, it is my work of fiction so please don’t post it without permission. *I have used school names that do exist though, but I would like everyone to know that I have no affiliation with them. Nor do my views reflect their views. **Also, I bought the royalty-free license for my cover. Which means I can use it without having to pay royalties. If you have any questions, comment on my latest chapter or reach me on discord.

  • The Blind Lover

    The Blind Lover

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE


    Qin Yu had lost both her parents when she was young and was all alone. Since then, she lived with her father’s comrade-in-arms. Due to the huge inheritance that her father had left behind, her foster mother had attempted to murder her repeatedly. In order to survive, she could only pretend to be a mentally disabled child. It wasn't easy for her to reach adulthood, yet her foster mom wanted to marry her off to a powerful and influential family. She heard that her fiancé was blind and had a violent personality. However, no matter how ruthless he was, was he as ruthless as her foster mom? In order to escape from this terrifying family, she decisively agreed to marry that person in her sister’s place. Soon, news of a fool marrying a blind man spread like wildfire. Their marriage had become the hottest laughing stock locally. However, after she married him, she realized that everything was not what the rumors said. Her husband was not blind at all, and he was not cruel. He was gentle and refined, and he treated her like a treasure. And she wasn't mentally deranged. She'd only pretended to be a fool to flee from her foster mom’s attempted murders. What surprised her, even more, was that she had known her husband for a long time. A long time ago, they had been best friends online. It was no wonder that her husband was as cold as ice to all women, lying that he was blind and unapproachable. But in front of her, he was as gentle as a lamb and did not hide anything.

  • Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

    Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!



    Twenty years ago, she was taken in as the Lin family’s young heiress through a twist of fate. But mistakes would eventually be corrected one day. When the real daughter of the family returned and her foster parents begged her to stay, she obliged. Unbeknownst to her, this was actually a scheme disguised as familial affection. They only kept her around to squeeze her dry of all her value! One day, Lin Yun woke up and found herself and her future brother-in-law in a compromising position in a hotel room. She was about to escape but reporters aggressively pressed her for answers. In the face of their interrogation, Lin Yun could only respond with a pale face. Yet, her childhood friend, and now brother-in-law heartlessly accused her of setting him up while her sister, whom she had doted on for four years slapped her hard. Her former mother complained disdainfully to the reporters about her ‘despicable actions’ and announced severing ties with Lin Yun. The consecutive betrayals traumatized Lin Yun. Before she could clear her name, she was killed in an accident. Just before she died, she learned the truth… that this was all a scheme by her sister, the real heiress. Since the beginning, the Lin family only saw her as an item… All her love and affection turned into resentment the instant she died. She was reborn after that, and she would seize her life in her own hands this time! When news of Lu Chen getting involved in a car crash spread throughout the internet, Lin Yun remembered that it was Lu Chen who extended her a helping hand when she was thrown out of the Lin family. He probably even died for her. So before she exacted her revenge, she decided to repay Lu Chen for his kindness by becoming a nameless donor for his blood transfusion! However, ideals never go as planned, and the man became attached to her after waking up. Although Lin Yun wanted to wreak vengeance on her own, she found that she had the backing of her original family and Lu Chen this time Lin Yun, who had never known so much love, felt touched. Only… since when did she become Lu Chen’s woman?

  • Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers

    Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers


    The youngest in the Torres family was born sickly. She was sent to the Mystic Church for foster care at the age of one. Four years later, it was rumored that she was going to be brought back. The sons of the Torres household all expressed their opinions. Her first brother said, "I don't like her! I don’t want a sister!" Her second brother said, "He-he, we can tease her. I hope she can be a little unyielding. Then we can play fun tricks on her." Her third brother said, "What sister? Who is that? I don't even know her!" Lauren, the girl sent to the church, was not acknowledged by her brothers. Before she came back, she was ostracized by her brothers. Everyone thought that Lauren would be bullied every day when she returned home. However, at Lauren's fifth birthday party, strange things happened. The first brother who was stern and ruthless actually let her sit on his shoulders. And the second brother who liked to mess with others and bully others was actually busy looking after her. He was even more considerate than a maid. Those who liked to speak ill of Lauren were all ruthlessly taught a lesson by her brothers. They even declared, "No one can speak ill of her. Otherwise, they will become enemies of the Torres family." Everyone was shocked. Lauren, who grew up in the church, was actually so favored in the Torres family? It turned out that Lauren was no ordinary girl. After returning from the church, she could predict the future. She had predicted the first brother's death and successfully saved him. She predicted the second brother's economic crisis and successfully saved his company. She had predicted the third brother's early state cancer and saved his life successfully. The Torres family doted on her. She was such a powerful baby. How could they not like her?

