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  • Partners In Heroism

    Partners In Heroism


    Jump into the adventure of Daniel, a very advanced android, and Cooper, a boy with super powers.

  • Spider of Heroism

    Spider of Heroism

    A group of Insectoid aliens set their eyes on conquering Earth. A scientist had recieved a vision of their arrival and the destruction they would cause, in order to try and prevent this outcome the scientist created a device that would be able to humanity a fighting chance. A hero rises up armed with the item and us ready to fight for their planet and loved ones. Called out by the masses named as Masked Hunter!

  • Harpers HEROISM

    Harpers HEROISM

  • Colours of Heroism

    Colours of Heroism


    the world Lindal, it was once filled with magic but as time went on it became less and less used and traded out for technology.some semblance of magic still exists, it's used by the Hunters, an organization created to fight monster, handle very high ranked criminals, collect a valuable energy resource known as Natild.this story follows three group's of Trainee's or Student Hunter's.inspired by both american and Japanese media.(note this story has three different lead characters.)

  • At The Edge Of Heroism

    At The Edge Of Heroism


    In a world where incredible powers, and likewise, feats are more valuable than the richest substances. Where the strongest of powers, heroes, and even villains are remembered throughout time and some praised while the weakest of them are ignored or mistreated by their own peers or environment. How would Ben, one of the very few people in the world, seemed to be born without powers do to gain the respect of his peers and, more personally, of his parents? He will do nearly the impossible to reach those heights, but the question is how much will it take out of him to reach a goal that many with his condition or even those with weak powers avoid trying? https://www.royalroad.com/profile/285815/fictions I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad.com

  • False Hero

    False Hero



    Being stabbed in the heart with a piercing blow, he died with a tragic fate. But in a twist of fate, he awakened in a completely different realm where he met a demi-goddess who gave him another chance of being born in another world. Just like that, A boy named Grey Hoffmann was born in an imperfect world, born to two loving parents. Grey Hoffmann was given divinity by the demi-god the moment he was born, in the hopes that one day that divinity would grow into godhood that would end all other gods. But the demigod had soon realized that Grey wanted no part in gods, a normal life is what he aimed for in his past and current life. But just like his last life, his want for a normal life came to an end when the person he looked up to the most died in front of him, in addition to that the eight-year-old witnessed thousands of death. Just like that, His normal life came to an end, again. From that day the eight-year-old grey set food in the path of the hero, but he soon realized that the innocent logic of heroism didn't apply to this world. This world didn't need a hero, it needed a necessary evil that would keep this world in check. Grey's troubled fate came to a clam when he met friends who were just like him, orphans of war. Along with them he promised that they would walk the path of revenge together, and fight for all that is beautiful, even if it ended up dirtying their hand. But fate had other plans as he saw the church of horrors, the church was the symbol of gods cruelty on mortals and the gods were the reason for the tragedy Grey had to suffer. But Grey's descend to a twisted human being was gradually getting more deeper as he kept witnessing the cruelty of this world and kept hearing the whisper of death. But even after all that Grey came to terms with himself and who he was, The path that he had led in past lives, the path that he had walked in this life, and the path he will walk led to the person who he was meant to be, Turning him from an experiment by a demigod to a false hero who will wage war against the world. Follow the journey of Grey Hoffmann, a person that has seen beyond the simple term of Hero or villain and Good or evil, to a person who is much more, A false hero. In end will be able to become a false god? We will just have to wait to see where his story ends.

  • I Have A Cheat System In The Apocalypse

    I Have A Cheat System In The Apocalypse



    Hero? Villain? I don't care! I just want to survive in this cruel world... I want to stand at the apex and look down on those who dare to oppose me! Humans? Mutants? Variants? Deviants? As long as they're not on my side, I'll destroy them all! Being too ruthless? Being too merciless? I dare you to say that again! Felix, a special mutant with the telepathic ability wishes to become the strongest mutant in existence. He was blessed with three extraordinary abilities, unconventional good luck, and a cheat system that will help him grow stronger. Felix treads the path of darkness with no other help other than his amazing pistol, his lover and awe inspiring luck. He wishes to climb over the heads of countless powerhouses and successfully root himself at the top of the world as the one and only... Psychic! –Heroism Online– –You Have Levelled Up!– –You are asleep...– –Heroic Experience +50– 'I get stronger by just logging in to my capsule, I can even get stronger by just falling asleep!' 'This is too much! Who said mind readers are frail and weak? Who said we're just a glass tank? I'll become the strongest mutant!' So Felix continues on his path as the tyrannical ruler of Heroism. Cheating the laws of nature and becoming even stronger than the pathetic gods... The Strongest Mutant!****** [Chapter Updates Could Reach Up To 14Chaps Per Week, Depending On Reader Support And Motivation!]****** [This Is My WSA entry. All supports and motivation are welcome.]****** Cover designed by Elixer_Yuu Discord Server:https://discord.gg/SZRVrkYaTg

