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  • Helen met

    Helen met

  • Helen and Alexander

    Helen and Alexander

  • Our Neighbour Helen

    Our Neighbour Helen

    Who would think leaving lemons with your neighbor could be so fruitful? When Marcia drops in on her conservative neighbour unannounced, she inadvertently walks in on Helen masturbating to a lesbian porno.<br><br>Now that she's discovered a side of Helen she never dreamed possible, what can she say or do to join in the fun?

  • Catching Helen

    Catching Helen

    ~Catching Helen~ He was her first love. She was the girl he gives his first kiss. He comes from a well-off family. She comes from a poor family. They celebrate their same birthday date together and even was born in the same hospital. They know each other like forever. He is the person she must take great care physically and emotionally. Because she was paid to do that by his family. Since she was his baby sitter! [Helen] How many times must I let myself been hurt over and over again? How many times I must tell myself he was never meant to be for me? I thought by putting a great distance between us, I can regain my self-confidence and like my own self again. In this new place, when I barely reaching my goal he comes and disrupts my life again. I have enough of this. I may be putting my distance but I also have my own source. Since you are here. It's a high time for me to plan my escape again. ---------------------------------CAUTION!!-------------------- WARNING! I will only start writing this one after I can catch the breath of my chaotic life. Which I don't know when but I will work hard in straightening my life. In the meantime, I will plot this story to make it more enjoyable. WARNING! BEWARE OF A VERY SLOW UPDATES (Once I start it)^^III Because my writing priority is Miss Nuggets and Lemonade and Blood Minus.

  • Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife

    Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife

    Contemporary Romance CEO FAMILY


    Helen is a maid's daughter, fathered by a wealthy businessman. Her cruel stepmother subjected her to years of emotional abuse. One day, her stepmother forced her to marry Peter, another maid's son. She was abandoned on his doorstep. Peter was struggling financially and plans to kick Helen out of his house the next day. Penniless and homeless, Helen begged for a few day's stay at his place. Peter was moved by her sad flight and extended her stay in his house. As days go by, he found himself smitten by her captivating charm. Just when they already developed genuine feelings for each other, the wicked stepmother resurfaced in their lives, wanting Helen to marry the wealthy blind heir of the Genesis Empire. Helen has to choose between the poor Peter and the wealthy blind heir. What lies ahead of Helen and Peter's love? Is their love worth fighting for? Only time can tell... *** Dear readers... let's join the couple in their journey as they navigate the joy and sorrow of falling in love and trying to stay in love through the dark times. *** This novel is a Silver Tier Winner of WFP #35 #36 *** The cover is not mine, all rights belong to the owner. ~My Other Novels on this site~ * The Beauty and The Wolf~ Completed. * The Vampire's Love: You're My Destiny~ Completed. * The CEO's Painted Skin: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife: Contemporary Romance~ Completed. * The Last Embrace: Fantasy Romance, Vampires Love~ Completed. * The Tale Of Three Sisters: Fantasy Romance, Adventure ~ Completed.




    Helina is a 17 year old girl who is living on her own . On day while walking in a park she finds a brown paper packet containing a platinum ring studded with three diamonds, three telephone numbers scribbled on a slip of paper, and a handkerchief with the letter E and Q embroidered on it. Read this book to know how she tries to return it and how it gets her involved in solving the mystery of a missing person.

  • The Story of My Life. -- Helen Keller

    The Story of My Life. -- Helen Keller

    It is with a kind of fear thay I begin to write the history of my life.

  • Helene (dropped)

    Helene (dropped)


  • Winning Helen's Heart

    Winning Helen's Heart

    Helen Ernest was a gruff and bitter spinster to the people of Sumter. Growing up in a family of ten children in Owen Sound she had been happy. Until she fell in love with her friend Anthony Harrison both realizing their love for each other she agrees to be his wife. However Anthony's parents dislike Helen and forbade him from marrying her and if he does he will be finacially cut off. He breaks the relationship with Helen and goes out West to British Columbia for a few years. Meanwhile Helen becomes a sullen, gruff and bitter . After a scandal involving her favourite brother Frank and a married women of promience she leaves Owen Sound for Sumter with him. Anthony returns from the west and goes to the town of Sumter were his cousin James Bagnall needs help with his buisness while in town he learns Helen lives nearby what will be do? Will they come together or will Helen be heartbroken again?