  • My Husband is the Emperor : I Woke Up With a Husband

    My Husband is the Emperor : I Woke Up With a Husband



    "I'm your husband" suddenly a man claims to be my husband. How did it happen? Before my coma , The man I loved betrayed me and choose my step-sister, xie huelin . I was accused of abusing drugs by xie huelin and My birth parents kicked me out of the family. My foster mother was the only person who believes in me, But on the day I went back to my foster mother house, the house was burned and she fell into coma. The one who caused it was my step-sister, When I went to the hospital to meet my mother, I met an accident, that was also staged by her! I fell into coma and after a year I woke up, I met a handsome and he's known to be cold-hearted, ruthless and expressionless man who was known as the Emperor of the city. The CEO of Li cooperation , Li jun Wei And He claims to be my husband?! [ DISCLAIMER: the picture in the cover is not mine, credit to the owner! :) ]

  • Starlight Necromancer

    Starlight Necromancer



    Life had never been easy for Foster. Not when he was abandoned by his family, not when he was taken in by a local crime syndicate, and also not when he suddenly found himself in another world full of magic and mystery. The system saved his life, giving him a second chance to live however he wanted here in this new world. After being taken in by a being that should never logically exist, Foster was given the tools that he needed to achieve his selfish desires.

  • Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

    Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE FACESLAPPING


    Wen Xuxu is a tenacious, talented, smart and brave woman who was fostered by the Yan family at the age of four when she lost both her parents. Brought up to be the successor of a huge conglomerate, Yan Rusheng is an aloof, intelligent and arrogant man who is the most sought-after bachelor in the capital city. Despite growing up together, both of them seem to treat each other as an eyesore. She labels him as a jerk and womanizer while in his eyes, she is a shrew. Over time, they fall for each other, but they continue to conceal their feelings for each other. By a twist of fate, they are forced into a marriage. And unknown to everyone else and Yan Rusheng, she has harbored a deep secret for many years… Keywords: Childhood sweetheart, Womanizer, Aloof, Soulmates, Forced marriage, Orphan, Secretary Sugary Scene: Suddenly, Wen Xuxu stretched her hand to clutch his wrist and pulled him forcefully. Yan Rusheng was caught off guard and he lost his footing. He fell on the bed and then his breathing became sluggish. Young Master Yan was afraid that he might lose control of himself and do something to Wen Xuxu... the woman he loathed. So he hastily raised his head. But he had barely moved away when Wen Xuxu stretched out her hands and put them around his neck. "Don't leave." We have a Patreon which you can support us at: We have advanced chapters to offer, as well as goals to increase our weekly release rate!

  • The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers

    The Broken Angel & Her Overprotective Brothers



    "Why do you even bring her here? Other than creating problems and running away, she has nothing better to do! I already told Domenic that she doesn't deserve to be here, she can't be a part of this family." Emilia flinched as Mark's angry words pierced through her heart, making her clasp her hand over her mouth to not reveal her presence. ******** Emily's life could only be described as a Tragedy. It's the term she had witnessed the most in her life and finally had accepted it as the bitter truth of her life. She was barely a few months old when her mom left her father and took her along. She witnessed the downfall of her mother in the world of alcohol and drugs as she was growing up. Her life was never perfect. It was even worse than what people considered as the worst, but it took a sudden change when her mother died in a car accident when she was barely nine years old. For the next six years, she stumbled across various foster homes and orphanages. And then suddenly someone appeared in her life claiming her as the lost princess of the famous Alessandro family. Sent to live with her six brothers she never knew about, she realized that her entire life was full of lies. Her so-called brothers changed her life forever. They were cold-blooded monsters who could go to any length to protect their little sister. Little did they know that what they needed to protect her from wasn't the demons of the outer world but the demons that were killing her slowly from the inside. Could they heal their broken angel or would become the reason behind her shattered self? And what would happen when another party would decide to enter into the picture - The Sullivans. Kaiden and Rylan Sullivan were just as powerful as the Alessandro's and they too were hiding their own secrets. But their biggest secret was the connection that they shared with Emily. This is a story about a young teenager who's running from her past, her new family, her pain, and the suffering that it brought. But how could someone run from reality? You could hide from it but never run from it. ******* Warning: There may be the use of abusive language. Some scenes may contain child abuse and triggering content. The book cover isn't mine. All the credits go to the rightful owner. Make sure to check all the tags before getting into the story! :)