  • The Superpower System

    The Superpower System



    A new age of lethal heroism has brought the world into a new era. Big inspiration from dystopic superhero comics and film. Primarily Invincible, The Boys, and somewhat The Plutonian

  • lightning storm

    lightning storm


    julian was a normal boy living a normal life , till one day a lightning bolt changed his world , literally. in a new world full of wonder and magical creatures and races, his goal is to rise to the top as the second coming of lightning and degenra... I mean heroism.let's see how it goes

  • Role Model

    Role Model

    Journalist Paul Bradley reports on an act of heroism by paramedic Drew McGregor and goes on to have him nominated for a bravery award. Drew's heroism is a great story that Paul wants to make the most of, but he has other reasons to want to see the great-looking and openly gay Drew again. Ones he doesn't dare speak about, since he's deeply closeted and terrified of being outed, fearing losing his career.<br><br>When Drew accidentally finds out Paul is gay, he's initially angry at the deception, but he's sympathetic too and his kindness encourages Paul to confess his feelings. Drew likes Paul, but won't date a closeted man, saying that leads to too many lies, too much pain. Paul will have to reevaluate all the choices he’s made for the sake of career and family, if he wants Drew to give him a chance.

  • Stardust: The First Champion

    Stardust: The First Champion

    Superhumans, Aliens, and Magic. Not an uncommon sight to Darren Kershaw. They're necessary for the protection of mankind from dangerous creatures and other superbeings who use their powers to do harm to civilians. During a fight between a Super and Prowler, Darren is struck by lightning in an act of heroism to save a child. He falls into a coma. He wakes up after several months only to discover that his body has gone through a transformation that will change his life forever. Is this change for the better or for worse?

  • OVERPOWERED: A Superhero litrpg story

    OVERPOWERED: A Superhero litrpg story


    Darion wakes up one day to become a superhero.He did not seek, nor asked for the privilege. He'd rather be a normal person living his ordinary life. Yet the true measure of a hero is to master his strength when people asked for someone's help. And Darion might just find out that his capacity to measure his heroism may be limitless.

  • I Fell in Love with a Cryptid

    I Fell in Love with a Cryptid

    This is a beauty and the beast style story with a morbid twist with a dash of heroism and adventureArt by Nymeria-1https://www.deviantart.com/nymeria-1

  • Overpowered deku

    Overpowered deku

    Heroism is just a hobby. Save people and upgrade your stats. A cheater character who decided to become number one.

  • Stardust: The First Champion

    Stardust: The First Champion


    Superhumans, Aliens, and Magic. Not an uncommon sight to Darren Kershaw. They're necessary for the protection of mankind from dangerous creatures and other superbeings who use their powers to do harm to civilians. During a fight between a Super and Prowler, Darren is struck by lightning in an act of heroism to save a child. He falls into a coma. He wakes up after several months only to discover that his body has gone through a transformation that will change his life forever. Is this change for the better or for worse?

  • Like My Father

    Like My Father

    Kendra does her best to be a good girl. She never flies or uses her laser eyes and she hasn't used her super strength in over a year. She doesn't want her mother to get in trouble for having an unregistered, super-abled child. But then Kendra goes on the 7th grade field trip to Boston. In the aftermath of her heroism, Kendra receives a visit from the most famous superhero, Homelander and discovers a mysterious connection to the world's most powerful man.

  • The Prince's Odyssey

    The Prince's Odyssey


    Imagine having to defend a nation that is only 1/50 the size of the opponent.Join the adventure of the characters struggling to find a way to avoid war. This is the story of heroism, courage, pride, warfare, and many more.Can he do it? Can the prince protect his country? The fate of millions of civilians is rested on him and his men.

  • A Hero's Tale

    A Hero's Tale

    A naive young Adventurer Started his journey towards heroism and in the end, became the greatest Hero Lore has ever known.

  • RWBY-Dragon Of Remnant(Rewrite)

    RWBY-Dragon Of Remnant(Rewrite)


    Since Desmond Royal was a child he searched for a meaning. He preferred a life of excitement, action, heroism and passion. After his mother and father died during a mission gone wrong leading to their bodies being never recovered, he swore on their graves that he’ll become a Huntsman and continue their legacy. Unknown to Desmond, he is apart of an ancient species long lost to Remnant known as the Dragons. Follow the story of Desmond Royal and Team DRGN as they fight alongside the future protectors of Remnant, Team RWBY lead by Ruby Rose as they fight against the wicked forces that threaten their world, while also discovering secrets long forgotten by Remnant.

  • A Reincarnator's Dungeon Scheme

    A Reincarnator's Dungeon Scheme

    Lance, a 35 year old man, has been jobless for 5 years until he was hit by a truck to save a random stranger. Little did he know that the stranger he saved was in fact a God. Amazed and in awe of his heroism that God gave him another chance in a world of Magic and Demons.