  • Helene - The Final Arc

    Helene - The Final Arc


    A war that lead to the death of the millions across the 9 empires. The once ended misery has awaken again in the 21st century as the old deities emerged. Leading the fight, the strongest powers struggles against the enemies as they go through the road of adventures!

  • Cuộc hôn nhân bí mật đầy ngọt ngào: Vợ yêu bé bỏng của đại gia tài phiệt

    Cuộc hôn nhân bí mật đầy ngọt ngào: Vợ yêu bé bỏng của đại gia tài phiệt


    Kiếp trước, Cố Vi Vi bị chính người đàn ông mình yêu đem trái tim của cô cấy ghép cho người bạn thân mà cô tín nhiệm nhất. Cô chết đi sống lại, trở thành cô bạn gái nhỏ của tài phiệt đệ nhất Trung Quốc, Phó Hàn Tranh. Cô cẩn trọng từng bước, báo thù kẻ hãm hại mình. Anh ở bên bảo vệ, hết mực yêu thương cô. Ai cũng nói Phó Hàn Tranh là kẻ kiêu ngạo lạnh lùng, bạc tình, vô nhân tính. Vậy chẳng lẽ người chồng hoàn mỹ ngày nào cũng trêu chọc cô tới mặt đỏ tim đập, sủng cô vô pháp vô thiên kia, là giả sao? “Tiên sinh, ở trường học có rất nhiều nam sinh theo đuổi phu nhân.” “Cho toàn bộ nam sinh trong trường nghỉ học, biến trường của cô ấy thành trường nữ sinh cho tôi.” “Tiên sinh, có tin đồn gán ghép phu nhân và một nam minh tinh đang nổi tiếng trong giới giải trí là một đôi.” “Phong sát nam minh tinh kia đi.” (“Phong sát” là ngăn cản mọi hoạt động trong giới giải trí của ai đó.) “Nam minh tinh kia là em trai anh.” “Vậy thì đánh chết cậu ta đi.”

  • Hell in Texas: the adventure of Helen McCarthy in a place called hell.

    Hell in Texas: the adventure of Helen McCarthy in a place called hell.

  • Marked by the Moon

    Marked by the Moon

    I am Vika Grannim, an omega, a maid. They said it was my honor to serve the Princess, the only royal bloodline of the Bitha Kingdom. But they were wrong. I was whipped, kicked, abused. Give in to the bullying? Praying for mercy? Waiting for a gentle prince to save me? Of course not. I wanted to be strong enough to protect myself and my family. I would be the strongest warrior in the kingdom. Hold on, someone was watching my training. He was Prince Regent Asher. Had he remembered it was me that he kissed in his dream? Wait, he was my mate? Why? He should be the fiancé of the Princess of Bitha Kingdom. Prince and maid were fated. Was that possible? Hang on, I was the real Princess of Bitha? Marked By The Moon is created by Helen Snowie, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • High Society: Welcome to the Inner Circle

    High Society: Welcome to the Inner Circle



    “Let’s burn this world to the ground and descend to the underworld together.” There’s more to high society than the glam and riches showed on television and magazines. If you open your eyes, you’ll see the truth of the world. There have been others among you who you believed were fiction. ... Helen Reed, known to many for her bold statements and strong personality, is an upcoming entrepreneur, ready to create her own empire in Harlow city. Eli King, known to many as ice king, is an investor and business tycoon. Born into a society filled with riches, he practically had the world in his hands. But he carried a secret from the world outside the society he was born into. A secret that stained their mouths with blood. ... Helen is thrown into the spotlight of high society and must try her best to eliminate each factor trying to break up her and Eli. Being with Eli meant Helen now had to face the pressure, judgment, and even threats from high society. Soon enough, she’ll learn high society is filled with many secrets. Could she survive, or do they underestimate her? The cover was done by sdohshidesigner on instagram

  • A History of War

    A History of War



    Life is difficult enough for a Lirian soldier. Training for ten years, hunting evil deimos, solving crimes, facing powerful weilders, keeping the peace in a tension-filled world, each Lirian soldier has a lot on their plate. It doesn't become any easier if you have to deal with a dark past that looms at every corner. How will Lais Felix and Helen Song, two best friends with tragic pasts, handle life as soldiers while running from their past? Will they manage to escape their tragic beginnings? Or will the past finally catch up to them? Join me at the official server at https://discord.gg/ZsJKhSHfdk. I'll answer your questions and give random facts to those who ask.

  • Alpha's hybrid mate

    Alpha's hybrid mate

    Alpha Liam Stanford- high alpha of the largest and the strongest pack in both north and south American continent. at the age of 28, he hasn't found his mate yet. He's a player and he's losing his hope in finding her. that was until Camilla Castillejo came to town.Camilla Castillejo the new girl in town. unknown to everyone. she's not really new in town, she lived in that town way before the wolf pack resided there. the truth is, she's a 900 years old vampire, but a pure blood vampire- Lycan hybrid. the strongest of her kind.Now that Camilla and Liam found each other, will they be happy? what if treats arises and come between them?

  • Posesif Bos

    Posesif Bos

    Romansa Kontemporer CEO FAMILY

    "Aku suka kamu!" Tiga kata terlontarkan dari mulut seorang lelaki yang amat di kesal oleh Helen sendiri. Antara terkejut, shock, waktu berhenti seketika. Helen Jovanka Kimberly harus bersabar menghadapi Bos sinting yang selalu ia juluki tersebut. Kehidupannya yang terus di ganggu setiap hari, setiap saat hingga setiap waktu. Bagaimana untuk kehidupan Helen bisa dirinya mengatasi semua cobaan di alami pada Bos sinting itu?

  • Sold To Mr President

    Sold To Mr President

    Ruby Whitney Helen, a twenty-two-year-old lady is caught in the arms of the most feared Mafia in the whole of Douala, Ethan Smith after abducting her from Buea when he went on a mission. Ruby wants to survive and the only means to do so is only to abide by his rules, a single mistake is corrected by slashes of slaps and any visible objects that cut across the skin to flinch pain. Ruby has learned to deal with Ethan's arrogance for two years, and escape plans are brought futile as he always ends up tracking her down. In frustration, Ethan breaks her legs in a fight and sells her to a stranger. it happens that the stranger is the president__ Blaze Ashton Crown of Bambotous.



    Dia bukan pelakor dan tak ingin menjadi pelakor. Namun karena kesalahan satu malam yang diperbuat bosnya, ia harus menelan pil pahit kehidupan. Lucy Watts seorang sekretaris Noel Corporation karena keadaan harus memaksanya menjadi istri kedua dari Daniel Noel, seorang CEO Noel Corporation di Los Angeles. Daniel yang telah memiliki istri seorang model sekaligus aktris papan atas Hollywood yang bernama Helen Noel, terpaksa harus menikahi sekretarisnya sendiri yang telah 3 tahun mengabdi padanya karena kesalahan yang tak sengaja Daniel lakukan membuat Lucy Watts terlanjur hamil. Merasa terancam dengan posisinya sebagai istri pertama Daniel Noel, membuat Helen Noel berbuat nekad dengan mencelakai Lucy Watts yang membuat Lucy harus kehilangan bayi yang masih dalam kandungannya dan meninggalkan kehidupannya yang sekarang. Bagaimana nasib Lucy Watts setelah ia harus pergi dari kehidupan Daniel Noel? Dan apakah ada benih – benih cinta antara Daniel dan Lucy atas nama masa lalu yang belum mereka tuntaskan selama menjalani sebuah pernikahan yang tak diinginkan?

  • To Build An Empire

    To Build An Empire


    Will soon be published on Amazon (linked with kassimbadani@live.com)Falling prey to the machinations of his younger brother, Jonas IV Helen Hadin III was quickly disowned by his father, Duke Hadin, then shipped away into exile in less than a week to a colony of the Motherland. Worse, it was in the Orcish Continent. Now, war is on the horizon with the orcish tribes and clans. Jonas hopes to prepare a stalwart defense to survive with those he cares about and he would if he didn't have to face a million other issues. From crazy pirates, power-hungry mercenaries, entitled nobles, famine, ancient cities filled with unspeakable horrors and much much more. How he is supposed to deal with this all...? Well, we will find out together.Oh, did we mention he has been having weird nightmares about an America and a Corporate life?

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